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Dolls - Who is this Darling doll ?
I bought this doll a few years ago and i did know who she was at the time . Now i have forgotten who she is . She is an Alexander doll but who ?
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Tammy's Antique , Vintage Dolls and more ...
My birthday is approaching very soon and it is time to buy some new but old dolls . Today you will enjoy my box opening of some dolls that i won on ebay . They were found in an attic and were going to be thrown in the garbage but a nice lady named Elizabeth rescued them and now they will be restored . Come and see these old beauties and hear my surprise reaction to them .
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Dolls - Part Three - Dolls from Janet
Thank -you Janet !! I loved them all !!
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Dolls - Step 2 Restoration of a composition doll
Should i use Milliput or make my own composition by using sawdust and homemade mucilage glue ? How to restore a broken foot ! Filling in trouble areas due to play ,storage and removing paint from the doll . These are the issues that i will talk about today in step two of restoring a composition doll . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH_w3MQU0_U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk8wByxwqiw&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vNOVdW8CF0
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Dolls - Mommy 's Baby Update
Her hair was brittle and falling out so from some great advice from Dodi's doll to use baby oil on her hair her hair turned out beautiful . Now to clean her face and blush those chubby cheeks give her a little stuffing and a new dress . She will be a new doll !! Stay tune more to come !!
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Tammy's Antique , Vintage Dolls and more ...
OH YA !!! Come and see my box opening of the doll that has topped my year of dolls . YES YES it is .....come and see who it is and she is BIG . The last of my doll budget i squeezed enough to buy her and she is here !!! COME AND SEE !!!
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Dolls - Foggy Eyes
How to get rid of those pesky foggy eyes !! Here are a few tips that might help your doll look nicer . If anybody knows any other tips please comment below . This question was asked by Sandi B .
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Doll restoration -I found a new love in my life and it is GESSO !!!
Tonight i will tell you about my new love for GESSO . Also how you can make your own GESSO . And how it improves your doll restoration . So do not go to bed stay up and listen about Gesso !!
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Dolls - Down by the Sea
Today i chose some of my favourite dolls to wear their nautical theme attire . It is down by the sea . Enjoy !!
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Dolls -  Composition Doll Restoration - Step One
So you want to restore your Composition Doll .This video was asked by Janet Tepolt . I will say i am not an expert on composition doll restoration but i have learned a great deal in the last few years . I also have more to learn and i want to learn more . So this will be as close to step by step as i can get . There are also other doll restorers that i will refer to for they have taught me as well . So sit back and enjoy !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KF2AxxBGOM&t=155s
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Eyes of a composition doll
A subscriber Anna Colleen asked where to buy weighted doll eyes and how to put in eyes . This is my answer and every doll collector tell me where do you buy your eyes and how do you put in the eyes of your doll . Lets have some fun with this and learn .
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Dolls - A box opening
Today i am doing a box opening of an Edward Mobley Squeaker dog . He made many other animals as well . Enjoy !!
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What should i pay for a Thumbelina Doll ????
Mechanical dolls are wonderful but what should i pay for them? How much were they played with ? Do they still work ? Are they wearing their original clothes ? Lots of questions and still what are they worth ? I will try to answer these wonderful questions !!
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Dolls- Another Box Opening
Come and see my Birthday kick off doll . She is a Metropolitan Doll from the 1920's .She has a hair loop for a nice big bow . Enjoy !!
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Dolls - 1955 Arranbee Angel Face
John and i want to wish all our American friends and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving !! Enjoy !!
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Dolls - Doll hair and limbs ...
Welcome ForestElk Deer , and tonight she asked some great questions that i hoped i answered correctly for her . If you need more information just say and i will try to answer for you !! Doll restoration can be tedious but it can also be fun . So sit back and relax and here comes another video !!
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Dolls - Christmas dolls for Tammy Baby Horsman Completed FINALLY
I took off paint ,composition ,built her back up ,painted her and stripped her eight times, i even learned that you can really dislike a doll to the point i hid her for a while . And now she is finally done !! And on the whole i am happy with my work . So enjoy and welcome her to the doll nursery of Youtube .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dix2ZzFTwBo&t=465s
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Dolls - Patti play Pal and her Friends
Patti and her friend got all dressed up to be on a video but the Kewpster had to get in as well . They were all looking one way but you know the Kewpster has to look the other way !! Enjoy !!
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Dolls - Christmas Dolls for Tammy -six layers of paint
Oh how she is taking shape , six layers of flesh tone paint and her face is beautiful . But she needs more . Watch to the end and hear the exciting news .
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Dolls - Happy Mothers Day and lets talk about doll carriages
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY -Today it is about the BABY DOLL BUGGY-YES!! Gendron doll buggy- Come and listen to a little history of the Canada/USA Gendron doll buggy -there always has to a be a little history to go along so we can understand where it all began-Also it is Mother's Day and lets celebrate by remembering when we were forming those early mothering traits on our precious dolls ,our first babies in the eyes of all little girls-I hope you had a great day celebrating
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Tammy's Antique and Vintage Dolls and more...
Today we are going to talk about the Horseman Company and the 1928 Baby Dimples . I will be showing all sizes and their beauty and their flaws .Also you will hear a small amount of history of the Horsman company . So come along and tell me if you have any Horsman dolls i would love to hear !!
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Madam Alexander SO BIG Baby Doll
Come and hear a short history of the Madame Alexander Doll company and lets visit the So Big Baby Dolls .They are big baby dolls that are just adorable and add a spice to the a doll collectors collection of baby dolls.Also we will talk about the Little Golden Book called So Big illustrated by Esther Wilken .Her Sister was Eloise Wilken who created Baby Dear and also illustrated a little Golden Book called Baby Dear. I hope you enjoy
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Dolls - 1923 Snoozie
This is a doll reveal !! Welcome Snoozie !! This is the doll that made Queen Mary smile and hope she makes you smile too !! Enjoy !!
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Christmas Dolls for Tammy
Come and see my Christmas dolls . 1923 Baby Horseman and another little Horseman doll as well . They are in pretty bad shape but that is why i bought them . LET the RESTORATION begin !!
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Doll Restoration - working with Milliput PART ONE
To all out there who are timid of doll restoration lets go back to being three and jump in that mud puddle and let the mud fly and where it lands who cares . Well lets do the same with doll restoration just buy an old beat up composition doll and let your artistic skills fly. You can do it !! I am not an expert and am learning all the time and lean on others for their advice .So sit back and lets have some fun getting plastered and i mean the doll LOL !!
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Dolls -Just a little talk
My thoughts!!
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Dolls -Time to paint the Doll
I know this video is jumping ahead of the Gesso video but it is coming . The way i cook is the way i mix up paint just a glob of this and a glob of that . LOL !! The colour of this paint is not true to what you are seeing from the camera and the light from the workshop is not helping .So come , see and enjoy !!
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Dolls - Making the Old Eyes to See Again
Those old eyes that you pull out of your dolls head , and the iris's are cracked and just look ugly WELL there is hope . They can look beautiful once again !! Enjoy !!
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Tammy's Antique ,Vintage ,Dolls and more ...
Three little monkey jumping in the buggy one falls out and hurts its head . OH NO !!! Today i have three Ashton Drake monkeys UMI , RISI and JALA . They each have a sweet different expression on their face . Alert UMI , Noisy RISI , and Sleepy JALA . And i even have a helper Miss Patti Playpal form the late 1950's . So come , sit back and enjoy these little rascals with me.
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Tammy's Antique ,Vintage Dolls and more ...
A new member to the pile of dolls that need to be restored Tynie Baby . Yes she is here and she is a cutie but she needs restoration badly. Come and enjoy and see another part of my doll collection . Tell me if you remember buying these little dolls at the five and dime stores . Thank-you for coming by .
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Dolls - Fixing a tear in a vinyl doll and more
This is for George Campbell who asked about how to fix a tear in a vinyl doll . Even i would like to know what methods others have used . Below is a link to a site i found very interesting . http://www.prillycharmin.com/restore/
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Tammy's Antique ,Vintage Dolls and more....
24 inch Effanbee Baby Bubbles Doll -I finally nabbed a larger Bubbles but still on the hunt for the 28 inch Bubbles-she is beautiful-Come and enjoy my new addition
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Dolls - Putting the puff back in those sleeves ! And what is cooking in the kitchen ??
As i try to show you what i have been up to ,Yes John is cooking the meal ! I have been sewing and sewing new elastics in the sleeves of some of my vintage dresses !! Enjoy !!
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Tammy's Antique ,Vintage Dolls and more ....
Welcome to the doll nursery my 1935 Shirley Temple Doll made by the Petite American Character doll company . She was given to me by my Grandmother in Bothwell about 1978 when i was seventeen years old . Come and hear her restoration story and admire her new found beauty .
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Dolls - Just Dolls
Do i ever sleep ? Well sometimes but where there are dolls there is Tammy . So tonight i thought it was time to start spring cleaning the doll room . And what did i find sitting on a shelf were these four little girl dolls waiting to be shown to the world . Enjoy !!
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Dolls - Musty Doll Clothes
When you buy an old doll with old doll clothes on her do the clothes smell musty ? Does the doll smell musty ? How do you get that old musty smell out of the clothes and sometime the doll !! I have some suggestions and some help from Dodi's dolls . So sit back and enjoy !! Dodi's Dolls - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tpHlFxfwI4
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Dolls - Box opening !!
She is finally here !! I have been waiting patiently !! She came all the way from Peru !! And Claudia packed her so well !! And she even packed a few extra surprises which made the box opening sweeter !! Thank -you Claudia !! Lets welcome Shirley Temple Baby to the doll nursery !!
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Dolls -Where is Rupert and Jeffery ?
Come and help me find Rupert and Jeffery !! They have escaped !! We heard monkey noises in the backyard so they have to be out there somewhere !! Enjoy !!
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Dolls - The Sound of Silence
Comparing the old Gesso to the New Gesso and i am sold on the new Gesso . Thank-you Dodi from Dodi 's dolls go visit her site follow the link below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivgrtzJJEkPVsBgJhdV1zg
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Dolls - Part Two
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Dolls - The Learning Curves of Restoring a Composition Doll
This video is for Jenny Carver who is learning how to restore her doll . Here are some answers to her question and also i ask a question as well . Enjoy
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Dolls - A Surprise Package
Thank-you Janet !! Enjoy !!
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Are the eyes of a doll the windows to the voice cryer or the stuffing ?
How to measure and replace doll eyes is not that difficult and that is what we will be talking about today . Lets get the talk on and help teach each other . And always remember lets have fun when restoring our dolls !!!
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Dolls - A Box Opening
Who is in the box and what have i bought ? It is a 1961 Sayco Baby doll , "Mommy 's Baby " . She needs some cleaning and new clothes but she will sparkle and take her place among my growing collection !! Enjoy !!
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Dolls - When to Restore and When not to Restore
It is your doll but the paint is falling off and you want to restore her then do so . But another doll comes along and you just love that old look to her . Then do not restore her . These are your choices and your doll . But what about the value of the doll ? Restoring the doll could add value ,not restoring leaves the doll with a low value and being worth only what you paid for the doll . And yet again that old beat up doll in the correct setting could sell a picture or even your doll !! Lots to decide !! Enjoy !!
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And the Winner is....... Congratulations !!! My email address is [email protected]
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Dolls - How to blush your Vinyl Doll
Today i will show how to blush your doll using lipstick . I chosed a dark pink and you will see how nice it looks on my doll . The credit goes to Dodi 's Dolls for the great suggestion !!
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Dolls - Making a Composition finger- Part Three
This video is how i make a composition finger using Sawdust and Mucilage glue .
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Dolls - Spare Parts
Today i found a cheap doll in a thrift store . She was sitting in a box with many surprises all around her . Spare dresses and socks and shoes . But that is not all along with her in that box is the doll . The doll has no real value except for a few things like her eyes , arms ,legs . Enjoy !!
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