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May 17, 2019 nkotb!! Selena tribute San Antonio
Nkotb San Antonio 2019 !! Selena tribute
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Woman and nephew staged a hoax in which they found a nine year old boy ! They are frauds! “
These people are committing a staged event in which supposedly they found missing 9 year old from San Antonio named Isaiah Ronnie hedland. They are frauds and committing a crime!! She laughs out of nowhere on a serious issue a the story don’t add up! “”” it’s called duping delight “””””
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“””” mk uktra””” street theather gang stalking. Demon puts a show
“”””” gangstalking my uktra street theater “””” as soon as I parked this demon starts putting up a street theather show, I’m recently awoke 2 years ago and ever since I see this bullshit a lot around me
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Thousand Oaks hoax!!!!
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