Videos uploaded by user “Parteehard da trucker” for the 2016
A lil motivation for my people
Rookie trucker sharing OTR experience
Views: 1906 Parteehard da trucker
Rookies take a minute and enjoy life
Rookie trucker sharing OTR experience with Kee Dee Wee
From the streets to the highway episode#1(PARTEEHARD)
Trucking us express Schneider trucker vlog
Views: 9320 Parteehard da trucker
Parteehard da trucker cooking on the truck
Rookie trucker sharing cooking and cleaning tips on the truck
Views: 5928 Parteehard da trucker
From the streets to the highway episode#3 (Profit)
Street dude turned trucker motivation
Views: 2911 Parteehard da trucker
Some of you rookies will need the finesse game ran on you your whole career 😂😂
Not all will be business owners some people will be pack workers till they die
Something all rookie truckers should know with Parteehard and Kee Dee Wee
Trucking industry trucking company and rookie truckers mistakes
Views: 9084 Parteehard da trucker
New truck vs Old truck
Rookie trucker sharing OTR experience
Views: 4453 Parteehard da trucker
More tips for Rookie drivers
Rookie trucker info
Views: 2823 Parteehard da trucker
From the streets to the highway episode #4 (Ivan)
A story of another brother who has turned his life around.
Views: 1119 Parteehard da trucker
A quick Lil meal on the truck
Something quick easy to prepare and filling ingredients can be substituted
My tips for rookies coming into trucking
Your safety comes first not the load not the job SAFETY
Views: 1960 Parteehard da trucker
A lil motivation for my peeps (Truckers kill the beef)
Truckers stop the dumb shit
Views: 1198 Parteehard da trucker
Good driver bad driver which one are you
Bad rookie drivers
Views: 1515 Parteehard da trucker
Not every rookie can be a OTR driver
Trucking, rookie, OTR, Parteehard , Keedeewee
Views: 3585 Parteehard da trucker
Parteehard da trucker talks with 19 year old Gemini trucker
Rookie truckers trucking industry
Views: 1566 Parteehard da trucker
I lost my C D L 😫😫😫
CDL downgrade and why
Views: 28727 Parteehard da trucker
How I met KeeDeeWee
How Parteehard and KeeDeeWee came to be
Views: 4566 Parteehard da trucker
My one year anniversary at Abilene Motor Express
My first year as an OTR trucker
Views: 1068 Parteehard da trucker
Rookies don't believe the hype
Rookie truckers, Recruiters, trucking industry
Views: 2849 Parteehard da trucker
Another day in the life of an OTR truck driver with Parteehard da trucker
The beautiful places a OTR trucker see truck driving industry
Views: 1066 Parteehard da trucker
Shippers and Receivers with Parteehard
Sleeping at the shipper
We will no longer allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch
If you know better you can do better
Views: 1023 Parteehard da trucker
Stuck at the Kroger DC
Trying to get unloaded at the Grocery DC
Views: 2330 Parteehard da trucker
From the streets to the highway episode#2(Trav) with Parteehard
Trucking life changing experience with PARTEEHARD
Views: 2032 Parteehard da trucker
The finesse game is not only in Chicago and New York
Trucking companies do the same thing the streets do except its legal😂Understand the game and master it
Things you need on the road with yo boy Parteehard da trucker
Trucking vlog trucking companies
Views: 2083 Parteehard da trucker
Another day on the job (Trucking)
A rookie trucker sharing experience
Views: 1386 Parteehard da trucker
PARTEEHARD and Kee Dee Wee
My amateur attempt at editing😂😂😂
KeeDeeWee first day of training
KeeDeeWee starting out her trucking career
Views: 3920 Parteehard da trucker
Delivered the Brooklyn load Parteehard da trucker
Trucking vlog trucking update
Trucking update with Parteehard and Kee Dee Wee
Trucking update rookie trucker trucking industry
Views: 1326 Parteehard da trucker
I got banned from shipper for life😳😳😳
Shipper bans driver for life
Views: 13631 Parteehard da trucker
Knowing how to plan your trip with elogs
Elogs trip planning
Views: 1796 Parteehard da trucker

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