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Our brother JUST DIED in Madinah  | Mohamed Hoblos
Brother Mohamed Hoblos gives tribute to the life of Khodre Kanj after he passed away in Madinah last Wednesday. Kanj had just completed his Umrah pilgrimage the day before, having his sins forgiven, and then departed to Madinah the following day. He prayed the Thuhr prayer in the front row of the Rawdah and spent a further two hours in the worship of Allah. However, as Maghrib approached, his health took a turn and he began to feel strong pains in his chest and back. He called for an ambulance as his family sat beside him supplicating for his safety. He began to recite the Shahadah, (the testimony of faith, i.e. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger) until Allah ordained for his soul to be lifted. He passed away as the Athaan of Maghrib was being called.
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18 Year Old Guest DIES IN HIS SLEEP | Mohamed Hoblos
Brother Muhammad Yakub Genel was once featured on OnePath Network’s Living Muslim show two years ago speaking about the virtues of Ramadan, yet today we farewell him after he passed away in his sleep last week at the young age of 18. His death comes as a shocking reminder that death doesn’t discriminate. It does not come for a certain age group, a certain class of people, it isn’t even restricted to the sick; it simply comes unannounced and it has been guaranteed for all of humanity.
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The Reality of this World | Mohamed Hoblos
https://onepathnetwork.com/the-reality-of-this-world/ We all love the Dunya. We all love the worldly life and all the glamour it contains, from its cars, to its houses, to its wealth and all the luxuries it has to offer. We desire its riches, its comforts and the sparks of happiness it brings. We love it. It’s a fact none of us can deny. Yet the sad part about it is, as much as we love this world, it will never love us back and only ever run away from us. The truth is, this world will only ever tempt you, tease you and eventually break your heart.
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Gifted with Cancer - Ali Banat
Ali was diagnosed with Cancer and doctors have given him only 7 months to live. Despite his circumstances, he considers this a gift from Allah. Watch his story here.
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Mental Illness is Real  | Mohamed Hoblos
Click the link to watch the video on our website: https://onepathnetwork.com/mental-illness-is-real/ In the latest episode of Living Muslim, brother Mohamed Hoblos confronts the stereotypes and misconceptions of one of the biggest taboo topics in the Muslim community, mental illness.Having mental illness doesn’t mean you’re far from Allah nor does it mean you’re possessed by Jinn, it’s a test from Allah, just like other diseases such as cancer, etc.
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Most common mistakes in the Prayer
Click the link below to watch the video on our webpage: https://onepathnetwork.com/most-common-mistakes-in-the-prayer/ Eight most common mistakes in the prayer These are some of the eight most common mistakes in prayer that we need to stop doing immediately. Praying too fast The Prophet ﷺ commanded us to pray in a manner that we sense tranquility in every portion of the prayer. To bow until you feel tranquility in your bowing, to prostrate until you feel tranquility in your prostration and to sit until you feel tranquility in your sitting. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ entered the Masjid, then a man entered and prayed, then he came and greeted the Messenger of Allah ﷺ with Salam. The Messenger of Allah ﷺreturned his greeting and said: Go back and pray, for you have not prayed.” So he went back and prayed as he has prayed before, then he came to the Prophet ﷺ and greeted him with Salam, and the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said to him: “Wa alaika as-salam (and upon you be peace). Go back and pray for you have not prayed.” He did that three times, then the man said: “By the One Who sent you with the truth, I cannot do any better than that; teach me.” He said: “When you stand to pray, say the Takbir, then recite whatever is easy for you of Quran. Then bow until you have tranquility in your bowing, then stand up until you are standing straight. Then prostrate until you have tranquility in your prostration, then sit up until you have tranquility in your sitting. Then do that throughout your entire prayer.” Sunan Al-Nisai’ (Sahih) Moving around excessively Most of the scholars are of unanimous agreement that excessive and continuous movement invalidates your prayer. And whether such movements are disliked or prohibited, there is no doubt that such movements distract from one’s prayer and will reduce one’s Khushoo’ or concentration. Certainly the believers have succeeded. Those who during their prayers are humbly submissive. Quran 23:1-2 Preceding the Imam Going in front of the Imam is also a common mistake in prayer. The Prophet ﷺ taught us that the Imam was appointed to be followed. He also warned us that the one who raises his head before the Imam should fear that Allah would turn his face into that of a donkey’s. Whether this is physical or figurative is a matter of debate, but nevertheless, the warning is severe. The Prophet ﷺ said The Imam is to be followed. So, bow when he bows, and raise your head when he raises his head.” Sahih Al-Bukhari The Prophet ﷺ said “Isn’t he who raises his head before the Imam afraid that Allah may transform his head into that of a donkey or his figure (face) into that of a donkey?” Sahih Al-Bukhari Incorrect Sujood The Prophet ﷺ advised that seven bones must touch the ground during the Sujood; The forehead, two hands, two knees and two feet. Unfortunately, many of us will lift our feet into the air during the Sujood, making it invalid. The Prophet ﷺ said: “We have been ordered to prostrate on seven bones and not to tuck up the clothes or hair.” Sahih Al-Bukhari Resting forearms on the ground Another common mistake is resting our forearms on the ground, despite the clear Prophetic prohibition: “Do not rest your forearms on the ground like a dog when prostrating”. Sunan Al-Nisai’ (Sahih) Not covering the ‘Awrah From the conditions of the prayer is that one covers his or her ‘Awrah before they begin. For a woman, this is everything but her face and hands. While for a man it is the area between the navels and knees. While some of us might remember to cover our ‘Awrah, unfortunately, we might unknowingly reveal our ‘Awrah when we prostrate, so we need to be careful. Failing to do the Takbir Al-Ihraam One of the pillars of the prayer is to do the Takbir Al-Ihraam with Qiyaam, and that is to say “Allahu Akbar” and to stand up straight at the beginning of the prayer. Many of us when joining the prayer late and the Imam is in Rukoo’ or Sujood, we fail to perform the Qiyaam, the standing, for even a brief moment and miss out on this pillar of prayer. Looking around during the prayer The Prophet ﷺ warned that those who look up during prayer must avoid doing so, or else Allah may take away their eyesight. It is rather recommended that one keep his eyes fixed at the place of prostration. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “How is it that some people raise their eyes towards the sky during Salaah (the prayer)?” He stressed (this point) and added, “People must refrain from raising their eyes towards heaven in Salaah (prayer), or else their sights will certainly be snatched away.” Sahih Al-Bukhari
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What’s it like to be Muslim in the NBA
Click here to visit our webpage: https://onepathnetwork.com/whats-it-like-to-be-muslim-in-the-nba/ With the NBA Season only just beginning, we take a look at three of NBA’s most famous Muslim players who made their ways into the Hall of Fame without having to compromise their faith.
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Why am I depressed? By Mohamed Hoblos
I read the Quran but I am still depressed Why? An emotional response by Brother Mohamad Hoblos for Living Muslim. Original Footage from Islam Net.
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Reminder from brother Mohamed Hoblos
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Why Don't You Pray? | Whispers | Ep 1
The new series "Whispers" presented by Sheikh Omar Elbanna. So many people have doubts regarding the prayer, so hopefully this reminder will help rid ourselves from such whispers. For More, visit www.onepathnetwork.com Like us on FB: www.facebook.com/onepathnetwork
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Man from the viral picture in Christchurch speaks out
The man behind the viral photo that was spread following last week’s tragic terror attack in Christchurch has spoken out. Khaled Al Jamali, originally from Gaza, states that he was not conscious at the time the photo was taken of him lifting his finger in Shahadah. The index finger in Islam represents the unity of God and monotheism. The photo resonated with millions of Muslims around the world who saw the captured moment as a sign of strength and resilience in the face of terror. Al Jamali also clarifies the rumours spreading that the photo was of the deceased Mohsen Al Harbi from Saudi Arabia. Al Harbi was in fact a very close friend of Al Jamali who was killed in the terror attack. We ask Allah to have mercy on all the victims and grant them swift entry into Paradise. We also ask Allah to grant patience to their loved ones and ease in this difficult time.
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Exclusive emotional documentary with former Boxing World Champion Billy Dib, who was signed to 50 Cent and TMT (The Money Team) Promotions. In this telling piece, Billy opens up about life, faith, money and losing his beloved wife to Cancer. A must watch with a very compelling message for all to benefit from.
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The Sunnah way to Eat
Click the link to watch this video on our website: https://onepathnetwork.com/the-sunnah-way-to-eat/ Here are thirteen Sunnah's of eating.
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You Don’t Own The Masjid | Mohamed Hoblos
An emotional reminder from Mohammad Hoblos to always be welcoming to those who enter the Masjid. Remember it is not your House, but Allah's. They are not your guests, but Allah's.
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The Richest Man in The World
Click here to visit our webpage: https://onepathnetwork.com/the-richest-man-in-the-world/ This short film is a striking reminder of the true value of wealth and the delusion it comes with. It is quite easy to be easily carried away by the flashy nature of having riches in material wealth, yet how often do we forget the temporal nature of all these items?
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The incredible journey of an African Muslim Slave
Born in 1701, Eastern Senegal Ayuba Suleiman Diallo went from being a slave owner in Western Africa to being captured and shipped to America as a slave. This is the Story of 'The Fortunate Slave'.
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Do Sunnis REALLY love Ahlul Bayt?  | Mohamed Hoblos
In this re-release Mohamed Hoblos provides evidences from Sunni Islam on why Ahlul Sunnah love the members of the Prophet's household (Ahlul Bayt)
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Many unfortunately jump to the conclusion that if someone has more money in this worldly life, it is an indication that Allah loves them more and He has hence favoured them. This video insha'Allah aims to deconstruct this misconception. Many unfortunately jump to the conclusion that if someone has more money in this worldly life, it is an indication that Allah loves them more and He has hence favoured them. This video insha'Allah aims to deconstruct this misconception. Check out the link for a full breakdown of this topic. https://onepathnetwork.com/im-broke-does-that-mean-allah-hates-me/
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Five Most Inspirational stories of 2018
The year 2018 was full of memorable moments for Muslims. While some moments were sad, Other moments inspired change in the Muslim community. We have compiled five stories that inspired the Muslim Ummah in 2018.
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Last words to my Mother | Mohamed Hoblos
The two words I never said to my Mother.... Emotional True Story. Reminder from Brother Mohamad Hoblos
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How do Muslims view Easter? An Islamic Perspective
There is no doubt that Jesus is one of the greatest figures in Islamic doctrine. The Quran refers to Jesus as the Messenger of Allah, the word of God and a spirit from God. But how do Muslims view Easter? Visit www.onepathnetwork.com for more videos
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This short skit is a hilarious look at how you should never treat your workers in the workplace. When it comes to the rights of workers, Islam has always been very clear on how they should and shouldn’t be treated. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ always emphasised the importance of looking after those who are under your authority, and the employee is definitely no exception. Many narrations of the Prophet stress the importance of paying your workers on time, avoiding overburdening them, treating them with respect and of course being lenient when need be. Abdullah ibn Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “Pay the worker his wages before his sweat has dried.” Sunan Ibn Majah (Sahih) Jabir bin Abdullah reported that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “May Allah have mercy on a person who is lenient when he sells, lenient when he buys, and lenient when he asks for payment.” Sunan Ibn Majah When we look at the treatment the Prophet ﷺ showed towards those under his authority, we see he displayed the epitome of gentleness and mercy. Anas Ibn Malik narrates that “I served the Prophet ﷺ for ten years, and he never said to me, “Uf” (a minor harsh word denoting impatience) and never blamed me by saying, “Why did you do so or why didn’t you do so?” Sahih Al Bukhari Kind and fair treatment, of course, extends to both the employee and employer. It is important that both parties are just in their dealings with one another and uphold the trust that exists between them both. As Allah mentions in the Quran “Those who are faithfully true to their Amanat (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts etc.) and to their covenants” Holy Quran 23:8 May Allah allow us to embody the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, and uprightness in the workplace in all our dealings.
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Who was Sultan Abdul Hamid II
Click the link to watch this video on our webpage: https://onepathnetwork.com/who-was-sultan-abdul-hamid-ii/ Sultan Abdul Hamid II was the last great Caliph to have ruled the Muslim world. Born in 1842, Abdul Hamid ruled the Ottoman Caliphate for 33 years, from 1876 to 1909. He is renowned for reviving the zeal of the Muslim world at a time the Caliphate was falling to European encroachment and nationalism. By instilling the love of Islam into the hearts of his people, he was able to unify their ranks and repel any potential division. During his reign he paid off 90% of the Caliphate’s debts and built several universities, libraries and schools. He also famously renovated Makkah and Madinah and went to great lengths to uphold the sanctity of the two Holy cities. He established hospitals, barracks and infrastructure within them and ensured they were well safeguarded. He also equipped Makkah with a modern water system to protect the precinct from relentless flooding. In the 1800’s he commenced the construction of the Hijaz railway which ran through Istanbul, Palestine, Syria and ended in Madinah. He also strategically ensured that the rail tracks were incompatible with European trains to protect the Holy Cities from any potential European invasion. His expertise in both politics and leadership was in fact noted by many of his contemporary rivals. German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II stated that “I have learned the game of politics from Abdulhamid.” English Admiral Lord John Fisher also described Sultan Abdülhamid as being the “Most skillful and quick thinking diplomat in all of Europe.” He vehemently resisted European imperialism with an iron fist and fiercely fought to protect Palestinian lands from the hands of corruption. When the founder of the Zionist movement Theodor Herzl offered to give 150 million pounds of gold in exchange for some land in Palestine, Sultan Abdul Hamid II replied: “I advise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in his project. I cannot give away a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it is for all the Islamic Nation that fought for the sake of this land and watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their millions. If the Islamic Caliphate is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price. But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic State. This will not be. I will not start cutting our bodies while we are alive” (The diary of Theodore Herzli, Vol. 1) He upheld his firm stance to safeguard Palestine up until his overthrowal by the secular Young Turks in 1909. He fought against their bid to establish a Jewish state in Palestine and was consequently exiled because of this. “I quit being Caliph because of the oppression and threats by the Young Turks. This group insisted that I approve the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. I rejected this proposition. They finally offered 150 million British gold pieces. I rejected this as well and I told them: ‘I would never agree with you even if you offer not 150 million British gold but all the gold in the entire world. I served the Muslim community for more than 30 years. I did not let my forefathers down. Following my final response, they agreed on my dethronement and sent me to Thessaloniki. I pray to Allah, I did not accept to establish a new state on Palestinian lands on the Ottoman State and the Islamic community.” After being forced into house arrest, he lived to witness the domain he once ruled suffer tremendously at the hands of European colonialists. They violently devoured the resources of the Muslim world and instilled division into their ranks. He famously once stated that “Had I been ruling the Ottoman Empire I would have kept the Europeans fighting each other, and Muslims could have continued to live in peace.” On February 10th, 1918 he woke up for the Fajr drawn prayer and washed himself. He held his wife’s hand, kissed her and supplicated for her. He then proclaimed “Allah! Allah!” in a loud voice and passed away. He was laid to rest in a mausoleum in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, beside his grandfather Mahmud II and his uncle Abdülaziz. May Allah have mercy on the great Sultan Abdul Hamid II and grant him the highest ranks of Paradise for his service to the Muslim Ummah. Source: Ottoman Records and Archives. Some info sourced from Professor Yakoob Ahmed (Ottoman Historian- Istanbul University)
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Before KHABIB - This man was the WARRIOR of Dagestan
Long before Khabib. Dagestan was home to a fighter far greater and powerful in rank. His name was Imam Shamil. And he was one of the greatest warriors to emerge from Dagestan in the 1800’s. For further info: https://www.onepathnetwork.com/who-was-imam-shamil/
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5 Tips for Ramadan
With Ramadan only moments away, many of you are thinking about how you will make the most out of this holy month. Ramadan is an amazing opportunity that Allah SWT gives us to spiritually recharge, and improve ourselves. If you are wondering how you can get the best out of this month, here are a few tips to get you started. #OnePath Network #Ramadan #Islam
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Malcolm X: America Needs Islam
POWERFUL - America must learn about Islam. Malcolm X.
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Before you Rush to Judge Someone
Visit our website: https://onepathnetwork.com/before-you-rush-to-judge-someone/ Living Muslim presents a hilarious new reminder that sheds light on the importance of clarifying any situation before jumping to conclusions. The video is based off an authentic narration of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who is narrated to have said: "Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the worst of false tales. And do not look for the faults of others and do not spy, and do not be jealous of one another, and do not desert (cut your relation with) one another, and do not hate one another; and O Allah's worshipers! Be brothers (as Allah has ordered you!"). Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/OnePathNetwork/posts?tag=dawa
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There’s nothing funny about bullying
How many of us have been bullied in the past under the guise of sharing an innocent laugh with friends? Most people don’t realise that there is a fine line between having a friendly laugh with someone and bullying them.
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I want to drop out of School | Life & Faith | Dr Mohamad Abdalla
I want to drop out of School, is this okay? An Islamic perspective! Presented by Professor Mohamad Abdalla
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The Problem With Divorce  | Mohamed Hoblos
Reminder from Brother Mohamed Hoblos
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Muhammad Ali talks about his Death
Link to Website: http://onepathnetwork.com/ali-talks-about-his-death/ DOWNLOAD THE APP TODAY http://onepathnetwork.com/apps/ “Getting Ready” to meet GOD. Muhammad Ali talks on what happens after death. An incredible man. May Allah grant him Paradise.
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Are your prayers harming your neighbours?
https://onepathnetwork.com/are-your-prayers-harming-your-neighbours/ In this eye-opening skit, Steve Dabliz highlights the importance of looking after your neighbours, particularly those surrounding the mosque. It’s inexcusable to harm your neighbours when attending the Mosque, not only are your jeopardising your own prayers but you are also harming the stability of the Mosque in the Community.
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The Eight Do’s and Don'ts of Imam Al-Ghazzali
Click here to visit our webpage" https://onepathnetwork.com/the-eight-dos-and-donts-of-imam-al-ghazzali/ In the amazing work of Imam Al-Ghazzali titled “Letter to a Disciple”, the Imam writes a sincere counsel to one of his students who had sought his advice on his personal journey to Allah. The Imam responded by writing an insightful letter which includes many universal messages to undertake when journeying towards God Almighty. In this counsel, the Imam particularly advises his student on eight specific things, four of them he must refrain from and four he must enjoin. Below is a brief summary of these instructions.
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Is Music Really Haram?
https://onepathnetwork.com/is-music-really-haram/ Is music really haram. It’s the question almost everyone wants to argue about and the debate that never seems to end. And before you drop the “Haram Police” card and get ready to prepare an essay response in the comments, can I just say that I’m not here to argue the different rulings and opinions on musical instruments, singing, beat boxing, drums and what not. I’m not even going to go there. I’m going to be doing something different. I want us to answer this question for ourselves, openly and honestly. In fact, we can even forget the question of is music really haram. Let’s instead just ask the question “Is Music harmful?”
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The Family of a Christchurch Victim speak about their Son
Tariq Omar was killed trying to save a child when he was gunned down in the terror attack in Christchurch. Just weeks before he told his mother he would like to die in a Mosque.
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A Message from Christchurch | Imam Omar Suleiman
A powerful message from Christchurch, New Zealand to all those affected by the recent terror attack. May Allah have mercy on all the victims and grant them a swift entrance into Paradise. This short reminder focuses on the importance of grieving with the victims in a manner that befits the Prophetic Sunnah and not that of a passing social observer.
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Don’t be silent in the face of abuse
In this short film, Steve Dabliz and Mohamed Hoblos confront the controversial issue of abuse in the home, with a particular focus on emotional and psychological abuse. This is no doubt a universal issue that affects communities from all walks of life, and this short film attempts to tackle this problem from an Islamic perspective.
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Don't Make Marriage Difficult
A message to the Parents - Please stop making marriage difficult. Very important reminder.
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Army Officer accepts Islam
https://onepathnetwork.com/army-officer-accepts-islam/ The above video is a short highlight of the story of Brother Randy, who served in the United States Army, who later accepted Islam. He details a specific incident whereby he encounters a Muslim in the midst of the conflict zone who had him lost for words after witnessing his bravery.
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Remembering the victims of Christchurch
Watch this video on our webpage: https://www.onepathnetwork.com/remembering-the-victims-of-christchurch/ On 15 March, Friday, during the Jummah prayers, a terrorist attacked Christchurch Mosque gunning down 50 people of the Muslim community and injuring dozens of others. There have been a lot of media coverage of the terrorist in regards to this event and the way he live-streamed this heinous act, but now we focus on the lives lost and the families devastated by this act of extreme hate and racism. This act destroyed the lives of men, women, children alike and showed how hate can end the lives of innocent people.
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The love Allah has for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Click the link to visit our webpage: https://onepathnetwork.com/the-love-allah-has-for-prophet-muhammad-%EF%B7%BA/ Sheikh Ahmed from Uganda delivers an amazing sermon in Pakistan on the love of Allah for His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In this short excerpt, the speaker reveals that not once in the Quran does Allah call upon His Messenger by his direct name “Muhammad” as He otherwise does when calling upon all other Prophets.
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Gifted With Cancer Event
So many people in our community came out to show Ali support after hearing about his Cancer ordeal. This is what Islam is about - looking out for one another!
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War Against Allah | Whispers | Ep 2
Interest... Is it really worth it?
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A quick video on how to react to slander in the most appropriate way without letting it affect you. Three tips are given to help you overcome the Fitnah associated with slander, gossip and rumors before they overtake you. Read the Full Article for this piece here: https://onepathnetwork.com/how-to-overcome-slander/
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No Such Thing as Muslim Gangsters! POWERFUL REMINDER  | Mohamed Hoblos
Brother Mohamed Hoblos delivers a powerful reminder on the reality of Muslim youth chasing the false gangster life.
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Stop Cursing Your Children | Wesam Charkawi
Sheikh Wesam Charkawi delivers an emotional message to all parents on the subject of child abuse and its impact on children. Please support us by donating: Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/onepathnetwork Subscribe and click the bell to receive updates and notifications.
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Preparing for Ramadan | Questions with Dr. Omar Abdel Kafi
Questions with Dr. Omar Abdel Kafi. An all new show this Ramadan featuring renowned scholar Dr Omar Abdel Kafi answering a range of questions. This show is supported by Muslim Aid Australia. Visit www.maainternational.org.au #OnePath Network #Ramadan #Islam
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Isn't it TIME?
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The life of Shaykh Abdul Hamid Kishk
The life of Shaykh Abdul Hamid Kishk
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Five facts about the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
How familiar are you with the birthday of the noble Prophet of Allah Muhammad ﷺ. Here are some facts that you should know about this tremendous day in the history of Islam. The Prophet ﷺ was born on a Monday When the Messenger of Allah ﷺ was asked about fasting on Mondays. He replied, “That is the day on which I was born and the day on which I received Revelation.” Sahih Muslim He was born in the year of the elephant (Approx 570CE) This year was named after the event whereby Allah protected the Kabaah from an invading Abyssinian army. This incident is related in the Chapter of the Elephant (Quran Ch. 105). Al-Muttalib bin ‘Abdullah bin Qais bin Makhramah narrates from his father, who narrates from his grandfather, that he said: “I and the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, were born in the Year of the Elephant” Tirmidhi (Sahih) He was born in Rabi Al-Awal Many of the scholars agree that the Prophet ﷺ was born in Rabi Al-Awal, the third month of the Islamic Calendar, the exact date of his birth is debated among scholars He was born in Makkah The Prophet ﷺ was born in Makkah in close proximity to the Kaabah. The place of his birth is now a library today. Many miracles happened at his birth A 1000 year old fire, which was being worshipped, was extinguished in Persia. (Al Raheeq Al Maktum) The lake of Sawah, which was also worshiped, dried up at the Prophet’s birth. (Hani al-Makhzumi) His mother, Aminah, mentioned that she did not suffer any of the usual pains of pregnancy as with other women. (Ibn Ishaq) Prior to his birth, she also dreamt that she gave birth to a tremendous light that extended to the Palaces of Busra in Syria. (Ibn Ishaq) On the night he was born it was reported that an immense light immersed from her that lit up the entire house. (Ibn Hajar Fath Al-Bari) May Allah send His peace and blessings upon the noble Prophet, Muhammad ﷺ and allow his light to shine across the globe
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