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[ENG SUB] 160922 Kwon Jinah x DAY6 interaction cut on Sukira Radio
*********EDIT 26/5/2017************** additional subtitles added. Turn on CC. Credits: Stacy Jung :) *************************************** OKAY first I would just like to clarify that this is such a low quality translating and editing work. My Korean is really really limited so there might be some inaccuracy and there are things that I didn't fully understand and dare not to translate. I've never done this before but I did it anyway cos I love these two so much and loved their interaction on Sukira last time. Additional and better translation are more than welcomed. This is not the full cut of their appearance (1 hour), just some parts that I like. For full performances Kwon Jinah 킅 - https://youtu.be/DDjJQ-2JBWk 밤 과 별이 노래- https://youtu.be/DkRfl6rnjJQ DAY6 Thinking Out Loud - https://youtu.be/HeZEZcVyT54
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[ENG SUB] Ryu Hye Young x Kim Jae Young Eunjoo's Room BTS Cut / 류혜영 x 김재영 은주의 방 메이킹 컷
With my still limited Korean, attempted to sub cuts of Eunjoo's Room BTS. So basically Ryu Hyeyoung (Eunjoo) and Kim Jaeyoung (Minseok) are playing the best friends role who will eventually fall in love with each other in the drama. I find it really cute that Hyeyoung and Jaeyoung are showing the same 남사친x여사친 (guy x girl best friends) vibes off screen. That playful bantering but sometimes gentle side they're showing is just heart-fluttering hah. Hoping that some kind souls will be able to sub the whole show cos the drama is really good. Despite the simple plot, the drama is really heartwearming and healing. And the casts are really the underrated gems of the industry.
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140222 Brown Eyed Soul (브라운 아이드 소울) - My Story @ 'Thank Your Soul 10th Anniversary Concert'
yea.. was cursing my luck. Naul has the tendency to sing 45 degrees to his right and even more so when he's pulling off all those beautiful notes. And where was I seated..? Yup. Left side. Venue: Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium
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[FANCAM] 150113 GDA Day 1 Ending Part 2/2 - Thank Yous
Oh Hongki, mind your English 0_0 And Siwon, yea, of course you would understand that it was wrong for him to say that :D But it was really nice that SuJu, being the most senior there, tried to get each of the group to say one final thing to the crowd. It was clearly unplanned since some of the groups have left the stage at that time. And I tried to move away but also insisted that Chanyeol & Gang stay in the frame ;)
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[FANCAM] 300313 "Bila Terasa Rindu" @ F.Y.I On Stage with Lunafly in Malaysia
The setlist says "Bila Rindu" so I was ready to jump out of my seat only to have them sing Kahitna's "Cantik", which I thought would be the only Malay/Indo song. Lucky they prepared 2nd special song but too bad I wasn't going to get any Ruffedge-Lunafly fandom collision. When they sang "Cantik" I noticed that Yun has almost-perfect pronunciation. He's the best here, but perhaps they prepared lil' bit less for this one so thought I heard a bit of English accent there heh. Well, even Malays do it
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170211 BOYS24 Hitouch (아이젝 focus + 해준 + 우진 + 용현)
소년24 G/W 콜라보 2PM 하이터치
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[FANCAM] 140613 Hoop Game @ Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook First Malaysia Showcase 2013
Jong Kook said that he's never tried this before and that he would recommend it to the RM crew. Hmm, I think it's definitely not a foreign thing there - feels like I've seen it played on some other varieties show? And when the music stopped when the hoop was at him, rather than eliminated he was asked to do punishment. Oh dear, KJK did the 귀요미 (luckily only up to no. 3!)
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[FANMADE] Lee Geon (이건) x Jeup (제업) - 숨 (박효신 cover)
The Unit has ended and I miss seeing these two singing together. Sorry for the lousy edit 😅 Hope to see future collaboration from these two!
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[FANCAM] 140613 Tag Game @ Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook First Malaysia Showcase 2013
Earlier, the 2 teams went against each other and erm, you know the kind of chaos when the real Running Man gets the entire building to do the chasing. Now, imagine it happening on that small stage :)
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Maliq & D'essentials (Live) - Untitled
Maliq & D'essentials Live in Malaysia 2011 16 December 2011, KL Live
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[FANMADE] Lee Geon (이건) x Jeup (제업) - 비 (폴킴 cover)
Another fanmade duet of these two. Enjoy!
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Irony - Jung Sungha Live in Malaysia 2011
Sorry it's a bit shaky at times, and I know I zoomed in a little bit too late.
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170211 BOYS24 Hitouch (아이젝 & 찬이 focus)
소년24 G/W 6PM 하이터치
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(Cover) Sung Si Kyung (성시경) - 좋을텐데 @ "Hongdae's Street Buskers / 홍대 거리공연"
While he may not have the most wonderful voice, it was a combination of his guitar playing and also his choice of songs. First stayed 'cos he was playing Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning", Sting's "Shape of My Heart", Coldplay's "Fix Me" and John Mayer's "No Such Thing" but then he went on to play the perfect Korean song too. :))
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[FANCAM] 120526 Block B departure KLIA
Sadly Zico wasn't able to come to perform with the rest this time. Would love to record everyone but they were queuing in different lines so I decided to try focusing on Kyung, Jaehyo and Taeil instead. Not the best camera quality and obviously my poor recording skills. It gets very shaky at times, sorry! And sorry that I couldn't capture B-Bomb at all :(
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[FANCAM] 300313 "Cantik" @ F.Y.I on Stage with Lunafly in Malaysia
First disclaimer: Excuse the singing (if you hear any). Totally forgot that I was recording 'cos I loooove the song anddd.... actually, I kinda knew that they would be expecting some sort of reaction/singalong from the audience. Well, turned out they really did and from where I was sitting, obviously too few ppl knew the song. Or that part of the song at least 'cos although Altimet did a remake, it is obviously tad different from the original.
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[FANCAM] 130113 BTOB Arrival at KLIA
Taken using my trusted phone, and obviously I wasn't at a place ideal to close in on the boys. We purposely chose to stay up there 'cos all we really wanted was to take in the whole scene:) Boys passed by in this order I think - Changsub, Hyunshik, Minhyuk, Peniel, Sungjae, Eunkwang and then Ilhoon. Poor Ilhoon. Personal space, girls! (and to think that only a few went a tad overboard there)
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170922 Wanna One Fanmeet in Singapore - Always (Minhyun) | 워너원 싱가포르 팬미팅 - 이자리에 (민현)
Just a short cut & shot using iPhone SE so excuse the quality!
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140222 Brown Eyed Soul (브라운 아이드 소울) - Always Be There @ 'Thank Your Soul 10th Anniversary Concert'
One of my favourite moments would always be when they display lyrics on the screen. Always. Venue: Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium
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[FANCAM] 300313 Teo's Malay class for Sam & Yun @ F.Y.I On Stage with Lunafly in Malaysia
Love the effort! And love that he knows to alternate -laaah with -nya. While Yun's English *and* Malay pronunciation are much, much better, Teo was definitely more adventurous when it comes to speaking. Thumbs up dude
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[FANCAM] 110607 U-KISS Showcase - AJ raps for a fan  @ Pavilion Malaysia
am an AJ bias, excuse the shakiness. oh and how can anyone not love his accent.
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