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Double Cross by Mark Southworth/MagicSmith Review (Live Performances)
Is Double Cross worth your purchase? Watch my review so you don't get double crossed!
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Nailed It by Scott Alexander Review (Live Performance)
Music by Chillhop: http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcom Birocratic - Tony's Belated Breakfast: https://soundcloud.com/birocratic/birocratic-tonys-belated-breakfast
Deck Review: Gold Monarchs by Theory11
How do the ultra rare Gold Monarchs hold up in terms of quality? Watch my review to find out!
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Quantum Space/Quantum by Calen Morelli Review  (Live Performance)
Calen Morelli independently released this "impossible visual" of magic temporarily to the public. I was one of the people fortunate enough to receive the effect while it was available. Check out this review for my thoughts on it and for a live street performance!
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Book Review: Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilson
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Find out why I give this magic book the highest praise.
Joker's Heist Live Performance
Buy on Penguin Magic: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/9269 Buy on Theory11: https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/tyler-scott/jokers-heist Joker's Heist is a project consisting of seven methods taught all based around one principle with over an hour of tutorial footage. The project has three variations on the main plot, an impromtu version, Joker's Heist Triumph, Joker's Heist Forgery, and Joker's Heist Clairvoyance. Variation #1- Bare bones structure of Joker's Heist. Joker cards are taken out of play and a spectator selects a card which will be the treasure card. The card can be signed and put back into the deck. Another card is selected to be a dummy weight for the Joker's to switch with the treasure card later. The Joker cards are brought back into play and sandwhich the dummy weight in between them. The Joker sandwhich is placed into the spectators hands. With a magical snap of the fingers, the treasure card is no sandwhiched in between the Jokers and the dummy weight has magically returned the deck. Variation #2- Tyler's personal favorite way of performing Joker's Heist. It's the same plot as Variation #1 but a little bit more difficult due to some extra subtleties that are added. The extra subtleties are worth the extra effort since they make for a more convincing payoff at the end. Variation #3- A bit of an overkill to run without being chased. Tyler provided this method just in case people wanted an extra idea to play around with. Joker's Heist Impromptu- Josh believes this handling is worth the price of Joker's Heist alone! Two Joker cards are handed out for inspection. A spectator freely selects a card and can sign it if they choose. The card is then placed back into the deck and lost into a shuffle. The deck is handed to the spectator to shuffle if they wish to or they can place the deck of cards back into the box faces down. The two Joker cards are shown front and back quickly and then are placed into the spectators hands. The spectator has the Joker cards face up, opposite the orientation of the cards in the box. With a quick swipe over the box, the Joker cards have stolen the signed selected card and it is now sandwhiched in between the two Jokers! Joker's Heist Triumph- Imagine giving your spectator the power to perform Triumph with them doing all the shuffling and handling using the power of the Jokers to help! Joker's Heist Forgery- A card is selected and signed. The card is then sandwhiched inbetween two Jokers and placed in the spectators hands. When one of the Joker cards is taken off the signature has mysteriously vanished! But when the Joker card is placed back on and with a magical snap, the Joker cards can magically forge the spectators signature back onto the card! Joker's Heist Clairvoyance- Many people might make the mistake of confusing this with Asi Wind's Double Exposure. That would completely take away from the power of Joker's Heist Clairvoyance however. A card is selected and signed and put back into the deck. A fan of cards is made and the spectator holds the fan to where they can visibly see all the cards facing them including their signed card. Their cell phone is borrowed and a picture is taken to show them what the magician can see to find their selected card. When they open up their picture gallery there is their selected card that they were looking at the entire time opposed to every other card facing the opposite direction!
Pyro Pen by Adam Wilber/Ellusionist Review
Sorry for the delay of this video. The original that was sent to me was defective. I wanted a better unit to give it a more fair review. I still have issues with this unit but at least now I get to try it out.
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Is Exposure Bad For Magic? || Magic Rant
My thoughts on magic being exposed on the internet. Like this video and subscribe if you want to keep up to date on my content.
Stay Cool by Tobias Dostal/Ellusionist Review (Live Performance Included)
Music by Chillhop: http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcom Bonus Points - Pizza and Video Games: https://soundcloud.com/bonuspoints/pizza-and-video-games Update: After the shooting of this review I found out that not only is this a terrible product, it's a ripoff of another magician's work. Florian Zimmer had this same effect and was performing it in the early 2000's way before Tobias put this out with Ellusionist. So much for having good ethics and treating other people's work with respect. Hypocrites!
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Deck Review: Aurelian by Ellusionist
Are Aurelians worth the purchase? Check out my deck review to find out.
Invisible Card by Blake Vogt Review (Live Performance Demo included)
How does Blake Vogt's Invisible Card hold up in performance conditions and is it worth your hard earned fifty bucks? Watch the review and find out. Purchase the Invisible Card here: https://store.theory11.com/products/invisible-card-by-blake-vogt
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Break by Uday Jadugar Review (Live Performances)
Is Break the greatest coin trick on the market today? Watch my review to find out. Also this has some of the best street magic performances I have filmed yet. I really hope you enjoy it. :) Check out Doubting Thomas here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6353
Sleeper by Eoin O'Hare Review (Live Performance)
Is Sleeper by Eoin O'Hare the best rising card effect on the market to date? Watch my review and live performance to find out!
Live Street Magic Compilation #2// Busking
In this compilation we feature magic that was put on at a magic party that the magic club at U of M put on. We also show the "alpha testing" for my upcoming busking/strolling set just outside of Enchanted Knights in Mackinaw City. My future busking set will come around next year.
Ring Flight Revolution by David Bonsall/Ellusionist Review
Is Ring Flight Revolution worth your money? Watch my review to find out!
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No Pressure by Tyler Scott Trailer
100% Impromptu Version: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/7184 Download here: https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/tyler-scott/no-pressure No Pressure is an effect where you can borrow a spectator's empty water bottle, have any one attempt to crush it with the cap sealed, and they are unable to due to the air pressure of the bottle. With a snap of your fingers, you can then magically remove the air pressure from the bottle and anyone can crush it at that point. The spectator can keep the bottle as a souvenir. There is no switches and you are clean while they try to crush it and afterwards.
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Priceless by Michel Huot and Richard Sanders Review
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Is Priceless truly worth the price? Watch my review to find out!
Perfect by Mark Mason Review (Live Performance Demo)
Is Perfect the perfect effect for you? Watch my review to find out!
Change by Lloyd Barnes Review (Conceptual Performance Ideas Included)
Does Change by Lloyd Barnes live up to the massive hype set by Ellusionist to #changemagicforever? Watch my review and find out. Also let me know your thoughts on if you want to see me do a subscriber give away contest. The prize? A free tutorial on Doubting Thomas.
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Gallows Book Test by Mark Shortland Review (Live Performance)
Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Is The Gallows by Mark Shortland the best book test available on the market today? Watch my review to find out. Gallows can be purchased here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S17589
Live Street Magic Compilation #1 // TylerScottIllusionist
Inspired by David Blaine specials, Tyler Scott performs a variety of different magic effects for random people in Michigan. Enjoy! Buy Doubting Thomas here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6353 Buy No Pressure Here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/7184
Deck Review: Rarebit Gold by Theory11
My review of the Rarebit Gold deck by Theory11. Enjoy!
Doubting Thomas Live Performances compilation.
Buy the trick here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6353 Just some random performances of Doubting Thomas in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Your hands are fully examinable before and after the trick is done. NO PALMING at all. Very quick and very visual. Coin goes right into the palm.
Meeting Darcy Oake! //Magic Vlog #5
They say never meet your heroes. In this vlog I break that rule. What had happened was I won a magic video contest ran by The Morning X with Mark Mackenzie in Windsor, Ontario with the first vlog I ever uploaded. It's nice to win a magic video competition that isn't biased heavily. Darcy Oake was really friendly as you can see in the video and just seems like a chill guy. I give my own thoughts of his show at the end of the video.
Vortex by Dan Harlan Review (Live Performance Demo Included)
My apologies for my absence on uploading YouTube content. Also, I apologize for the lack luster performance. I had only half an hour to prepare for the set that I was doing and I decided to go with Rick Lax's teaching which was quick and easy to learn. I think the audience enjoyed it over all. Will definitely be keeping this in my routine.
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Ignition by Chris Smith Review (Live Performances)
Is Ignition a worker for your repertoire? Watch my review to find out!
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Grab Bag by Rick Lax Review (Live Performance Included)
Is Grab Bag by Rick Lax worthy of you hitting that like button and then buying? Watch my review to find out!
Book Review: The Approach by Jamie D.  Grant
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Not the usual type of review you will see of the excellent book by Jamie D. Grant. I just want to make sure that people fully understand what they are getting into by buying this book.
Lipsmacker by Paul Harris Review (Live Performances)
Finally a Paul Harris review! This effect is one of the most underrated effects that you should be using. Please watch my review to learn more about it.
Smoke by Alan Rorrison Review (Live Performance)
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Is Smoke by Alan Rorrison worth your purchase? Watch my review to find out!
Acme Hole by Lloyd Barnes Review/Rant
Please watch the entire video before commenting. I understand that this video is very long and I understand that Lloyd has many fans but I'm just trying to hold the magic industry accountable for putting out better quality products. I'm pro consumer and I'm trying to educate my viewers to the best of my ability without exposure to help them in making educated purchases. I hope you will approach this video with an open mind. The next reviews should have live performances and I will try not to have an almost 20 minute rant. They will be more informative and hopefully more positive. Thanks for sticking around guys!
Magic Civil War: Calen Morelli vs. Rick Lax vs. Ellusionist?
Link to discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Magic/comments/4b5x9u/your_thoughts_on_rick_lax_and_calen_morelli/ To clarify, I'm not really taking sides in either case. I have a lot of respect for Calen Morelli, Rick Lax, and Ellusionist. I have supported all three and love the effects that they have produced. I am perhaps not the most proper authority to be discussing this so I would love to hear everyone's thoughts in the comments. I would really like to hear the thoughts of people like Patrick Redford, Dee Christopher, Wayne Houchin, and Mickael Chatelain. All of those guys have worked for both Ellusionist as well as Penguin so I feel that their professional opinion would offer some much needed enlightenment. I hope everything works out in the end!
David Blaine Live In Detroit- Magic Vlog #4
Just some footage of my trip to Detroit to see David Blaine for a second time. Also got to try out Impromptu Invisible Deck on a couple of strangers and get some great reactions which was fun.
Odyssey by Calen Morelli and Theory11 Review (Live Performance)
Is Odyssey worth your hard earned money? Watch this video to find out!
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Tyler Scott Illusionist Promo Reel
Here is my promo reel for 2017. You can book me at [email protected] or you can book me on my facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Tyler-Scott-Illusionist-1360225394059134/
YouTube Ends Monetization for Smaller Channels #NotMyYouTube
This really bums me out guys but don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to keep doing my best to entertain you guys with the best content that I can deliver. Thank you all for supporting me this far.
January 2017 Subscriber Contest Winners!
Congrats to all the winners! Shoot me a PM on here or Instagram and I'll hook you up with the prizes. If not, I'll message you in about a week. Winners: Jackson. Deshazo Kingsofmagic MexieMex
Magic Vlog #1
My first magic vlog! Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it. I hope you all check it out and leave feedback. I will try to upload as many of these as I can throughout the year. Music by Chillhop: http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcom L'indécis - Happy Hours: https://soundcloud.com/hipdozer/lindecis-happy-hours-hip-dozer-premiere
Stapled by Dee Christopher Review
Is Dee Christopher's Stapled a good fit for your existing repertoire? Watch my review and find out! Buy it here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6820
SNC Theory11 Creator Contest: No Pressure by Tyler Scott
Download No Pressure here: https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/tyler-scott/no-pressure Effect: Borrow any empty water bottle from a spectator and make sure the cap is tightly on. Ask them to crush the bottle which they can't due to the air pressure in the bottle. With a snap of your fingers, you can vanish the pressure in the bottle and anyone can crush the bottle as flat as a pancake. The spectator can keep the bottle as a souvenir.
Doubting Thomas Trailer
Buy the trick here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6353 Doubting Thomas is a brand new up close visual effect. It's a method that can be used to put objects through a performer's hand. Hands are fully examinable before and after the trick is done. It has an instant reset and very little set up. Both gimmick and impromptu versions will be included. Great for breaking the ice and getting straight into your magic. Any further questions please contact Tyler Scott directly. Song was purchased for commercial web use from envanto.com with a standard music license (as described by site here: http://audiojungle.net/licenses/terms/music_standard/1.1%20%28Copy%29). Track name: Action Choir Chase Artist: Walperion_Music Date of purchase: August 8, 2015 Purchase code: b32ef254-7d6a-4cd3-a1a1-b6bc3f83c2f3
Magician Reacts To His Own Performance
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Let me know if you guys want to see more reaction videos in the future. MabinNerd's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCfKAAeFC4gicbIMzPDIK0w
A Moment of Weakness- Magic Vlog #2
Okay so a little context. This video was made way back in January right when the YouTube policy change was first announced. It's a bit old information but I thought it would be interesting to show some of the struggles of being a start-up magician and my thoughts and feelings towards that.
Poser Calen Morelli Reveals Odyssey!!! #FreeMagicTutorial
My entry for the Saturday Night Contest of Odyssey by Calen Morelli. I was trying to parody Calen's character in this video. No personal insult was intended.
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Magic Giveaway[Closed] + End of 2017 Announcements
Giveaway Contest Rules: 1. Subscribe to me on YouTube 2. Follow my Instagram and like my Facebook page (links below) 3. Message me on either Instagram or Facebook page your YouTube page name Following those steps will have your name entered into a drawing. I will draw names at the end of this month (1/31/2018) and the prize to be won is my latest release, Joker's Heist! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tyler-Scott-Illusionist-1360225394059134/?ref=br_rs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rtscott94/
I Need Your Help! #2018Goal
Magic Giveaway video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqr1Smzy3Vw Doubting Thomas: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6353 No Pressure: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/7184 Joker's Heist: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/9269 Music by Chillhop: http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcom Bonus Points - Pizza and Videogames: https://soundcloud.com/bonuspoints/pizza-and-video-games
Joker's Heist Winner Announced!
Congrats to @jalenjade513 (Instragam account)/JeffJade513 (YouTube account) for winning Joker's Heist.
Summer 2019 Announcements
Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/NfZc9zU Please let me know what type of content you would like to see on my channel moving forward. Thanks!
Channel Update: Ya boi got a shout out!
The actual photo of Darcy Oake giving me a shout out is in the thumbnail or you can find it here:https://imgur.com/a/lGqMp . Links to all my products on penguin can be found in my YouTube links.
Magic Hangout With Special Guest Michael O'Brien
Update: I apologize for the audio. I recommend using headphones and trying to turn up the volume as loud as you can. I'll try to solve the issue in the future. Michael O'Brien joins me in a live interview to answer your questions and give helpful advice and wisdom from his career as a working magician. Michael's Information: Official Website: http://www.obrienmagic.com Official Blog: http://www.obrienmagic.com/blog Online Store: http://www.obrienmagic.com/magic-shop Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/obrienmagic Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/obrienmagic Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/obrienmagic