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Gloria Jones  Tainted Love  Original  1964-5
Original version- for a very good friend of mine.. 53jaybop 1 second ago .. song composed by Ed Cobb, formerly of American group the Four Preps, which was originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 and released in 1965.. Became a Northern Soul classic floor filler
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Elvis Presley Scotty & Bill  Baby Let's Play House  SUN 217
Recorded February 5 (U-143) 1955, SUN Studio, 706 Union Ave, Memphis Tennessee Elvis Presley (vcl/gtr); Scotty Moore (gtr); Bill Black (bs)
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Loretta Lynn    I'm A Honky Tonk Girl    ZERO 107
Nice by Miss Lynn c 1959
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Floyd Ming & His Pep Steppers  Indian War Whoop  VICTOR21294 (1928)
Hoyt Ming,f; Troy Ming, md; Rozelle Ming,g; A.D. Coggin,calls. Recorded: Memphis,TN Monday, February 13, 1928. Mississippi band...said Rozelle..'they put a cushion under my feet, because the recording engineers said I was stompin' my feet too loud''......band first auditioned, for Victor A&R man, Raplh Peer, at a local drug store..had a couple issued on Victor..in later years (1960's)..band reformed and performed. Note: The tune 'Indian War Whoop' is in the film 'O Brother Where Art Thou?'
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James Cotton Cotton Crop Blues  SUN 206
May 14, 1954 in Memphis, TN; James Cotton, voc, # perc; Mose Vinson, p; Pat Hare, g; John Bowers, dr
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Uncle Dave Macon  Whoop 'Em Up Cindy  VOCALION  15323
New York, NY Friday, April 16, 1926 Acc. own bj; Sam McGee, bj.
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The Carter Family  Single Girl, Married Girl   VICTOR 20937
Bristol, TN Tuesday, August 2, 1927 Sara Carter, vcl own ah; Maybelle Carter. g. The Famous Bristol, TN Recording Sessions
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Hank Williams With His Drifting Cowboys  The Blues Come Around   MGM 10212
Castle Studios Tulane Hotel Nashville, TN November 7, 1947
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Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run
Have a Rockin' Merry Christmas!
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Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two  Hey, Porter!  SUN 221
Memphis, 706 Union Ave, June 1955
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Herb Alpert And Tijuana Brass The Lonely Bull(El Solo Toro)  STATESIDE 45SS 138
1962...Ah ha..but who's on guitar...
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Long Cleeve Reed & Little Harvey Hull-Down Home Boys  Original Stack O'Lee Blues BLACK PATTI 8030
'Black Pattie' was one the small number black owned record label in the 1920's..Started by former pro- American Football player, and scout for the Paramount record company, Mayo Williams, in 1927. Label named after black oprea singer Matilda Jones A.K.A 'The Black Pattie'. The label only issued about 50 records, then was finished within a year. This record (above) has a $$$$$$$$$$$ value,only one or two copies have been found...well worth it just for the work gone into the label design
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Leon Payne  Lost Highway    BULLET 670
Original & written by Leon 1948
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Elvis Presley Scotty and Bill That's All Right  SUN 209
July 5, 1954 Elvis, Scotty & Bill at approx 8pm started their first recording session at Sun Records 607 Union Ave, Memphis...........
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Dale Hawkins  Tornado  CHECKER 892
Class rockin'by Dale - great guitar
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Little Junior's Blue Flames  Love My Baby  SUN 192
Memphis November 1, 1953
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Elmore James  I Believe   METEOR 500
rec. poss. November 22, 1952 in Chicago, IL; Elmore James, voc, g; J.T. Brown, ts; Johnny Jones, p; prob Ransom Knowling, b; Odie Payne, d
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Prisonaires  Just Walkin' In The Rain   SUN 186
Recorded June 1, 1953, SUN studio, 706 Union, Memphis Tennessee. rain Johnny Bragg (lead tenor vcl U-76); John Drue (lead tenor vcl U-75); William Stewart (baritone vcl/gtr); Marcell Sanders (bass vcl); Ed Thurman (tenor vcl); Joe Hill Louis (electric gtr U-75)
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Jerry Lee Lewis  You Are My Sunshine
Class by The Killer
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J.B. Lenoir  Eisenhower Blues  PARROT 802
JB sings the Blues.......1955 This is the first issue of PARROT 802 "b/w I'm In Korea''..story is it was withdrawn after pressure from Washington/FBI..it was re-issued PARROT 802 as 'Tax Paying Blues' b/w 'I'm In Korea'
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Elvis with Scotty & Bill Blue Moon Of Kentucky  Slower Version
Always liked this version- Note: I do not own rights to this and shall remove if infringes any copyrights
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Mike Page  Long Black Shiny Car  ROYCE 0005
Cool out of Kentucky - label owned by Royce Morgan
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Hayden Thompson Watcha Gonna Do  PROFILE  4015
Fine Haunting Sound From Hayden
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Moonlighters  Broken Heart  TARA  100
Cool Texas sound - 1958 ( label owned by Dick Shannon) - also issued on Josie
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Skeet's McDonald Tattooed Lady  FORTUNE 145 B
Dig the words from Skeet's 1950
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James Cotton  Hold Me In Your Arms  SUN 206
May 14, 1954 in Memphis, TN; James Cotton, voc, # perc; Mose Vinson, p; Pat Hare, g; John Bowers, dr Great rockin' Blues!
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Gitfiddle Jim  Paddlin' Blues  VICTOR 23268
Memphis, TN May 17, 1930 James Arnold vcl acc. own guitar (aka ''Kokomo'' Arnold)
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Harmonica Frank    Rockin' Chair Daddy    SUN 205
Memphis, TN 706 Union Avenue, July 1, 1954
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Prisonaires   My God Is Real  SUN 189
Confined to Tennessee State Prison Nashville, Tenn. Recorded August 3, 1953, SUN studio, 706 Union, Memphis Tennessee. Johnny Bragg (lead tenor vcl); John Drue (tenor vcl); William Stewart (baritone vcl/gtr); Marcell Sanders (bass vcl); Ed Thurman (tenor vcl); Ike Turner (bs U-81/pno U-82)
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Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group   Freight Train   CHIC 1008
Always wondered why a small odd-ball label in Georgia would issue a British Skiffle record...
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Hambone Willie Newbern  Roll And Tumble Blues  OKEH 8679
Atlanta, Thursday 14 March 1929 Vcl; acc by own gtr.
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Doctor Ross  The Boogie Disease  SUN 212
Memphis, TN 706 Union Ave, November 10, 1954
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Jim Oertling and the Bayou Boys  Old Moss Back  HAMMOND 267
Real fine sound..hard to believe it got BMI clearance in 1965..I used to correspond with label owner, Luke Thompson
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Wade Ward   June Apple  CLAWHAMMER BANJO Old Time Banjo And Fiddle Tunes COUNTY 701
Wade Ward ‘’JUNE APPLE’’ Clawhammer Banjo Old Time Banjo And Fiddle Tunes COUNTY 701
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W.H.. Stepp Bonaparte's Retreat  1937
The best version ever - Library Of Congress Recording....WM Stepp from Kentucky! - wow what a sound!
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Eddie Cochran Cherished Memories  LONDON HLG 9362
Yes Indeed............
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Darrell Rhodes  Lou Lou  WINSTON 1029
Texas rockin' 1959
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Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys  Rootie Tootie  MGM 957
Hank and the boys getting into it... Castle Studios Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN November 6, 1947
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Don Gibson  Sweet Dreams  MGM 909
The Original Version was written and performed by Don Gibson UK MGM 78rpm 1955
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Howlin' Wolf   Smoke Stack Lightning   CHESS 1618
Chicago, 1956
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Grayson and Whitter  Tom Dooley  VICTOR 40235
This was the first time 'Tom Dooley' was recorded onto phonograph record -Memphis, TN Monday, September 30, 1929 -G.B. Grayson,f/v; Henry Whitter,g. Impoverished Confederate veteran Tom Dula (Dooley), Laura Foster's lover and probable fiancé, was convicted of her murder and hanged May 1, 1868.[2] Foster was stabbed to death with a large knife; the brutality of the attack partly accounted for the widespread publicity the murder and subsequent trial received. Dula had a lover, prior to his leaving for the war, named Anne Melton. It was her comments that led to the discovery of Foster's body, but Melton was acquitted in a separate trial based on Dula's word. Dula's enigmatic statement on the gallows that he had not harmed Foster but still deserved his punishment led to press speculation that Melton was the actual killer and that Dula simply covered for her. Melton, who had once expressed jealousy of Dula's purported plans to marry Foster, died insane a few years after the homicide. Thanks to the efforts of newspapers such as The New York Times, and to the fact that former North Carolina governor Zebulon Vance represented Dula pro bono, Dula's murder trial and hanging were given widespread national publicity. A local poet, Thomas C. Land, wrote a popular song about Dula's tragedy after the hanging.[1] A man named "Grayson," mentioned in the song as pivotal in Dula's downfall, has sometimes been characterized as a romantic rival of Dula's or a vengeful sheriff who captured him and presided over his hanging. Some variant lyrics of the song portray Grayson in that light, and the spoken introduction to the Kingston Trio version did the same. Col. James Grayson was actually a Tennessee politician who had hired Dula on his farm when the young man fled North Carolina under suspicion and was using a false name. Grayson did help North Carolinians capture Dula and was involved in returning him to North Carolina, but otherwise played no role in the case. Note: Any corrections/Additions welcome
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Jim Nesbitt A Tiger In My Tank  CHART 1165
Great Country Mover
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Howard Seratt  Troublesome Waters  SUN 198
Memphis, February 1954
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Charlie Feathers with Jerry and Jody  One Hand Loose  KING 4997
The Rockabilly cat himself - 1956 ...when I first started collecting the more unknown(s) - was back then- Charlie was the stuff you reached for....my first by Charlie was hid FLIP issue (78)
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Tommy Sands The Worryin' Kind  CAPITOL F 4082
Classy Cool Bop From Tommy 1958
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Jimmy & Walter   Easy    SUN 180
Memphis, March 1953
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Bobby Fryfogle  Six Feet Under  WEDGE 1017
Nice....a friend of Gene Ski?
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A.C. (Eck) Robertson Sallie Gooden  VICTOR 18956-A (1922)
New York, NY Saturday, July 1, 1922 (Alexander Campbell Robertson- Born Delaney, Arkansas, November 20th, 1887-died 15 February, Borger Texas 1975) A.C.(Eck)Robertson, f. This is classed as 'the first Country record' Eck Robertson met 74 year old, ex Indian Fighter, Henry C Gilliland at an Old Confederate Soldiers Reunion(Eck, as a son of a Confederate Soldier could attend)... in June of 1922 they decided to travel to New York, Eck in his Confederate uniform and Henry in his Indian Fighting clothes,..quite a site in NY ....they headed for the VICTOR recording company demanding to play for them..so just to try get rid of these two fellows, they recorded them..and, as it is well known..this was the start. 'Sallie Gooden' the 'B' side 'Arkansas Traveler' , being a fiddle duet by Eck and Henry, sold pretty well and Eck went on to become a legend.
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