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This is what Its all going to be about on Dec. 8, 2012 Open House Reunion! See you there!
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Preview Peter Fernandez Magic City Casino Stage305 Sept 7th Featuring Lina Arguelles on CONGAS!
Gotta watch this until the end when my long time friend Lina Arguelles, Miami's Finest Conga Player and I have a blast getting down with the music!
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"Alma Con Alma"  Best Audience Submitted Video so far...
Magic City Casino July 25th, 2015 Singing one of my favorite Latin ballads of the 70's. Video courtesy of Marta Gonzalez.
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Peter Fernandez Sings Nat'l Anthem Marlins Stadium 5-13-17
To sing the Nat'l Anthem in my home town stadium for my home team is another dream come true for this former Cuban Refugee. Nothing like being a first generation immigrant to never take for granted the great privilege it is to live in this country! God bless America!
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Peter Fernandez Sings Rehearsal of "Thank You My Lord / Gracias Señor"  lyrics by Peter Fernandez
Gracias Señor popular wedding song written by Mercy Ferrer...
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PETER FERNANDEZ con ANEXO 3 "No Morire Yo Seguire" "I Will Survive"
Esta version la escribi y la grabe con el muy querido grupo de Puerto Rico Anexo 3 con mi bella amiga Arlene Gonzales y Loubriel hace 37 años cuando todavia no se le habia ocurrido a nuestra querida Celia Cruz grabarla... fue mi idea grabar esta cancion pera este disco con la prestigiosa compañia disquera Alhambra. Aquellos que hablan Ingles veran que la traduccion es casi literal a lo que dice la cancion original en Ingles grabada por Gloria Gaynor.
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Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Promo Video Magic City Casino
Our event is a trip down memory lane. A celebration of the great disco music of the 70's & 80's and even a little Motown too. All this coupled by some of the tunes that Peter recorded as lead singer of the 70's bands COKE & THE ANTIQUES true pioneers who influenced what was later to be called the Miami sound and is now considered an important part of Miami's musical heritage. A time known to many as "The Open House Era" For more info on the Open House Era see Filmmaker Joe Cardona's Documentary PBS Special "El Open House: The Soundtrack of Our Lives"
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Peter Fernandez Sings Tu Me Acostumbraste Live Spanish Television
English/Español On this popular prime time variety show Peter sings the Frank Dominguez Cuban classic circa 1957 made famous by his 70's band, The Antiques. This is live television folks! Pretty decent sound for live tv. Most tv shows you have to lypsinc on because the sound is so bad! Tu Me Acostumbraste es una bella cancion que le a dado vuelta al mundo. La cancion mas famosa del compositor Cubano Frank Dominguez (1957) a sido interpretada por los mas grandes. Quien no a vivido una desilusion como esta? A veces los dolores mas grandes inspiran las cosas mas bellas como esta cancion. Tu me acostumbraste, porque no me enseñaste a vivir sin ti? Se aprende a vivir sin "el amor de tu vida" por que "cuando se quiere de veras" y te dejan no te queda mas remedio que levantarte y llenarte de amor propio. Hay que sacar las fuerzas de donde sea y seguir viviendo con fe y adelante porque solo Dios sabe lo que en el futuro te espera... Indiscutiblemente "en la vida hay amores que nunca pueden olvidarse" como decia Julio Gutierrez pero tambian hay otros amores que al pasar los años nos hemos preguntado "Que coño fue lo que yo le veia a esa persona?" No importa cuantas decepciones sufrimos, el amor no se rinde ni se acaba. El amor persevera. El amor es inagotable. El amor es infinito. El amor hace girar al mundo!
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ShowTime With Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band 9-7-14 Stage305, Magic City Casino
So embarrassed I introduced Susy Leman, KC from The Sunshine Band, Fermin Goytisolo his percussionist, Edison Farrow promoter and when I got to Richard Jay-Alexander my Broadway Producer/Director friend, I didn't mention his name! That's what nerves will do to you every time! ;)
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My Christmas is You (Its Christmas)  Studio Video Version Peter Fernandez
A brand new Christmas song just in time for the holidays. Words and music by Peter Fernandez. Go to "merchandise" on my website peterfernandez.com for a free download.
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Singer Jeannie Cruz Singing "I Will Survive"
Jeannie Cruz is a very talented singer who has worked with the best...Originally from Puerto Rico for many years she's made Miami her home. It was a pleasure to feature her on my show with this 70's classic I asked her to sing for us. You do more than "survive" Jeannie. Best wishes always...
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7-26-14 Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Magic City Casino Stage305 more clips...
Just spreading the joy it was to work with my terrific team. Dorian Reyes, Jackson Bunn, Jason Rosner, Mitchel Farber, Matt Buchard, Ryan Chapman, Lina Arguelles, Jeannie Cruz, RC, Carlos Dj Sonic & Joe Electro!
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Peter Fernandez First Radio Spot on a Major American Radio Station!
The spot will run on 102.7 The Beach the week before the show! Here I am withDave Corey, the tall guy who helped me produce the spot. I wrote the spot and he helped me edit the music. On my left is the sales rep. Eric Coplin.
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"My First My Last My Everything" Singer Peter Fernandez Magic City Casino
Live at Stage305 Magic City Casino July 25, 2015
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REHEARSAL Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Remembering The Miami Band COKE!
Rehearsal at Sacred Sounds Rehearsal Studios for Jan 10, 2015 show at Magic City Casino with Irving Aday Keyboard, Cristobal Verdecia Bass, Reinier Guerra Drums, Jay Orriols Guitar, Lina Arguelles Percussion, Lou Perez Trombone, Ryan Chapman Trumpet, Jeannie Cruz and Jamil Sayih vocals. This is very casual but never fear, we clean up real nice! ;)
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20 year old Peter Fernandez "Memories" of Open House Days, The Antiques
I didnt even remember I had written some Spanish lyrics for the last part of this Streisand classic until just now...
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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Peter & Lizyanet Stage305 Magic City Casino
Always bringing you the best talent I can find in Miami... Introducing Lizyanet, one of my two new Backup Singers. Siempre trato de traerles lo mejorcito de Miami. Aqui les presento a una de mis dos chicas del coro de mi banda, Lizyanet y Anita Angeles. En esta cancion canta Lizyanet: Talento, Cuerpo y Figura hasta la Sepultura! La pueden ver diariamente en la tele en el Show de Carlucho por America TV. ;)
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Michael Gregory Lap Dances for a Happy Granny! @  Charity Event 12/5/14
Looks like there's a little bit of money to be made in the lap dancing business!
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Peter Fernandez Sings "Si Vuelves Tu", a Tribute to La Lupe!
I saw her on TV beating up on her piano player when I was a little boy. She left a lasting impression on me. Little did I know then that one day I would meet her and she would pay me the highest compliment by telling me in front of a lot of the Fania All Star folks at our dinner table that she had seen me perform a couple of years prior at the Liborio in Union City, New Jersey and she thought I really had something very special and that I could make it in show business. I was 25 years old and totally star struck. I will never forget her. ;)
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Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band performing Disco Inferno @ Stage305
Musicians: Pinao: Irving Aday, Bass: Cristobal Verdecia, Drums: Kevin Avantos, Guitar: Jay Oriolls, Congas/Percussion: Lina Arguelles, Trumpet: Ryan Chapman, Sax: Derek Smith, Trombone: Jose Miranda, Vocals: Jeannie Cruz & Jamil Sayih - I was about 23 years old the first time I sang this song. I was the lead singer / front man to a popular South Florida Band called Ecstacy. We were practically the house band at Ft. Lauderdale's #1 Disco club Pete & Lenny's. If someone would have said to me then: almost 40 years from now you will be headlining with your own band singing this same song in an important national venue at a major Miami Casino, I would have responded: Yeah right! Once again truth proves to be stranger than fiction and thank God for that!
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Peter Fernandez Sings "Always in My Heart" / "estas en Mi Corazon" Ernesto Lecuona
I sang this remembering my Dad/ Canto recordando a Mi Padre on Father's Day Music is the language of the heart and that's why in our sadness we sometimes also have to sing. This was my Dad's and his father's favorite song. "Siempre En Mi Corazon/You Are Always In My Heart" written by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. La Musica es el lenguage del corazon y por eso es que en la trizteza a veces tambien tenemos que cantar. Esta era la cancion favorita de mi padre y la de su padre, "Siempre En Mi Corazon" del compositor Cubano Ernesto Lecuona.
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Peter Fernandez Amor 107.5 Radio Spot fo May 24 on the air!
The Magic never ends at the Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Events @ Stage305 Magic City Casino! Thank you Javier Romero, Paula & Osvaldo of Amor 107.5 the #1 radio station in Miami!
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Singing "Color My World" with Special Performance by Jamil Sayih on flute
9-27-14 Stage305, Magic City Casino
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Singer/Showman Peter Fernandez on Dreams, Inspiration and Broadway
From the age of 13 to 15, I was already being featured singing solos in all my school shows. The first three songs I sang in front of all my peers and their families were all from Broadway shows: Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music, The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha and Aquarius Let The Sunshine In from Hair. There was no high school for the performing arts in Miami in the 60's and my loving parents were doing the best they could working hard to support a family of Cuban refugees. My chorus teacher Mr. Ronci was a great influence. Always very supportive, he was great for my self esteem always encouraging me when I sang in his shows. I remember my proud father going to talk to him after I brought the house down in one of the shows. I dont know what they talked about but I'm sure there was only so much he could do as a young teacher with a wife and 3 kids. One of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me is when Mr. Ronci recently said to me how much he regretted not having quit his job so he could manage my career. Wow. That really touched me deeply. After High School I found my way into the music business alone. Learning the ropes as I went along, singing in many different situations until I stumbled upon the cruise ship industry in 1987. I gave the best years of my life to that industry where I developed my craft as an entertainer. I never got to sing on Broadway so I did the next best thing. For 27 years I brought Broadway to me by always incorporating a segment in my shows where I could sing the songs from my favorite musicals.
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"Por Salvar a Elian" (The Elian Gonzalez Story) Words & Music Peter Fernandez
Elian Gonzalez, turned 20 a couple of weeks ago. He was just 6 years old when he was found clinging to an inner tube after the tiny boat he was traveling in from Cuba sank on the way to the United States. Gonzalez's mother and nine other people in the boat drowned. I wrote this song during that whole tug of war between Miami Cubans, the Castro Regime and the rest of the world of public opinion. I wrote it from what I imagined was his mother's reason for risking both their lives on a makeshift raft headed for the United States. I am not making a political statement. I wrote this from a human point of view regardless of your political beliefs. Pf "I don't profess to have any religion but if I did my God would be Fidel Castro." Elian Gonzalez
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Peter Fernandez Sings 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" with LIZYANET
This beautiful 4 & a half month pregnant lady is a fantastic singer! Meet Lizyanet!
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Nessun Dorma
Nessun Dorma, From the operaTurandot. Puccini's Nessun Dorma sung by Peter Fernandez on the Star Princess Dec.19th, 2012.
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Asi Cantaba Miami en los 70's Peter Fernandez Sings Dias Como Hoy/Tu Me Acostumbraste
Lead singer of the two most popular bands in Miami during the 70's, Coke & The Antiques, Peter Fernandez gives his best performances to date as headliner at Stage305, Magic City Casino from Nov 2011to Nov 2016
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"Memories" of my first cruise Ship Performance... Only 30 years ago...
I was 28 years old and I got a 2 week gig on a little rust bucket called the Dolphin IV. Little did I know that it would turn into a 30 year career that would have me traveling all over the world... and I still do! :)
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Peter Fernandez Sings Rehearsal at home for  "Gracias Señor"
Along with the Ave Maria, Gracias Señor is one of the most popular songs sung at most Cuban weddings. Written by Mercy Ferrer... ;)
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"I Will Save Elian" The Elian Gonzalez Story words & music by PETER FERNANEZ
Elian Gonzalez, turned 20 a couple of weeks ago. He was just 6 years old when he was found clinging to an inner tube after the tiny boat he was traveling in from Cuba sank on the way to the United States. Gonzalez's mother and nine other people in the boat drowned. I wrote this song during that whole tug of war between Miami Cubans, the Castro Regime and the rest of the world of public opinion. I wrote it from what I imagined was his mother's reason for risking their lives on a makeshift raft headed for the United States. I am not making a political statement. I wrote this from a human point of view regardless of your political beliefs. For better or worse this the Cuban story... A story of indoctrination and the suffering of families torn apart by political ideals that have very little to do with love & compassion... Pf "I don't profess to have any religion but if I did my God would be Fidel Castro." Elian Gonzalez
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Peter Fernandez Sings first time ever "Si Pudiera Volver" Live Stage305, Magic City Casino
First song Ive written in a very very long time inspired by all of you. Especially dedicated to Miami's "Open House Generation" the true pioneers of the "sound" of Miami. The #1 rule of putting a "show" set together is you NEVER want to do an "original" song people have never heard before. It is a HUGE risk. It can bring the energy of the show crashing down. People want to hear what they are familiar with and already like. What happened last Saturday when I debuted this NEVER HEARD BEFORE song as my tribute to my Miami generation that I grew up with was INCREDIBLE! This is the first song I've written in over 30 years. I've been inspired by you and the amazing response that you have shown me for the past 2 years packing all my events. THANK YOU MIAMI! "Si Pudiera Volver" is already registered and Im in the process of recording it!!! PF ;) 11-23-13
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Peter Fernandez & Alex Mayor sing PERFECT, the story of two men in love.
When my partner sent me a text with a clip of him singing this song to me for Valentine's day, my heart soared and I was deeply touched. I immediately texted back: when you get home from work we're going to sing this as a duet. I changed a couple of lines to make the lyrics more fitting for us, two men in love, who in spite of our age difference and other differences, are absolutely perfect for each other. It's never too late to learn that Love, when you least expect it, in it's own place and time, has the power to make all things PERFECT.
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Come join us for a night of great fun and entertainment with Peter Fernandez and The Open House Band in Broadway Lights & Disco Nights!
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Cuban American Conga PETER FERNANDEZ Magic City Casino 1-30-16
Having way too much fun like we always do with Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band combining the best of our parents traditional music and the American music we all grew up with!
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A Real Cuban Conga Mix with the 70's Barrabas Classic "Woman" 9*27-14
Check out this crowd having a great time! Stage305, Magic City Casino.
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"My Christmas Is You"  Words & Music by Peter Fernandez
12/6/17 Last week I started to put up a few Christmas ornaments to cheer up my elderly fragile mom. She's not doing well at all and could really use some Christmas cheer. The Christmas "Spirit" got a hold of me and I had to stop everything and sit at the piano with my thoughts and the feelings that were in my heart. I posted a very rustic piano and voice version of my "inspiration" on Facebook and your response was very encouraging even comforting during these emotional times when the Holidays pull at our heartstrings. I went ahead and paid for this production which I hope you will like because I wanted to give you a present that came straight from my heart. Yes, this is a love song but love is not always a romance between two. This song is also how I feel about all of you who have made such an incredible difference in my life. PF
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7-23-16 Peter Sings A Real Cuban Conga Featuring Lina Arguelles!
If you love Cuba you will love this! Thank you Piti Marcos for contributing this audience cel phone video!
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Peter Fernandez, El Cumbanchero Que Se Va! Last Show Nov. 26 Magic City Casino
After 5 glorious years... This here CUMBANCHERO is getting ready to go! Dont miss the last performance Nov. 26, 2016 @ Magic City Casino.
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Sneak preview: Peter Fernandez Super Open House Band Practice 2012
Rehearsals getting ready with my musicians for the big Super Open House Event at Magic City Casino. Julio del Valle/Drums, Kookie/Bass, Lina/Congas, Luis/Guigtar, Paul Saca/Keyboard. Peter Fernandez off camera/ Lead Vocals. Horn section not in this rehearsal. Had a great first rehearsal with the newest addition to my band, Lina Arguelles. She sounded fanstastic!
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"Si Pudiera Volver" Words & Music by PETER FERNANDEZ (Sneak Preview) available this Christmas!
This is dedicated to my generation, the people I grew up with in Miami who to this day continue to inspire me and support me in all that I do. THANK YOU! Im rushing to make this tune available for download very soon!!! Happy Holidays! :) Pf
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Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Part 2 Sept 7th Promo Magic City Casino
Here are a few more clips of the 70's & 80's dance classics filmed during Open House IV, the June 1st event that was held for the first time on Miami's Stage305, the National Stage at Magic City Casino. Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band is a 70's & 80's Dance Party Event conceived, staged & directed by Peter Fernandez.
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Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Coming to Stage305  Sept. 7th
This is what you can expect at one of my shows at Miami's Magic City Casino. Filmed live this is my June 1st, 2013 performance at Stage305. A major Miami venue where National Acts perform from all over the country. I am proud to be the first local act to perform there. I am so grateful. No matter what the future may bring this is an achievement I will always hold dear to my heart. And like the song says: The way this changed my life... oh, no, they can't take that away from me! ;)
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May 23, 2015 Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band Combines The Open House & El Baile Cubano!
MIami's Open House Music during the 70's was a combination funk, R&B, Rock, Early Disco and we also had great Salsa in Los Bailes Cubanos. Peter Fernandez & The Open House Band brings you the best of both worlds!
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Peter Fernandez Magic City Promo, Clips from 1 of 2 Different Sets Performed at Every Show
This is the music of my generation. The popular music of the 70's & 80's including some of the Latin songs I recorded with my first bands in Miami, Coke, The Antiques and Ecstacy. We have had 4 very successful events at Magic City so far.. Come to the next one on Sept. 7th, 2013. Its a dance, a party an Open House for all to enjoy. 21 & over please. Casino rules... Don't miss the next one. They get bigger and better every time!
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Rehearsal for Jan 10 with half the band. Horns and Congas coming next!
Really psyched for Jan 10th. event at Magic City Casino. New drummer Reinier Guerra is AWESOME! He's playing on a small rehearsal kit here but just you wait... I kidnapped him from the Alexis Valdez tv show.
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