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MGTOW - Feminists and SJWs getting left speechless compilation
Here is an awesome compilation of feminists and social justice warriors being left speechless due to their lack of logic and their dumb arguments. Hope you enjoy the video, if you do enjoy the video, show the video some love by dropping a like on it and by sharing it
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MGTOW - Woman with a princess complex, can't handle being told no
Yet another reason why men shouldn't bother with women, but instead go their own way is the fact that there are a lot of women out there that have a princess complex, cannot take the word no and expect to always get their way. You're about to meet one of these women in this video. Fortunately the man is on she is on a date with is not one of those simps out there that will just let her get her way. This causes her to ditch him and leave the date, but that works in his favour because it means that he has dodged a massive bullet.
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MGTOW - Cops treat woman how they would treat a man in that situation
A woman's boyfriend was involved in a situation at a night club that led to police having to be called. Whilst the police were interviewing the boyfriend about what happened, the woman interrupted and attempted to drag her boyfriend home, because you know, women can do whatever they want right. The police then stopped her and told her that her boyfriend was not free to go and they told her that she should walk away from the situation. She could have listened to them and walked away. She didn't have to leave the area completely, she could have and should have gone away from the immediate area, and maybe sat down on one of the many benches you can see around the area and waited for her boyfriend to be done with the police. But instead she decides to act up and keep interjecting herself into the situation until the police decided they had had enough and placed her under arrest. Once again she started acting up and resisting arrest, the police then warned her that they will drop her if she doesn't comply and begged to comply because they didn't want to do that. She continued to refuse to comply so the police brutally threw her to the ground, placed her in handcuffs and took her to a police unit. All the while she was playing the victim because the police were rough with her. A poor 100lb woman. Well i say the police did the right thing because has she been a man they would have done the exact same thing. If anything they probably would have been more rough on him than they were on her. This is a good example of what true gender equality looks like.
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MGTOW   Men are using gynocentric laws against women and they hate it
There are certain that are fighting the gynocentric system we live in by suing companies and people that run female only events or have special offers that are exclusive to women. Some men are actually starting to wake up to the gynocentric system we live in and fighting it.
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MGTOW - 1 smart man vs angry feminists on the gender pay gap in sports
Angry feminists get educated as to why men in sports get paid more than women. They don't seem to understand supply and demand. I'm just glad this man had the balls to stand up to these feminists and on national TV. Most men would have been too scared and given in to the feminist BS
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MGTOW - Hypergamous woman wonders why she's finding it hard to find a man
A woman that seemingly tried multiple methods of finding Mr right, and has been on 77 dates is wondering what she has to do to find Mr right. She says she isn't too picky, but i find that hard to believe. What makes this story worse is the fact that she mostly likely didn't pay a penny for those 77 dates, and she most likely won't pay a penny for the next 77 dates. If she doesn't change her hypergamous ways, she will most likely have to stock up on cats in the very near future
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MGTOW - Feminist admits how women really see sexual harassment
This clip is from a stand up "comedy" segment by a feminist called Iliza Shlesinger, where she admits that when it comes to sexual harassment, they are ok with being sexually harassed if the find the man attractive, but they are not okay with it if they don't find him attractive. Women find 80% of men unattractive, so with that in mind, you can imagine just how many men get brought up on charges for simply speaking to a woman that doesn't find him attractive, whilst the top 20% of men get away with far, far worse. She might have just meant it as joke, which i doubt, however even if she did, it doesn't make what she said any less true.
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MGTOW - Family Court forces little boy to go home with his abusive mother
This video is of a young boy crying his eyes out because he is being forced to go home with his abusive mother. The poor boy is crying his eyes out and saying he wants to go with his father, and yet his pleas are falling on deaf ears and he still has to go home with her. The social workers are even trying their hardest to make him stop crying and to convince him to go home with his abusive mother. One of them even tells the little boy that his mother has a prize for him. Meanwhile the mother is acting all nice because she has to. Well when they are back home she doesn’t have to act nice and she won’t. That’s the state of the current family court system
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MGTOW - This one is wife material
This female twitch thot shows us her long list of men she has slept with whilst in the middle of shaming one of her viewers by calling him a virgin that lives in his mother's basement. She acts as if her having am long list of men she's slept with is something to brag about like it's hard for women to get laid or something
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MGTOW - Self entitled women expect men to pay on a date
We constantly hear how men who expect a woman to pay for her own meal on a date are cheap, but who is really the cheap one? The self entitled leech that expects to get a free meal or the one that's actually willing to pay for his own meal. This clip Steve Harvey has got a panel of women women talking about the guy that sent a bill to a woman that ghosted him, which leads them to talk about who should pay on a first date. Surprise surprise they think that men should foot the full the bill and think that any man that thinks otherwise is cheap and isn't worth the time of day. Well any woman that doesn't want to pay for her own meal is a waste of space leech and isn't worth the time of day
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MGTOW - Extremely picky woman is struggling to find a man
This extremely picky woman is struggling to find a man. It has nothing to do with the fact that she expects the man to be her perfect man, tick all the boxes and she's unwilling to settle for a man that doesn't tick all the boxes. Nope like always the problem is probably just men not measuring up. The 80/20 rule is true guys and women like this one prove it. Here's the link to the full video if anyone wants to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAMrp13XE_w
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MGTOW - Why a lot of women are single in their 30s and 40s
A lot of women in their 30s and 40s are single, miserable and on their way to becoming cat ladies and they always wonder why they can't find mr right and are still single. They write articles bitching and moaning about it and yet they never look inward. One of the biggest reasons why these women are single is because they are extremely picky.
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MGTOW - Ungrateful woman doesn't like the car her boyfriend bought her
An ungrateful, self entitled woman that has wrecked her previous two cars was unhappy when she saw the used car that her boyfriend bought her for $1000. In her mind she was too good for that car and didn't want to be seen driving it by her friends. Shen then goes to a different car that costs $2000 and tells her boyfriend that he should have bought her that one instead. This goes to show just how ungrateful and self entitled women can be
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MGTOW - Crazy woman accuses her boyfriend of cheating for the dumbest reason ever
A crazy woman accuses her boyfriend of cheating on her for the dumbest reason ever. Some of you might have heard of stories of women getting angry at their boyfriends or husbands because they cheated on them in the woman's dreams, well this is along those lines but a lot worse in my opinion. This woman got angry because when her boyfriend was driving through the Mcdonalds drive through, a woman answered by saying, "welcome back to Mcdonalds". So in the girlfriend's mind that means that the guy has been meeting up with this Mcdonalds worker behind her back and sleeping with her. Even though that is a common greeting at not only Mcdonalds but plenty other establishments. This woman is truly crazy, and the sad part is there are plenty of women just like her.
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MGTOW - Man is being forced to hand over his $500 million yacht to his ex wife
Yet another example of why men shouldn't get married. The court system will force you to hand over everything you have worked hard for, to some self entitled woman, that played not hand in you making that money. A man is being forced to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars and his $500 yacht to his ex wife. This is why men should avoid marriage at all costs
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MGTOW - A cheating woman explains why women cheat
A study revealed that the number of women that cheat is rising a lot, so a woman that cheated on her husband explains why women cheat.
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MGTOW - Undeniable proof that a lot of women and simps are hypocrites
A man caught a lot of hate on social media when he posted about his girlfriend failing the wife material test because she didn't wash his dirty dishes when he invited her over to his house. By being outraged by this, women and simps proved just hypocritical they are since they never get outraged and lash out at all the women that expect the man to pay on a date because it shows that "he's capable and willing to provide for a family". So let me get this straight, it is perfectly ok for a woman to expect a man to be traditional when it benefits women and she's allowed to use his willingness to pay for a date to determine how traditional he is, but it is wrong for a man to expect a woman to be traditional and to use her willingness to clean up his mess to determine how traditional she is. This proves that women only want traditionalism when it benefits them.
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MGTOW - "The man should pay on a date because i'm traditional"
Women like to say they are traditional as a way to justify their self entitlement when it comes to expecting men to pay for them on a first date. Well a study that was conducted proves what we already knew. They are only traditional when it benefits them, but they get mad you expect them to perform their traditional duties and it benefits you. This is yet another reason why men need to go their own way.
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MGTOW - Woman lies that police officer that arrested her raped her
A woman falsely accused a good police officer of raping her, just for doing his job and arresting her for driving under the influence of alcohol. Her false accusation made it's rounds on social media, causing people to actually believe that he raped her. This ruined his life to the point of him having to delete all of his social media and online presence due to all of the nasty messages he was getting. He was then forced to release the whole nearly two hour dash cam footage in order to prove his innocence. However this will follow him forever as there will always be people that will believe that he did it anyway. Especially the listen and believe lot. There will also be the people that will never receive the information that his innocence has been proven. That's the power that women have in this society. They can ruin any man's life with a simple allegation.
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MGTOW - Man's credit is being ruined by his Fiancé's shopping habit
A man's credit is being ruined by his fiancé's shopping habit. This is yet another reason why men should avoid getting married. A lot of women have shopping debt and the ones that don't either will likely have shopping debt in the future, or they won't but will still be spending a lot of your hard earned money on buying useless crap that they will most likely only wear or use a couple of time. If at all
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MGTOW - Woman brags online about using men
A woman used social media to document the various stages of her using some unfortunate simp for validation as well as free meals. Through out the various posts she kept updating the viewers with what she was thinking and the time. This shows just what women are like. All women are like this to a certain degree. And the sad part is she is not even attractive. When will these simps ever learn
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MGTOW - This house wife has zero accountability for her actions
A housewife on Dr Phil seems to have a massive problem and can't seem to point the blame where she should be. Towards herself, but instead blames her family and the fact she is a housewife.
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MGTOW - Ungrateful woman turns down man's proposal because she didn't like how he did it
An extremely ungrateful woman went on the website mum's net to post about how she turned down her boyfriend's proposal because the way he proposed to her wasn't good enough for her. This man probably paid thousands for an engagement and this ungrateful woman turns him down, not because she didn't love him, or because she didn't want to get married, if anything she had been wanting him to propose for a very long time. She turns him down because she didn't like how he proposed to her. Yet more proof that women expect a lot from even though they have nothing to offer men back and men already do a lot for them. This is yet another reason why men need to go their own way from these thots.
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MGTOW - Woman accidentally admits that nice guys get the leftovers
This woman is attempting to explain that women although women tend to go for the bad boys when they are still young, attractive and whilst everything is still tight, but then again the moment they reach their late 20s/early 30s they start to look for the nice guys. The guy that is more reliable, unlikely to cheat, likely to be a good provider etc. There you go folks. There is nothing like hearing it straight from the horses mouth.
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MGTOW - 2 Men spent 27 years in prison after a false rape accusation
Two men have recently been released from prison after a woman lied that they had raped her back in 1991. These innocent men have lost 27 years of their lives, because of this woman. 27 years that they are never going to get back. The reason why the woman lied about them raping her was because her boyfriend owed them money, so the rational thing to do in her mind was to lie that they raped her, to get rid of them. What makes all of this worse is the fact that there was zero evidence that they raped her, since they actually didn't rape her, and the only DNA evidence that was found in her underwear didn't belong to them. It most likely belonged to her or her boyfriend, but they were still convicted, just based on her word. And feminists like to say that we live in a rape culture
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MGTOW - Lying and manipulative woman gets owned
A woman tried to lie to a man that he was the father of her kid, little did she know that he had a vasectomy before they even met. When she tries to lie to him that he is the father, he reveals the fact that her can't be the father in the most epic way ever. This man is a genius and a true MGTOW. Full segment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM9yLbADjUw
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MGTOW - They started a business together, she gets 100% ownership
This cowardly man started a business with his girlfriend and went onto Dragons Den to get an investment to further their business. Whilst they are there it is revealed that he put as much effort into the business as she did from the get go, however she owns 100% of business. They both don't have a valid reason as to why he doesn't own half of the business. He is pretty much an employee and nothing more for a business that he helped to start and build to where it is today
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MGTOW - Woman won't let biological father raise his kid and the law supports her
We all know how the system is gynocentric and caters to women's every whim. Well here is another example of that, a woman won't let biological father raise his kid and the law is on her side. The woman is married but was involved in an affair that led to her becoming pregnant. She has decided that she wants her husband to be father and raise the kid, and there's a law that gives the right to make that choice
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MGTOW - Men should pay for dates but not with gift cards
So apparently men should pay for dates but not with gift cards. This video is from an Ask Steve segment where this woman is asking Steve if the fact that her boyfriend always pays for their meals out using gift cards is ok. She doesn't actually see what's wrong with it because it means he is good with money. However her friends think that it's a problem and makes him cheap, which leads her to second guess it and ask Steve's opinion on it. This goes to prove what most men going their own way already knew. Men have to not only constantly keep their wife or girlfriend happy, but they also have to keep her friends happy, because she cares that much about what they think. Her friends opinions matter more to her than you do. This segment proves that
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MGTOW - THOT gets caught doing what THOTS do
A cheating woman gets confronted by the two men she has been sleeping with, and as you would expect from women she tries to deny it even though there is undeniable evidence, when that doesn't work she just walks away. Probably to go sleep with guy number 3. Women like this one is why men shouldn't easily trust women, because even the most innocent looking, "trustworthy", women do things like this. What do you think would have happened if she had gotten pregnant? Things would have gotten messy and it would have ended with one or even both of these men getting screwed over.
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MGTOW - Divorce rape victim finally takes the red pill
This video is of a man that was recently divorce raped and took the red pill about just how gynocentric the divorce courts are. He then decided to warn people about marriage. This is yet another example of a man is a man going his own way and doesn't even know it. If only he had avoided all this in the first place and learned from other people's mistakes.
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MGTOW - Yet another woman accidentally admits that nice guys get the leftovers
Yet another woman accidentally admits that nice guys get the leftovers.This video is a short clip of a typical nightclub thot admitting that right now she is attracted to bad boys but when she wants to settled down, she wants a nice guy. She didn't use the words "bad boy" and "nice guy" like the woman in the previous video. However it is pretty obvious what she means based on how she describes the men she wants now, versus the men she wants when she wants to settle down. This is the kind of woman that will end up asking where all the nice guys have gone she is in her late 30s or older. She then proceed to blame the fact that she can't find a "good man" on men, even though she spent her late teens and early 20's rejecting them to hookup with the bad boys
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MGTOW - Ungrateful women upset over small engagement rings
Women have always had this thing where they want the biggest, brightest and most engagement rings available. They simply want the most engagement rings even though they know that diamonds are worthless and are nothing but a big scam. They just want expensive engagement rings so that they can show them off to their friends. Thats it. Well this video is about a news story where a woman went on a massive rant online, complaining about how her engagement was too small especially considering the fact that her boyfriend makes six figures. Another woman that was reporting the news story admitted that she once had a boyfriend that tried to propose with a small ring and she rejected him because of that. When he then asked for the ring back, she got the diamond exchanged for a cubic zirconia before giving it back to him. Surprise surprise, she managed to get away that blatant crime she committed. She rejected his proposal, meaning that it wasn't a gift and she had no right to do what she did That's how self entitled these women have gotten. With that being said i always find myself asking why men even bother buying expensive rings and proposing to these ungrateful wenches in the first place.
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MGTOW - Woman admits to cheating with athlete
Here we have a perfect example of hypergamy. A woman being interviewed admits that her proudest achievement was getting away with cheating with an athlete. You would be surprised how many women would cheat with an athlete too if they were given the chance. Even women who wouldn't cheat with an average guy so their partner thinks they are very loyal
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MGTOW - Man ordered to pay 2 million dollars in child support
Yet another reminder that the court system will do everything it can to redistribute men's money to women. A man has been ordered to pay 2 million dollars of back child support, after he abandoned his family, faking his death and stealing someone else's identity. What he did was very wrong and he has paid his debts to society for doing it by spending time behind bars. Now that he is out there is absolutely no reason for him to be asked to pay anywhere near that much back child support.
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MGTOW - Woman tries to get her ex husband killed to gain custody of their kids
Yet another example of women not being able to take the word no, Not being able to handle not getting their own way. A woman tried to hire a hitman to either kill her husband, or get him sold into to the sex trade because she wanted to gain custody of their kids, her husband had been awarded full custody, which should show just how much of a bad mother she must have been because it is incredibly rare for the man to get joint custody, let alone full custody. This shows that she must have been a really bad mother. The sad part is the fact that she would have been able to live with herself for the rest of her life especially if the unlikely option was chosen by the hitman, to sell the husband into the sex trade. She would have known that somewhere out there, husband was suffering because of her, and she wouldn't have cared one bit, because she would would have gotten exactly what she wanted This goes to show you just how evil women can be, especially after a breakup or a divorce. You might feel as if you have met the perfect NAWALT, that would never turn out to be this evil no matter what, but women tend to surprise you
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Liberals react to Brett Kavanaugh confirmation
As most of us know, liberals are big babies that hate it when they don't get their way. We saw a perfect of example of that in multiple forms over the weekend when Brett Kavanaugh got confirmed to the supreme court despite their desperate efforts to prevent it from happening through their bs #metoo claims
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MGTOW - Miserable men shopping with women
This video is an image compilation of unfortunate, miserable men shopping with women. Whenever women go shopping, they feel the need to drag their boyfriends or husbands with them, these men are forced to wait for them for hours, carry their shopping etc. Chances are they are the ones paying for her little shopping spree and on top of that they are forced to endure the boredom that comes with waiting for women to finish shopping. The reason why men do this is because they want sex and because they are so scared of their women and are trying to avoid being put in the dog house. The looks on these men's faces whilst they are waiting for these women to finish shopping, tells the whole story. If anything proves that MGTOW is freedom, it's this. Men going their own way don't have to put up with this crap.
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MGTOW - Women lying about the father of their children part 1
This is a Tom Leykis segment about several women calling in to talk about how their boyfriends or husbands think they are the father to her child but they are not. These cowardly women were grown enough to cheat on their man, but are not grown enough to admit what they did and would rather have a man raise a child that is not theres for life. I am uploading this in two parts because i didn't want it to be too long, however i am uploading both at the same time so you can watch one after the other if you would like. If you would like to listen to the whole segment in full, here is the link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHPs3VC71z8
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MGTOW - Vagina = easy life
A whole neighbourhood was left without electricity as a result of hurricane Irma and one woman decided she wanted to be the first one in her neighbourhood to get electricity so she used the one tool every woman has in her tool box to use when need be and that's her sexuality. All a woman has to do is do a little bit of flirting or give a simp a little compliment and he will do whatever he needs to in order to make her life easier. And feminists say we live in a patriarchy and women are oppressed
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MGTOW - The modern woman's shameless "Sexcapades"
A woman on Wendy Williams asks a question about her friend riding the cock carousel, and talking about it every possible chance as if she has actually done something worth while
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MGTOW - Man records his wife trashing their apartment
A man records his wife destroying his things along with their apartment. According to the title on the original video she does it because he confronted her about cheating, but this is not shown in the video.
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MGTOW - Woman sets her date up to be robbed
A woman sets a man that she has been dating for a little while to get robbed by thugs. It's more than likely that she had been planning this with her thugs from the second she started talking to him. If this doesn't prove that women can be fully trusted and are fully capable of luring any man, no matter how big and alpha he might be, into any situation. All she has to do is use her vagina.
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MGTOW -  Imagine if the genders were reversed
This video is a collection of clips that tell various ways women have taken revenge on their boyfriends/ex boyfriends or their husbands/ex husbands. These revenges were taken out over various reasons ranging from the cheating to them breaking up with them, but it's mostly cheating. This video will show that women go way too far with their revenge techniques and you know for a fact that if a man did any of this to a woman for the same reasons outlined in this video, people will be angry and the audiences would not be laughing like they are doing in this video, because it's being done to men.
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MGTOW - Women file for divorce more than men, media makes excuses for them
Yet more evidence that we live in a gynocentric society, a study proved that women file for divorce more than men and in response the media makes excuses for them. All i am wondering it if it was the other way around and it was men filling for divorce more than women, would they also be trying to making excuses for them or would they just say they are assholes case closed? I think already know the answer to that one
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MGTOW - Women lying about the father of their children part 2
The second part to the Tom Leykis Segment, that had women call in to talk about how they are lying to their boyfriend or husband about them being the father to their kid. Again here is the to whole segment, if you want to listen to the whole thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHPs3VC71z8
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MGTOW - Psychotic wife destroys car with a hammer
Yet another reason to go your own way. To avoid psychotic women like this one. This woman for an unknown reason decided to destroy the car that she owns with her husband. Stay single men, and avoid $hit like this.
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MGTOW - Women vs men's property #1
Women have got a thing for destroying men's property during their emotional outbursts for various reasons, there it is worth making a series out of it. In this one a woman is destroying a man's windshield wipers and tint just because he broke up with her. So here you have it, women vs men's property #1
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MGTOW - Woman admits to cheating on her husband many times
Woman admits to cheating on her husband many times, and doesn't seem to care or to feel remorse
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MGTOW - Extremely picky fat woman
This is clip is of a guy that records a woman on tinder swiping left to every guy that she comes across because they don't meet her standards. Even though she is a land whale. This clip proves that all women are in fact like that. Whenever someone brings up women's hypergamy to a woman, chances are she will respond by saying something along the lines of, only hot women are like that or that's what you get for only going for 9s and 10s. Well this clip proves that it's not just the 9s and 10s that are like that and only go for the top 10 percent of men, but even fat and ugly women do it. I have always said, fat and ugly women are just as bad as attractive women because in their mind, they are just as attractive as the actual attractive women. They could be 2/10 but they think they are 9s and 10s because of all of the men wanting to sleep with them. Little do they know that guys wanting to sleep with them doesn't mean they find them attractive. Many guys will sleep with a fat or ugly woman on the down low.
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