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Magic City (2000)
A short documentary directed by David Wilson and distributed by Kinofist Imageworks. This VHS was found in a Goodwill in Maine. From the box: A documentary about youth subcultures in rural Missouri - featuring metalheads, meth-heads, skaters and punks!!!! Moberly, Missouri is a boomtown gone bust, but still known as the Magic City. In this filmzine, David goes to the Magic City looking for his lost friends, but stumbles into the weirdness of small town subculture. Covering youth culture from skateboarding to heavy metal and crystal meth, Magic City cuts and pastes beautiful scenes from a dying downtown with hilariously real interviews of local kids. Virgins, cowboys and punks all appear in front of the camera to tell the world what's wrong and right with rural America.
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Charlie and Jacob are both depressed about Bella marrying Edward, but they find solace...with each other. Feat. "Down" by blink-182.
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