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How To Serve Food To Sims In The Restaurant!
I'm Back! Sorry I haven't made a video yesterday. I make daily videos. Except for yesterday :P Well thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe! Bye!!! =D
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5x5 House Challenge! | The Sims Freeplay
Hey! Here's me doing the 5x5 house challenge! You can do this in your town for fun, or for a house on a budget :)) if you do make it in your town, send me a link so I can check it out!
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My Restaurant Design! | The Sims Freeplay
Hey! Here's my original design of a restaurant! Let me know what you think!
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Welcome, Spring Kulbitski!
He's finally born! Welcome home! 💖
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My First Live Stream!
Hey guys it's wolfy here and today I am making my first ever LIVE STREAM!!!!
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How To Get Free Coins in Virtual Families! (READ DESCRIPTION)
Hiya there! Here is how to do it if you didn't understand in the video: 1.Drag your person to their career 'station' praise them until it says 'Stop Nagging' Drag them back onto their station each time it says to Stop Nagging. Do this 10x. Repeat with the person's spouse if they have one! 2. Go to Date and Time, in settings. Change the year as far forward as possible. 3. Go back into virtual families. You will hear coins. You're done! ~~The reason why I paused in the middle of the video when I changed the time was because mobizen would always crash when I changed the date, so I ended the recording, changed the date, then began recording again! I just edited the two videos together~~ ⚠️[WARNINGS] ⚠️ 1. Your people MAY die if they're older! Make sure to cure them if they're sick! ~If your people ARE older and you're sure they will probably die, if you want your family to keep going then adopt or make a kid. Just remember that Mothers can't work on their career if they're nursing a baby.~ 2. You dont want your people to starve! Make sure you're stocked up on food! Hopefully this helped! Bye!
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Spinning the LP Spin Almost 10 Times Because I Felt Like It
Heyo! The reason why I got the LP Spins for free what because a glitch that happened to me. If you want me to explain the situation, just ask! ♡
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Spin Spin Spin!
sorry I haven’t been uploading, I’ll explain why in the next video.
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Small House Tour ♥️ | The Sims Freeplay
Hello all! Today I show you my original design of a home I for a family of 3 (4th on the way!!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
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How To Combine Different Patio Pavings! | The Sims Freeplay
Hey! In this video I show how to combine 2 or more different patio pavings!
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