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Fake Gucci Mane Caught up [Exposed]
What's really going on in hip hop Hollyweird
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Whats Going On With Trump/ Time Travel / Back to the Future...What do they know that We Don't!!!
Something strange is going on in the world has trump being president been fortold as in predicted in back to the Future the movie and how is there a book about trumps son Baron Trump before he even exsisted this is very strange how does it all connect or is the saying the world is a stage really a true statement in our strange world watch the video and Subscribe like n Share and leave a comment thanks...link to the Last President https://youtu.be/dABJ-oWV7Uk
OMG !!! They Don't Want You To See This (Must See)
Long as we allow atrocities they will continue to go on ..but if we join as a nation we can end the games and poison being bestowed upon us make a stand to make a change here a link on the hazards of Chemtrails ➡ https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/what-are-chemtrails-doing-food-water-supply/
Putting These New Mumble Rappers On Blast
Stop Making These Wack Artist Famous
Florida Man Gets lots of Neck-exposure On Social Media
When a Correction Officer decided to Release this guys Mug Shot on Social Media it Went Viral Very Fast ...It Seems The Man has Irregular Size Neck People just Couldn't resist talking About
Truck Driver Confirms Underground Cities In Caves
Have you delivered supplies to the suspicious caves have you ever wondered whats really going on maybe this video will enlighten you i found it and thought id share it with you all credit goes to 4biddenknowledge shoutout to them
Building The Wall/Gov Shutdown...What's The Real Distraction
As you all know i have different views on everything i just want you all to be informed and know that theres all ways going to be some sort of distraction from the real truth and as long as you know this and do your Research you cannot be deceived ..but as long as you are sleeping and refuse to know the truth you will be sent to the Slaughter house first ..do not be ignorant this is what the controlling elite want you to be ...knowledge is power seek it and you shall be protected...Like share & Subscribe
What Happens If Semi Trucks Stopped For 5 Days
Trucks Bring Us Everything
The Baphomet Goat God, Yoga & Hollywood Worship
Goat Yoga and the Baphomet
Vortex Ya Right / This Is Why its So Cold Everywhere
When you spay chemicals into the sky and constantly block out the sun its going to get very cold dont buy all the bullshit mainstream media feeds you think for yourself hope you enjoy the video (Like Share n Subscribe thanks
This Is Why I Can't Live In Florida
Creature in the driveway
12 Helpful Apps For Truckers & Vacationers
These are apps you can download to make life easier on the road ...
Dont Say the Secret Words 😂😂😂 (Throwback Comedy Clip)
We all gotta laugh sometimes cant always be serious so check out this old comedy clip and share it with your friends & like share Subscribe to my Channel thanks again also let me know what kinda video i should do next any subject matter put it in the comments have a good day
When You Take A Dare Challenge With Your Bike & Fail
Surviving The Bike Ramp... Learning A lesson
Beautiful Ski Sensation MIKAELA SHIFFRIN Rides A Unicycle
Multi-talented Ski hottie Shows off
The Modern World...What Have We Become
Technology has Taken Over Society
If I Were The Devil 🔥(Wake up America)
The Narrator and Story by Paul Harvey the slide show produced by keng deshawn/Myxer Tv ...The moral of the video is to give every person who watches it that awaking moment of realization of what is and has been happening in America this is deep only for those people who really Understand what is going on in the World ...thank you & Subscribe
Top 10 States with the worst drivers
Drivers in these states suck
Pulled up next to me
Sweet camper
Fargo, ND Quick History Lesson 101
Bet You Didn't Know This
Pyramid Shaped Objects, Blue Skies in New York, & An UnUsual Weird Man In The Background
Main Focus of this video is at the end does this Character in the background have anything to do with the previous incidences talked about in this video is he even human or is he disguised to try and fit in for the time being this was not normal to me i need your help and thoughts so comments thanks you All please Subscribe & Share this Out
No APU...No problem how to Keep Your Truck Cool Without Idling
Homemade Air Conditioner powered by inverter
Presidential Emergency Alert...Did You Get One
Whats happening whats going on, ..Something big is Coming , some ppl say. Its FEMA some say its Marshall Law some even say its a warning of planet Nibiru destruction of earth and some say its Nothing at all ...But we will all see in due time!!! (Subscribe Share & Like)
Kathy Lee as mylie Cyrus on the wrecking ball lol
This is funny good job tho Kathy lee
Trucker gets thrown from truck  [wear your seatbelt]
What happens when you have a blowout could be deadly
Lowboy Trailer No straps Tall Load
Should he have straps or Not
Chris Brown Did What!!!/ And Is Tupac(2pac) Still Alive
Hello Subs I have 2 Good News Stories For yall today that i just Saw on this Tue jan 22nd. And i thought i Should Share them With you All please leave Comments In Comment Section and let me know What y'all think also Like Share & Subscribe Thanks! Oh for more On Rap Artist Tupac Check out this link for a video On Him https://youtu.be/Sbh-TH2MuIU
Post Malone Talks....Lies & Marshall Law
Could it Really Be True
Child Support Lets Talk About It ...CONTROVERSY
Everybody feels different about this Subject this my opinion post your comments below lets talk about it ...
Lucky, Skilled, or Suicidal...Trucker Barely makes it
Braveheart lives another day
Freightliner 2018-2019 Recall (Steering Problems)
Steering shaft assembled incorrectly ...Danger of Crashing Freightliner brake problem video➡ https://youtu.be/OYa6eY_gtHo
24 Lines Every Black Mom Has Used....
Your mom's favorite lines to use
Proving CR England Lied To Me... WTF
So i was driving Around after leaving the dmv office from inquiring about my cdl permit and i saw this so i pulled out my camera after remembering what CR England told me on the phone when i called them to see about training and getting my cdl with them ...
Unique Semi Trucks Converted to Campers
Retired Relax in your Rig
Old School Kings [Cabovers With Attitude] truck love
These are a compilation of sweet cabovers dressed up work horse kings
OMG THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE YOUR MIND WILL BE BLOWN AFTER YOU WATCH THIS( Elite Military Tribunals justice being Served) POLITICIANS EXPOSED I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!😱😱😱SHARE IT ALL AMERICANS MUST SEE THIS https://youtu.be/loPhlqzCb3c Also watch this link and keep your children safe more exposure https://youtu.be/BnV0p8RSY3k
Big Rigs & Babes
Hot babes featuring Nice trucks
This Truck is BadA** Black On Black [Midnight Outlaw]
Tricked Out Tractor & Trailer
Awesome Cattle Hauling Rig [it's clean too]
Custom rig built for the Road
Trained for Sketchy Situations
Are your Kids Home Alone [What's the plan]
What's Going On With Dennis Rodman (wild'n out mk ultra break down )
Is he telling the truth or is this Another celebrity MK ultra break down