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Kavanaugh Protesters HATE Freedom Of Speech!
SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS! Charlie Kirk Went Into The Swamp This Week To Confront The Radical Leftists Protesting Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Leftists Are So Scared Of Other Ideas That They’ll Do ANYTHING To Silence Their Opposition! Check It Out! #BigGovSucks
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Charlie Kirk Smashes Socialism! Top 5 Takedowns of 2017
MUST WATCH! Charlie Kirk Spent 2017 Smashing Socialism! Here Are The Top 5 Takedowns! #SocialismSucks
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Marxist Student Gets HIT With A Dose Of REALITY!
MUST WATCH! Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens OWN This Marxist Student For Claiming American Businesses Are "Dictatorships" While Wearing A Che Guevara Shirt... You HAVE To Watch This One Until The End! 🤣🤣🤣
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Build The Wall: The Best Argument You Will Ever Hear!
MUST WATCH! Charlie Kirk Gives Three GREAT Reasons Why America Needs A WALL On Our Southern Border!
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Candace Owens DESTROYS "White Privilege"
TOO GOOD! White Liberal Tries To Sell Candace Owens Her Own Oppression... Watch Her PERFECT Shut Down! #ImFree #BigGovSucks
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Socialist Student Claims That The Left Is "Pro-Gun"
OMG! This Socialist Student Tells Charlie Kirk That The Left Is "Very Pro-Gun" ...He Gets DESTROYED! 😂😂
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Turning Point USA's Candace Owens Destroys Oprah & Hollywood
MUST WATCH! Turning Point USA's Director Of Urban Development Candace Owens Exposes The Tools The Left Uses To Distract Voters! #BigGovSucks
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Charlie Kirk: The "White Privilege" Label Is Racist
SPOT ON! Charlie Kirk Debunks The "White Privilege" MYTH & Explains Why Discrediting Someone's Argument Due To The Color Of Their Skin Is The Textbook Definition Of Racism #BigGovSucks
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HUGE Mistake... Student Claims Scandinavia Is "Socialist"
OUCH! This Student Claims Scandinavian Countries Are Good Examples Of Socialism... Charlie Kirk Destroys His "Logic" #SocialismSucks
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Black Student LEAVES The Left's Plantation!
INCREDIBLE! Black Stanford Student Completely DESTROYS The Left! Black Americans Are Waking Up & LEAVING The Left’s Plantation! Truly Amazing Things Happen When Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk Visit College Campuses! #FreeThinkers #ImFree
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Dear Liberals: You Are NOT Under Attack!
When You Challenge A Leftist's Ideas, They May Feel Under "Attack" Watch Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens & Kimberly Guilfoyle Explain Why That Is NOT The Case!
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Dan Crenshaw DESTROYS Socialism In Just 2 Minutes!
MUST WATCH! Congressman Dan Crenshaw Debunks The MYTH That Scandinavian Countries Are "Socialist" In An EPIC Manner #SocialismSucks
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Venezuelans Who Fled Socialism DESTROY Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!
FIRE! 🔥They Know What It's Like To Live Under Socialism & They Have A STRONG Message For American Socialists Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! #SocialismSucks
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Leftist Student Demands PRISON For "Misgendering"
SERIOUSLY?! Watch Charlie Kirk Interview This College Leftist Who Demands PRISON For "Misgendering"
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Charlie Kirk Vs. MOB Of Kavanaugh Protesters!
INSANITY! This VERY Angry Mob Protests AGAINST Due Process & The Presumption Of Innocence! WATCH: Charlie Kirk Vs. Mob Of Kavanaugh Protesters
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The BEST Argument For Border Security You Will EVER Hear!
INCREDIBLE! Congressman Dan Crenshaw PERFECTLY Explains Why Conservatives Are Pro-LEGAL Immigration & Want To Prioritize LEGAL Immigrants Who Have Followed The Rules & Waited Their Turn! EVERY American Should See This Video!
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Pro-Illegal Alien Protesters EXPOSED!
WATCH! Charlie Kirk Attended The Anti-ICE, Pro-Illegal Immigration Protests! Watch Him EXPOSE The Blatantly Anti-American, Pro-Open Borders Left!
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Gun Control Marchers Have No Idea About Guns
OMG! No Wonder People Call Charlie Kirk The Conservative Street Fighter! Watch The Gun Control Marchers Expose The Fact That They Knowing NOTHING About Guns!
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This Is Why Conservatives Are PRO-LEGAL Immigration!
Charlie Kirk NAILS IT! This Is The GREATEST Explaination Of Why Conservatives Support LEGAL Immigrants Coming To Our Country! Why Do Leftists Support Line-Cutters & Criminals That Make It HARDER For People To Come To America LEGALLY?
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Rush Limbaugh Reports: Candace/Lieu Exchange Went VIRAL!
Rush Limbaugh Reports On Candace Owens & Rep. Lieu's Congressional Hearing Exchange... It's The MOST WATCHED CSPAN Video On Twitter!
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Do People In AOC's District Support Socialism?
SO GOOD! Benny Johnson Goes To The Heart Of Socialist AOC's District To Find Out If The People She Represents Support Socialism... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez NEEDS To Watch This! #SocialismSucks
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THIS Is Why "White Privilege" Is Racist
WATCH! Charlie Kirk Gives This Student A Dose Of Reality After She Plays The Race Card...
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President Trump's "Free Speech" Executive Order Is Already Working!
WATCH! Just ONE Day After President Trump Issued His Executive Order, Freedom Of Speech Is Being Protected On Campus! #FreeSpeech #BigGovSucks
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Charlie Kirk Exposes The "Big Switch" MYTH!
MUST WATCH: Charlie Kirk Explains Why The "Big Switch," Where America's Two Political Parties Magically Switch Ideologies, Is A TOTAL LIE Used To HIDE The Racist History Of The Left! #BigGovSucks
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Leftist Student Calls For Resegregation Of Blacks
SERIOUSLY?! The “Tolerant Left” Actually Admits To Wanting Segregation In America! Watch Charlie Kirk DESTROY These Marxist's Hateful, Intolerant Views!
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The BEST Explanation Of The Russia HOAX On The Internet!
You HAVE TO Watch This... In Only 5 Minutes, Charlie Kirk EXPOSES The Russian Witch Hunt, Spy Gate & So Much More WATCH Until The End!
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Unhinged Protester: Kavanaugh Is GUILTY!
INSANE! Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Verbally Attacks Charlie Kirk & Wants To DENY Judge Brett Kavanaugh ANY Presumption Of Innocence! ...The Left Will Do ANYTHING To Discredit Conservatives & Deny Them Due Process!
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Real Coal Miners Have A Message For AOC!
POWERFUL! These Coal Miners Are Here To Educate Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! These Are Just A Few Of The American Lives That Would Be RUINED By The Left's "Green New Deal" #iHeartFossilFuels
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Candace Owens Puts Rep. Lieu In His Place!
SO GOOD! Charlie Kirk Joins Varney & Co To Discuss Rep. Ted Lieu's Disrespectful & Dishonest Attacks Against Candace Owens... BIG Mistake On Lieu's Part!
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Charlie Kirk Destroys Leftist On Border Security
Charlie Kirk Joins Fox News To Debate Border Security & Explains Why America Desperately NEEDS A Border Wall To Keep American Citizens SAFE! #iHeartAmerica
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College Students Defend MS-13 Gang
HUH?! Why Are Leftists So Quick To Come To The Defense Of Violent MS-13 Gang Members? WATCH: Charlie Kirk Destroys Their "Logic"
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This Is Why Liberalism ALWAYS Leads To Totalitarianism
Rep. Dan Crenshaw Is SPOT ON! Leftist Politicians Are NEVER Satisfied & Will Always Seek More CONTROL. Leftism Will Always Lead To Tyranny #BigGovSucks
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Leftist Student Destroyed After DEFENDING Ilhan Omar!
WATCH! Student Claims Rep. Ilhan Omar "Did Nothing Wrong" With Her Anti-Semitic Remarks... Charlie Kirk Sets The Record Straight!
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Candace Owens: The #WalkAway Movement
Candace Owens, Turning Point USA's Director Of Communications, Explains Why So Many People Are Joining The #WalkAway Movement & LEAVING The Radical Left! #ImFree #FreeThinkers
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Women Are Doing Better Than Men!
MUST WATCH! Radical Feminist Claims America Is A "Patriarchy" Without ANY Evidence! Watch Charlie Kirk Destroy Her "Logic" 🤣🤣🤣
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TPUSA's Year In Review: Most VIRAL Moments!
WATCH! 2018 Was A GREAT Year For Conservatives & Turning Point USA! Watch A Few Highlights From Some Of Our Most Viral Videos This Year!
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Charlie Kirk Crushes Hardcore Socialist
TOO GOOD! Charlie Kirk Debates Socialist Presidential Candidate & Defends America AGAINST Socialism #SocialismSucks
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Marxism Has Failed Over 100 Times Last Century
Charlie Kirk's Advice? Ask Marxists One Question: Where Have Your Ideas EVER Worked? #CommunismKills
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Anti-Trump Protesters Can't Name One Way Trump Is Racist
Charlie Kirk spent some time talking to anti-Trump protestors yesterday. They insist the president is a racist, yet they can’t name ONE RACIST THING HE HAS DONE! WATCH THIS!
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The PERFECT Response To Self-Victimization
MUST WATCH! College Student Asks Charlie Kirk To Acknowlege White Privilege... ...He Responds With 3 Simple Questions!
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President Trump Praises Charlie Kirk At Wisconsin Rally
MUST WATCH! President Donald Trump Called Out Turning Point USA Founder & CEO, Charlie Kirk, For Special Praise At His April 27, 2019 Rally In Green Bay, Wisconsin! Thank You President Trump For Recognizing The Work Of Charlie & Everyone At Turning Point USA! #BigGovSucks
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Is There Anything Good About Socialism?
SPOT ON! Charlie Kirk Is Asked If There Is ANYTHING Good About Socialism & His Answer Is Simple: NO! Socialism Is Responsible For The Death Of Over 100 Million People Last Century #SocialismSucks
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Socialist Admits Their Real Agenda
EXPOSED! Charlie Kirk Gets Socialist Student To Admit Wanting To Take Away Your Freedom! #SocialismSucks SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS!
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Teachers Are BRAINWASHING Students!
EXACTLY, Charlie Kirk! Everyone Can Have Their Own Opinions...But Teachers Should NOT Indoctrinate Their Students! #BigGovSucks
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Candace Owens: Illegal Is The New Black
MUST WATCH! Candace Owens Completely Destroys The Modern Left On Illegal Immigration! #BigGovSucks
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Candace Owens DESTROYS Black Leftist On Race!
MUST WATCH! After Being Ambushed By White Liberals, Black Conservative Candace Owens Calls Out The Left's Hypocrisy On Race To Liberal Prof's FACE! #ImFree #BigGovSucks
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Socialist Student: Mass Murderers Should NOT Be In Prison
INSANE! These “Democratic” Socialist Students Actually Tell Charlie Kirk That Murderers Like Dylann Roof Don’t Belong In Prison...
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Black Americans Should Stand With Judge Kavanaugh!
POWERFUL! Candace Owens Nails The Anti-Kavanaugh Mob For Being Just Like The Racists Who VIOLENTLY Lynched Emmett Till In 1955!
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