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My review on felon friendly trucking companies
So called felon friendly trucking companies
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Trucking 1099 can get you in a jam
Talking about taxes and how we don't see videos of the tax issues and how to handle these type of things I would love to see this content from Creators hope you enjoy the video
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Trucking OTR vs LOCAL Parteehard da Trucker
It's just my take on LOCAL versus OTR everyone has their own opinion get in the comments and let me know your take on the 2
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I Quit my Trucking Job(Parteehard da Trucker)
I Quit my Trucking job. Abilene is the only trucking company that I have driven for and I have been here 2 1/2 years. Nothing against them it was just my time to go. I hope you enjoy the video. LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE
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Trucking What Have I Learned In A Year Leasing
What's up Fam? This yo boy . This video is about what I've experienced in a year leasing and boy it's been a rough ride. Be sure to like,share,subscribe
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Got turned down by another trucking company
Keep yo head up the struggle is real!!
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Trucking The Most Money I Ever Made In Trucking
What's up Fam it's you boy Parteehard and I'm back at you with another one I can only tell you how it is for me. I would love to hear your feedback on this vidoe do you agree or disagree
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Tips for anyone with a felony thinking about getting a CDL
A couple of things you should know
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Trucking Late But Here
What's up Fam the trailer problems had be behind but I managed to make it to the first stop today so it's good feeling better so it's time to head to the next stop. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Company driver vs Lease driver (Parteehards Trucking vlog)
I'm basing this on a comparison of me and my partner who both have over 2 years experience the advantages of leasing over company
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Oklahoma Riding
I’m Parteehard the Trucker. I have been driving trucks for 2 years working the same trucking job living my dream I trained my fiancé and we team drive on my channel we will show you our day to day in the trucking industry and we go home sometime and show you how truckers do off the road I hope you enjoy the trucking vlog and follow and comment any trucking question we try to respond to your trucking question so please be patient https://www.paypal.me/ParteehardNKeeDeeWee
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I'm just a rookie trucker why you mad
Why you people so worried about me YouTube about to be done
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A lil motivation for my Fam
Just wanted to remind you what this shit is all about I did it you can too
Trucking Protect your license at All Cost
In this video I talk about the importance of being comfortable backing. Had a shipper try to force me to do something I wasnt comfortable with it's your license protect it Fam
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Trucking bad delivery
I got a load to Providence Rhode Island right city I will never go there again
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Trucking We All Were New A One Time
Today I saw a guy struggling with backing . He only been solo for about two weeks I got out my truck and helped the problem in the industry is people are quick to laugh but slow to help the shit is sad we as drivers need to do better. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking OTR Is Coming To An End For Me.
What's up Family I miss my son when I came home my son didnt recognize me I cant have that I've been working on finding something that will get me home more I think I've found the spot for my truck. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Garmin or Rand McNally which do you think is best
I started out with a Rand McNally and had to switch my Rand McNally GPS kept breaking so Garmin is what I use which do you prefer leave a comment below be sure to like Share Subscribe
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All types of jobs you can do with a CDL (PH And KDW Trucking VLOG)
Two years experience and all kinds of doors open up😎😎
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Can you be successfully in trucking with a lease truck?
In this video I'm going to take about my experience with my lease truck dont get in your feelings if you dont like or agree its kool zero fucks are given just sharing so that the info may help someone trying to figure this shit out
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Another day in the life of an OTR truck driver with Parteehard da trucker
The beautiful places a OTR trucker see truck driving industry
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Trucking I'm paying for 2 trucks and didn't know it
Well I found out that I'm paying for two trucks while my truck is down I'm being charged for this one the only problem is nobody told me anything about it
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Trucking How To Get A Truck With No Money
Its ways to get the money without any money you have to do your work but its ways to do it and I'm gonna tell you how. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking is a Volatile Business
The Trucking Industry is Volitile industry business. It hard to plan long term shit out when the business is like it is but we gotta do what we gotta do. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Parteehard’s Trucking Vlog #3
What’s up Fam it’s yo boy PH coming back at you with another vlog I see that y’all are enjoying the vlog so I’m gonna step it up and some of the things I do at home like ride my ATV and playing the drums oh yeah I do that to be sure to like share and subscribe and remember to Always Stay Suckerfree
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Trucking Owner Op life the breakdowns
This video is about a breakdown I had with my reader thx to everyone who tried to help me with this problem it takes a lot of money to be a boss and I'm up for the challenge
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Rookies don't do what you see other drivers do
Drivers are treated differently according to color in the trucking industry
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Why do you need 2 years Trucking experience?🤔🤔
In this vidoeI am going to talk about why you need the two years and a lot of you are putting the cart before the horse pump your brakes
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Trucking elogs making trip planning impossible
Since the elogs have been mandated the parking has become even more limited you really gotta stop at the right time or you not gonna have a place to sleep unless our pay and parking illegally can get you in a fix so be extra prepared
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Stuck in AZ can't make Cali load
Truck broke down shop closed till tomorrow
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Trucking Can Change Your Life Rookie
What up Fam I wanted make happened the other day a teaching point we can learn alot from our experiences that's why I share mine with you please be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking From Old Me To New Me
What's up Fam this video is about changing for the better I've been making some moves and the hard work finally paying off. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking The wrong back road😖😖
I decided to cut through New Mexico on the 3well it was eventful trip I learned a lot and trips like this only make my driving skills better I'm up for the challenge of the love I love what I do and a lot of people can't say that
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Trucking is a Scam (The little guy gets no love)
Trucking is a industry already rigged. I can't seem to figure this shit out but one thing certain two things for sure I will quiet before I go broke messing with any company
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Trucking  New Spot New Rules
What's up Fam? Its yo boy and I'm still in Texas and with new spot comes new rules and benefits and I'm just trying to get my stuff in order. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking California Reckless Drivers
I dont know if its because its early but alot of drivers are driving krazy this morning I had to cut the camera on because it was so krazy this morning this might just be the am traffic La county has some of the worse traffic in America at times take the wrong route at the wrong time and you stuck.
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Trucking Lumpers one of the biggest scams in trucking
I think we all hate the lumpers lazy scam artist if you ask me this video is about the lumpers people we have to pay to empty our trucks sometimes it can be really high let me know your opinion on lumpers how do you feel about them do you think we need them be sure to leave a comment
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Trucking No More Spot Market (I'm done!🤬)
What's up Fam I'm happy to say that I have pulled my last spot market load I'm tired of that got a new gig really excited about it looking forward to the new situation
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Trucking What You Must Know But Nobody Tells You.
In trucking alot of things are discussed but the most important rule of all nobody tells you because you can be the best driver you want to be but if you dont k ow this it could mean fatal for you. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking The money is in the Trailers
Say what you want feel how you want the money is in the trailers wherever you go you see big companies with trailers sitting waiting for the bag to drop Be sure to like,share,subscribe
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Trucking update with Parteehard (pretrip)
Trucking update pretrip
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Trucking lost in Lindon New Jersey
I had got a bogus address for a shipper took me 3hours and a lot of near missed but I got it done
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Trucking What should I ask a company before I come aboard?
I just wanted to put this video up for me too we all need to have all questions together when applying for employment in Trucking .Trucking companies are ripe off artist will steal from you which ever way they can. I asked about my money and was told I read too much into shit it's all good though be proactive about your career
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Solo driver pay vs Team pay (Parteehard da Trucker)
Talk a bit about the myths about making more teaming it's all lies you can make the same at least here I've seen no difference except a decrease in pay
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I got my truck (Parteehard da Trucker)
Just a quick little video I got my truck happy it’s been in the making for a while and now it’s here I already named her Blueberry 😂😂Hope you enjoy the video
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Trucking New Company allows Drivers to grow
Alot of companies trying to rob you blind it takes some searching but I think I found a good one. I feel good about it. Hope you enjoy the info and be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking (Ride Along with PH)
This is just a little fun and jokes riding down the highway recorded when I was heading to Chicago Hope you enjoy the video. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Trucking Why I Came To RST Inc.
What's up Fam This yo boy Parteehard and why I left the spot market its alot of reasons that I had to move on at the end of the day I'm out here to take care of my family and I wont allow anyone to get ik the way of that.
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Trucking What Have I learned from three years in the Game
I have been driving for three years still a rookie in this video I talk about what I've learned from being a company driver and from being a lease operator I've still got a long way to go and alot to learn everyday is a learning experience so make the best of it and keep on Trucking. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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