Videos uploaded by user “tFighterPilot”
Homer Simpson in Mount & Blade
This mod will allow you to play as Homer Simpson http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1679
Views: 5797 tFighterPilot
Starcraft Total War
For the SC2Mapster Weekly Trigger Exercise #2 http://forums.sc2mapster.com/development/triggers/15676-weekly-trigger-exercise-2-many-bodies-one-mind/
Views: 3349 tFighterPilot
Crawling in Mount & Blade
Animations and code by me. Still work in progress.
Views: 703 tFighterPilot
The new madness
From Spartacus Blood and Sand, by the same guy from 300.
Views: 4212 tFighterPilot
אבישי בן חיים על גיוס חרדים ועל ועדת פלסנר
אבישי בן חיים מדבר עם אברי גלעד על גיוס חרדים ועל ועדת פלסנר. מתוך "המילה האחרונה" 8/7/12.
Views: 2257 tFighterPilot
Starcraft 2 Snow Speeder
My Snow Speeder (from Star Wars ESB) model imported to SC2 using NiNtoxicated01's plugins.
Views: 1696 tFighterPilot
Snow Speeder 3d test
Just testing the 3d feature
Views: 187 tFighterPilot

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