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40 Magic Tricks in 4 Minutes - Day 279 of 365
I was cleaning my magic room and thought I would perform 40 different tricks in a row, just for you! I love this video! What do you guys think? Please leave your comment! I am addicted to them! www.ericleclerc.com Who really reads the description boxes?! If you're reading this please include the word 'Broccoli" in your comment below! Let's confuse some people!! :) xo
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Magic in Nicaragua!!
I recently traveled to Nicaragua for a friend's bachelor/bachelorette celebration. Check out the celebrations and the magic. I apologize for the lack of videos in 2013 but Im working on so many other exciting projects. More regular videos are coming soon. I got you :) www.ericleclerc.com New site also coming soon! I wonder if anyone even reads these descriptions?? If you're reading this please use the word ''Ninja'' in your comment!! :) xoxoù
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World's Scariest Card Trick - DAY 193 of 365
Check out the screams as a spider appears on the back of their hands during this card trick. EPIC reactions! I love screamers. mmmmmmm screamers.......
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"Won't Back Down" by Eric Leclerc - Day 330 of 365
Buy the song on iTunes here! I promise you will get addicted to this tune! :) https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Falbum%2Fsongs-from-heart-basement%2Fid853920052&h=EAQFOFqut
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The Amazing 'Switch' Card Trick - DAY 144 of 365
Watch the reactions coming from the students at Lester B Pearson High School! DAY 144 of 365 www.ericleclerc.com
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Zone Zero Hole - Day 35 of 365
Objects melt away in the Zone Zero Dimension. Super visual magic! A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 35! Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow or I will throw you in the third dimensional hole!! :) SUBSCRIBE!!! Or Check Norris will drop kick your knee and we'll film it
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Ekaterina - Day 161 of 365
My friend Ekaterina blows my stuff out of da WATER!
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Magician Gives Away Money
Making money and giving it away! I love my job! What videos do you guys want to see next!? Leave a request in the comment section! xo
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Eric Jones' Silver Coins - Day 245 of 365
Eric Jones, the special guest at this years Sorcerer's Safari, performs a crazy trick with three silver coins, check it out!
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Torn and Restored Bill Tutorial - Day 194 of 365
Learn how to tear and restore a bill right before their eyes! Easy and amazing magic trick revealed! Please practice before going out to show your friends!!! :) www.ericleclerc.com
Views: 42627 Eric Leclerc
World's Strongest Card Trick - Day 312 of 365
Ok the probabilities of this trick actually working are astronomical. But watch me nail it time and time again! :) I love this thing!! Please enjoy and give HUGE THUMBS UP for YiaYia Maria.... If you dont she will come visit you while you sleep. www.ericleclerc.com
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Magic in your hand!  - Day 163 of 365
The world famous sponge ball trick. Watch the great reactions! Please leave a comment and rate! I appreciate it! www.ericleclerc.com
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Balls from Mouth - Day 160 of 365
Filmed LIVE in front of 500 people. This is my most requested tricks by kids! They just go nuts over this one! Don't judge the video by its title! :) Please rate and comment ok? I love your feedback! :) [email protected] www.ericleclerc.com
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World's most awkward Card Trick - Day 107 of 365
This is what happens when your audience just doesn't care. LOL Day 107 of 365. Follow @leclericshow www.ericleclerc.com Please subscribe! :) I'll give you things if you do
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Eric Leclerc Street Magic - Day 50 of 365
A compilation of mind blowing magic on the streets of Ottawa. Must see! A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 50! Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow SUBSCRIBE! Special Thanks to: The Blubba boys Devin Lynch Michael Ziolkowski Street magic was filmed in downtown Ottawa, Canada. www.ericleclerc.com
Views: 162743 Eric Leclerc
The Key - Day 301 of 365
I go get my shoes spruced up and perform a trick for the ole' cobbler!
Views: 38719 Eric Leclerc
The Pom Pom Trick - Day 148 of 365
Watch how an expert children's magician performs a classic of magic. The pom pom trick! *WARNING coarse language* www.ericleclerc.com Follow @leclericshow
Views: 26086 Eric Leclerc
Messing with my MOM!
In this video I decide to introduce everyone to the woman who gave me birth, my MOM!! We had so much fun filming this even though she was hesitant at first. What was your favourite thing that i did to her in this video? Comment below!
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Coin bite  - DAY 186 of 365
Watch as I borrow peoples change and destroy it with my mouth. Oral Magic Style Haters! Notice the sun actually coming out when i reference Jesus. A true modern day miracle. www.ericleclerc.com
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Disappearing Cookie - DAY 2 of 365 (free iPod giveaway)
A modern day magician's 365 project. View the video for your chance to win a brand new iPod touch. Follow me on Twitter @Leclericshow ..... if you dont, I will find you and make you do pushups Please subscribe and like my Facebook page ONLY if you think Keanu Reeves is a lesbian http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lecleric-Show/129735937093036?ref=ts
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The Accident - Day 141 of 365
Needle through Balloon. Remembering Émilie... xoxo
Views: 9361 Eric Leclerc
INSANE Archery Stunt - Day 292 of 365
Watch my friend Pat shoot a Grapefruit that I'm holding with his trusty bow and arrow!!! There are many late night show hosts out there, and they all have 1 thing in common, they all dislike magicians. Except Craig Ferguson! There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing one of my peers appear on the late late show and watching Craig's face as the magic happens. He is truly a massive fan of magic. I decided to do this stunt to try to get on his program to show him my original take on magic. I need your help! Please send this video to as many people as you can! We need the production staff at the late late show to see this!!! :) Thanks for your help!!!!! http://www.cbs.com/shows/late_late_show/email_craig/ www.ericleclerc.com [email protected]
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https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gâteries-de-Mimi 200 episodes in 200 days!! :) We went out to celebrate this epic mark in the road by giving out 200 delicious cupcakes to friends and strangers on their lunch break! Enjoy! www.ericleclrc.com
Views: 5553 Eric Leclerc
He Almost Burned my face off!!!
I have been busy! My friends and I visit England for the biggest magic convention in the world. I had so much fun with everyone there. Truly bucket list material. Check out our crazy antics in the streets of Blackpool. Please leave your comments below. I wanna read you! Follow me on Instagram @ magic4yourbain
Views: 8766 Eric Leclerc
Wicked Card Trick Tutorial - Day 101 of 365
Learn this unbelievable 4 ace trick and amaze your friends! Easy to do! Day 101 of 365 of a modern magician's journey. [email protected]
Views: 96051 Eric Leclerc
Interactive Card Trick! TRY IT!! IT WORKS!! - Day 135 of 365
Let's see if I can guess YOUR card. Interactive card trick. www.ericleclerc.com Please rate and comment! Let me know if it worked or not! :) [email protected]
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Epic Card to Pocket Reactions! - Day 239 of 365
I get some crazy designs done in my beard and then show the staff how to teleport cards. Check it out!
Views: 16792 Eric Leclerc
Day 365 of 365 - The Magic of India
Follow me on my journey as I travel to India to headline a massive Magic Festival. I met some incredibly interesting people along the way. Day 365 is finally here! :) Sorry for the wait! Love you guys! www.ericleclerc.com
Views: 261083 Eric Leclerc
3am Magic Jam - Day 102 of 365
Eric Leclerc Sleight of hand montage. This was shot at 3am when I couldn't sleep. Day 102 of 365. A Modern Magician's 365 project. [email protected] www.ericleclerc.com SUBSCRIBE and rate please!! :)
Views: 7249 Eric Leclerc
Girl of my Dreams Musical Card Trick - Day 55 of 365
Get the song on iTunes now! :) https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Falbum%2Fsongs-from-heart-basement%2Fid853920052&h=EAQFOFqut Today I am doing a card trick music video for my friend's song! Check it out! LINK FOR CONTEST SIGN: http://www.ericleclerc.com/lecleric/lecleric8x10.jpg Email your pics to: [email protected] A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 54. Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow www.ericleclerc.com PLEASE forward the link to your friends if this song made you smile!
Views: 93248 Eric Leclerc
Floating Fork Tutorial - Day 90 of 365
Learn how to make a fork float between your hands. An amazing illusion! A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 90. Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow
Views: 280716 Eric Leclerc
Mystery Box - DAY 123 of 365
You have 1 day left to submit your answers for this months contest. Submit to: [email protected] Good luck!
Views: 8356 Eric Leclerc
Card on Forehead - Day 283 of 365
Check out the different ways this classic of magic can go! Love it! :) Please leave your comments guys! Means alot! Thanks!!! xoxoxo www.ericleclerc.com
Views: 35219 Eric Leclerc
Ripping Other People's  Money - DAY 143 of 365
Check out this super clean torn and restored bill! Watch their faces as i tear their hard earned cash in half! www.ericleclerc.com PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!
Views: 95518 Eric Leclerc
Lee Asher's ''Continental Divide'' - Day 247 of 365
Lee Asher shows us an insane card trick! Check it out!
Views: 9945 Eric Leclerc
A Life-Saving Trick - Day 356 of 365
Get it?
Views: 13601 Eric Leclerc
Eric Leclerc - Ford Kuga Commercial
DEFINITELY not your typical car commercial! I travelled to Israel and shot this cool spot for the new Ford Kuga. Good times!
Views: 18701 Eric Leclerc
Post office Magic - Day 34 of 365
A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 34! Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow if you think dogs in those huge plastic cones preventing them from licking their stitches are funny. SUBSCRIBE!!! All the Quickie employees are doing it!!!
Views: 22943 Eric Leclerc
Magical Mattresses - Day 256 of 365
I had to multitask todays video so i filmed a trick at the mattress store! Now THATS efficient people!!! Efficient Magic!!! Thanks to Chad for being awesome! www.ericleclerc.com
Views: 4078 Eric Leclerc
PURE COIN MAGIC - Day 36 of 365
A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 36 Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow if you like hugs SUBSCRIBE!! :) If you don't a baby angel will lose its wings somewhere up in angel heaven
Views: 11295 Eric Leclerc
Crazy Card Trick on Pool Table - Day 322 of 365
I take in a game of pool with some locals, check it out!
Views: 21532 Eric Leclerc
One handed Card Trick Live on Stage - Day 99 of 365
Day 99. Twitter: LeclericShow
Views: 6264 Eric Leclerc
The Vanishing Coins - Day 92 of 365
A modern day magician's 365 project. DAY 92 of 365 Please visit my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lecleric-Show/129735937093036?ref=ts
Views: 28212 Eric Leclerc
Rocky Raccoon: Freaking people out on the streets!  - Day 170 of 365
Watch this hilarious prank pulled on unexpected people in the streets. Please rate and comment! :) www.ericleclerc.com
Views: 30878 Eric Leclerc
Caribbean Water Card Trick - Day 77 of 365
A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 77. Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow
Views: 9968 Eric Leclerc
THE BEST food pun compilation - SO FUNNY!!
How many food puns does it take to make a girl break!? I had so much fun filming this with Jodi. I love a good pun and the grocery store proved to be the best place to do it. Which was your favorite!? Comment on your favorite one!
Views: 6568 Eric Leclerc
Cardtoon Magic Card Trick - Day 28 of 365
A look into the ordinary life of a magician Follow me on Twitter and I'll shave your arm hair for free! @Leclericshow Like my Facebook page ONLY if you think Courtney Love is a catch (I WILL find out if you are lying) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lecleric-Show/129735937093036 SUBSCRIBE!!
Views: 25893 Eric Leclerc
Killer Card Trick @ Halloween Party - Day 303 of 365
I perform the world's most popular card trick, check it out!
Views: 43917 Eric Leclerc
World's Worst Magician - Day 362 of 365
I make another appearance (probably last) on the morning show, check out my mad master skillz!
Views: 27168 Eric Leclerc
Lecleric Reads Playboy Bunny's Mind. Day 132 of 365
Playboy Model Sandralicious gets her mind blown by Canadian Magic Champion Eric Leclerc. Enjoy! Contest winner announced! Congratulations to........... Follow @leclericshow www.ericleclerc.com www.sandralicious.com
Views: 16506 Eric Leclerc

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