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Tips for anyone with a felony thinking about getting a CDL
A couple of things you should know
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All types of jobs you can do with a CDL (PH And KDW Trucking VLOG)
Two years experience and all kinds of doors open up😎😎
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Gotta get trailer reworked 😖😖
Trailer rework at Walmart in Colton
Trucking caused our divorce(PH and KDW Trucking Vlog)
It's krazy when you have to chose between the two. This is something that some of us deal with when we decide to be a TRUCKER
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What's next after one year OTR
What's the next move
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Got Big Baby cleaned up now back to Cali 😎😎
Ran through the blue beacon and back on the road💰💰💰
If you never had your reup money 💰 don't buy a truck it's not for you
Money management is the key no secret formula
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Tour of our new VNL780(PH and KDW Trucking vlog)
A look at our new truck and the upgrades
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Is your partner really a partner or an anchor
We got to help build our better half up not tear down
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Winter is here drivers (PH and KDW Trucking vlog)
We are in Oregon and it’s been swinging here everybody be safe and take your time no load is worth you getting hurt safety is of utmost importance
How much do me and KeeDeeWee make as a team
Breakdown team pay at Abilene Motor Express
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Winter driving tips for rookie truckers
A couple of quick tips before the winter comes the snow and ice is krazy we have to be prepared as much as possible here are some winter tips
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No name Trucker speaks on the myths about Owning a truck
Talk about owning a truck and leasing a truck
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Got big baby all cleaned up
Big Baby fresh out the blue beacon
Ran into TRB, pimps and hoes and sliding tandems West Coast baby😁
Ran into TRB and show KeeDeeWee how to slide the tandems
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Why I'm still a company driver
I slide the fifth wheel in this video and tell you why I'm company
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Can you take a trailer to Cali without skirts?
California had allot of rules that you have to follow if you plan on going to Cali know the rules before you travel to California
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Abilene Motor Express(Drive the Green Baby)
A look at how we ride at Abilene
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Rookies beware of OTR trucking (PH and KDW Trucking vlog)
Another episode of PH and KDW Trucking vlog. We took a trip to Oregon and got to go over a lot of different mountain passes and experience a little winter. Get prepared drivers because old man winter is here
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Truck stop bathroom dos and don'ts
I try to not use the public bathroom in the truck stop too many nasty drivers here's a quick tip to avoid that
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Tight ass docks, racist shippers, Mama said there would be days like this
A rough day on the job the ups the downs. It's not all sunshine ☀️
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Just come see me stop talking
I'm tired of all of you troll ass niggaz Come see me fuck comments
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This driver doesn't want Abilene Motor Express to know I'm the reason he's here😂😂
I met this driver said he watched the videos so I was gonna do a video with him and then he said your the reason I'm here but I don't want Abilene to kno that WOW you meet all types out here
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Taking a ride down the cabbage patch (PH and KDW Trucking Vlog)
I keep the camera rolling as I try to navigate the twists and turns and grades of the cabbage patch
Tips for anyone thinking of trucking with the wife
A few tips for my fellow drivers if you decide to bring the wife on board remember your never right🤣😂
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Abilene Motor Express hires women drivers!! Come drive the Green ladies
Abilene Motor Express hires women drivers too. This is a good company for women drivers too. So if you thinking about a company this is it
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Krazy ice storm in Flagstaff AZ  PH and KDW Trucking Vlog
A lot of accidents from 80degrees to freezing rain all in 24 hrs.
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The problem with Black America
Why we are so hated by everybody
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Time for a rolling reset still in Cali
Stuck waiting to drop this load and roll back east
Rookies always CYA
All the problems with the broker load
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A quick trick for (DEF) regen issues
A quick trick if truck won't regen sometimes it works
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Not everyone with a CDL is a trucker! PH&KDW Trucking vlog
Some people do this just for the bread and don't really understand the job at all
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20,000 miles and my new truck already got an engine fault
Brand new truck and we got an engine fault already wow I guess the new one go down too hopefully it will be ok engine fault can be number if things won't know until I run the codes
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Your CDL can put you in the poor house(PH and KDW Trucking vlog)
When you get a CDL everybody is after some money taxes, family, DOT if not careful you could end up in more debt than you was in before you got your license
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30 minute break in North Little Rock
Quick break then back to the money
Abilene Motor Express 2year review(PH and KDW Trucking vlog)
I have been driving truck for Abilene Motor Express for 2 years and I’m still here a big problem with drivers not willing to stay and learn a system at a trucking company so they can maximize their profits
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Watch  the go pro work dropping a trailer
Showing you something different views from the field
The worst bus ride in the world. Better make sure you don't have a ticket
A look back at the places we no longer want to be
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Trucking the great Northwest with PH And KDW Trucking VLOG
Spectacular views in the western part of the country
Bike Time Baby
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A couple of tight turns in Cali😩
We leaving boarshead heading to southern California to pick up next load a couple of tight turns getting out of there
They turning us up at Abilene!! I want your🚪😂😂
Changes at Abilene and a look at Kansas
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KeeDeeWee talks about scary time in California at the rest area (All female rookies should watch)
How to avoid being assaulted at night being a female trucker
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Be thankful everyday not just a pagon holiday(PH and KDW Trucking vlog)
Everyday is a day to be thankful don’t get caught up in the bs live life to the fullest and understand your surroundings take it for what it is

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