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mooji - Does the Self  Evolve ?
If I am already Free, If there is no where to go, nothing to achieve, nothing to do, nothing to become, nothing more ... then .... what is this growth, blossoming, expansion, evolution ? The interest in being more fizzles out with advaita teachings. I Surrender but Existence does not accept it ! What to do ? Cow of Ramana Lakshmi was Liberated but I feel sorry for it because it did not get a chance to experience the human existence. Is there a process of evolution from a mineral to plant to animal to human to devine, or it is just all unchanging awareness ?
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Mooji Satsang - Location of the Self
Is the Self located on the right side of the chest ? You are already Free. Freedom and Bondage are concepts, just be ...
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Desire Fairy Grants you 1 Wish
Submit you desire to http://DesireFairy.com Each Time You will see a different fairy !
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Desire Fairy Grants You One Wish
http://DesireFairy.com What is the Purpose of the DesireFairy Application ? The Idea is to provide a service by making people release their desires. In toady's world there is no one to listen to your hearts desires, the desire fairy is here to fill that need. It helps in 3 ways 1. Making People Clear About what they want Most people want so many things and are not clear about their priorities. When the Fairy asks them to write out 1 desire, they have to prioritize and select one primary desire. This helps to remove the clutter and make people focus on what is most important to them. 2. Releasing their Desire The reason most sincere desires do not manifest is because people hold on to them too tight. The moment they let go there is a possibility for it to manifest. Submitting their desire to the fairy makes them feel that now they can relax and let go. 3. Receive and say Thank You The Desire Fairy introduces people to the attitude of Gratitude. Instead of complaining and negativity, the fairy movie allows people to enter into gratitude and positivity. Later on, if the application becomes popular, I plan to followup by email with steps to manifest their desire, showing that desires only lead to more suffering in the end and introducing them to Desireless Abundance. Your Feedback is appreciated, Thank You, Mufy.
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Transformation vs Transcendence or Evolution vs Libration
Is the spiritual life about becoming sometning that you are not already ? Is Evolution about adding something to your self or is it going back to your source ?
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www - World Wide Web
http://www-world-wide-web.com Provides Information on the World Wide Web, the use of www after http and the relationship between the internet and the world wide web.
Do Not Access The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Do not mess with the subconsciousness. Master Your Mind and Change Your Life by using the power of your conscious mind. Worldwide Success Stories, University Studies & Proven Results.
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Re: An Atheist Meets God
God is not a Tyrant. Good people are closer to god than belivers who act immorally. This is a response to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urlTBBKTO68&feature=related Click on thumbs up above if you like this video.
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Swami Nithyananda En-Kriya Review
Are the 7 Steps of EnKriya really Effective ? Swami Nithiananda should stop making false claims about levitation and kundalini.
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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Your Conscious mind is much more powerful than your subconscious mind. Do not use the power of your unconsciousness darkness, rather come into the light of your presence and through your conscious awareness try to change your habit patterns.
Evolution vs Librtation or Transformation vs Transcendence
Watch this straight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onSPRXo9gqM with music and graphics. This is my original video that I could not rotate in youtube because it is over 15 mins. Is the spiritual life about becoming sometning that you are not already ?
The Name of the True GOD
The nameless and formless can be called by any name and can take on any form. All names and forms derive their meaning from the one who does not need to be named. It does not matter what name you call god by, what matters is how much love, devotion, concentration and sincerity you put into your prayer addressed to god.
DesirelessAbundance.com Testimonial by Anthony
This is a Testimonial for my ebook at DesirelessAbundance.com given by anothony as an audio file and his full body picture - I have converted it to this video - This is my first attempt at making a video.
Footprints in the Sand - Is God carrying Us ?
If god is carrying us during difficult times then what about self reliance ? This is a Response to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D4JQKVNWdo
eN-Kriya - New Meditation Technique or Old
Subscribe to be updated when I review EnKriya Swami Nithyananda has announced the launch of new meditation technique called eN-Kriya - I am eagerly waiting for them to post the technique video on youtube and I plan to review the technique and share my experience with you.
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eN-kriya Cannot Wait
Swami Nithyananda is about to reveal a new technique for kundalini awakening - I am eagerly waiting to review this ...
Desireless Abundance Testimonial by Amelia
This is a Review and Testimonial of Mufads ebook Desireless Abundance by Amelia of http://www.beeja.net
Woman is Superior to Man !
Which Sex is superior ? Man or Woman ? Why ? Why did god create man first before creating woman ?
Debate: Islam or Atheism - Which is More Rational?
Which is more HUMAN ? This is a response to the video with International speaker and senior researcher Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, who debates Dr. Brendan Larvor on "Islam or Atheism: Which is More Rational?" Here is the original video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeaYeogomo8 My feeling is that we need to go beyond beliefs and really experience the truth of our human existence.