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Circles /Stones/Trees
Webb Park ,Weymouth/MA- 3 circles , 7 trees A monument and a giant rock
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Sun lights
May 16th 2017 more glittering specks shooting by the sun
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Sunny Something
Upload what I could
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Still sun starts zipping through the sky at pool
Aug 20th 2017 one minute sun next minute it takes a trip through the sky
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Mexico trip
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June 10 2017 moon not over Saturn in the night sky
Moon was in the east and Saturn was in the south and the moon should of been right above Saturn last night video taken between 10pm and 12am
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The suns shooting showers of glittering lights
Shooting showers of glittering lights ? I caught some phenomena of specks shooting from behind and next to the sun and the Chem trailing planes trying to block or protect us from it?
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Moon mystery no Saturn
June102017 between 10pm and 12am
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More of the sun phenomenon
From May 16th 2017
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June 10 2017 moon mystery
Moon suppose to be above Saturn?
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Sun phenomenon-May 17th 2017
More shooting specks by the sun
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What is coming out of the sun
Do you see what I see 11:30 6/4/17
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Big sun little sun  and it is not the moon
sunset March 2017 and the moon was at 1/2 -3/4 that night ,I am trying to find the exact day?
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Moon and Saturn in two different places in the night sky
June 10 2017 between 10pm and 12am ? Moon in east Saturn in the south and my star map says full moon should of been over Saturn last night? I'm
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