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Spoiler Free Recap of This Weeks Episode of Take the Money and Run
Puppet Carlos Fugazzi recaps this weeks episode of ABCs Take the Money and Run.
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Puppet Carlos Fugazzi Reviews the Movie Teen Wolf Starring Michael J. Fox
He's back! This time he is reviewing the 1985 movie Teen Wolf.
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PSA- Why Incest is Bad by Carlos Fugazzi
World famous puppet Carlos Fugazzi discusses the dangers associated with incest.
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Puppet Carlos Fugazzi asks Whitney Houston out on a date...
The new fad is asking out celebrities on Youtube, so Carlos is getting in on the action by asking out Whitney Houston.
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Why Asian Women are Idiots
In this video, I give the reasons why I feel Asian women are some of the dumbest creatures roaming the Earth.
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Puppet Caught Masturbating at a Sarah Palin Speech
The cameras caught Carlos fapping at a Palin speech!
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Carlos Fugazzi Discusses Gay  Marriage
Today, Carlos Fugazzi is letting his views on gay marriage known to the world!
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World Famous Latino Carlos Fugazzi Talks About Racial Profiling
Carlos Fugazzi discusses the status of racial profiling in America
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Millennials are a threat to society
Carlos goes on a rant about how the Millennials are some of the biggest pieces of trash walking around.
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Commerical for an Abortion Clinic
Consider the Fugazzi Clinic next time you need an abortion...
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The Xbox 360 vs The Playstation 3
Carlos Fugazzi tells the world why the Xbox 360 is superior to the Playstation 3
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Movie Review: Schindler's List by Carlos Fugazzi
Carlos Fugazzi reviews the movie Schindler"s List as only he can! Don't miss the personal message to Hitler at the end!
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Carlos Fugazzi Discusses Why Men are Superior to Women
Are men really superior to women? Carlos Fugazzi thinks so, and here he will tell you why!
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I am a Native American and I am fine with the name Redskins
I explain why I am ok with the name Washington Redskins.
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Black History Month is Missing Someone... Billy Dee Williams
Carlos Fugazzi is upset that everyone is forgetting Billy Dee Williams in their Black History Month celebrations.
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Dear Future Carlos Fugazzi
Future message to Carlos Fugazzi. Message to myself.
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Why I Won't be Voting for Hillary Clinton...
Carlos outlines why he will not be supporting Hillary Clinton in the next election, and he discusses who he would like to see run for president.
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Carlos Fugazzi Comments on the News that Obama is using Twitter...
World famous Political Puppet Commentator Carlos Fugazzi's take on the news that Obama will be actively using Twitter...
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Carlos Fugazzi tlks about Comic Book Heros and Neil Diamond
In this video, Carlos discusses why he hates movies based on comic books.
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Spoiler Free Review of Gears of War 3
Here is my spoiler free review of Gears 3. hope it helps the undecided.
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Skyrim Collectors Edition Preview by Puppet Carlos Fugazzi
Here is my take on the Collectors Edition of Skyrim and I make my case on why you should not buy it. www.ohshat.com
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Puppet Carlos Fugazzi Defends the Soldiers that Pee'd on the Dead Terrorist
World famous puppet Carlos Fugazzi defends the US Soldiers that were caught on film peeing on a dead terrorist. He also lists the select few people who it is acceptable to pee on. A must see for all...
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