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Great Questions to Use When Coaching Someone
These are the "Greatest Hits" of open-ended coaching questions.
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How to Coach Your Employees to Figure out Solutions to their own Problems
The Six-Step Exploratory Coaching Process
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How to Be a Great Manager!
3 Keys to success
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How to Communicate Better with the Ladder of Inference
Climb this ladder carefully!
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How to Prepare Someone for a Supervisor Position.m4v
Do you have someone with real supervisory potential? Here's how to set them up for success.
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How to Give Constructive Feedback Effectively
Giving feedback is a crucial management task. Here's how to do it in a way to get great results without making the employee angry.
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How to Diagnose Poor Employee Performance
Your tool is the 3-Legged Stool of Great Performance!
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Career Fitness Tip #15:  How to Use Empathy, not Sympathy
Do you ever wonder what to say to someone that just had a bad thing happen to them? If you want to sound sincere, try empathy, not sympathy!
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How to Delegate a Task Effectively
Delegation is the only way you can grow professionally as a manager. Here's how to do it.
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Career Fitness Tip #6: Dealing with a Screaming Boss
Is your boss a screamer? Check out this video and I'll give you some strategies to help you survive!
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How to Set SMART Goals
Here is the BEST way to set SMART goals!
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Career Fitness Tip #28:  How to Work a Job Fair
Job fairs are a great place to find a job but you need to do it the right way! I'll give you some tips on how to make the most of a job fair!
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How to be Respected
Respect is something you earn, you just don't get it handed to you.. Some things to think about if you want to gain respect.
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Career Fitness Tip #27: How to Write a Great Cover Letter
Your cover letter introduces the resume. Better make sure it's a good one. Let me show you how!
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Career Fitness Tip #9: Dealing with a Stupid Boss
Is your boss a moron? Here's some tips to deal with them and to prevent yourself from becoming like them!
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Career Fitness Tip #7: Dealing with the Arrogant Boss
Got an arrogant boss? Here's some quick strategies you can use to survive.
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How to Motivate Your Employees
Here are three ways you can get your unmotivated employees motivated!
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How to Leverage The JoHari Window
The Johari Window is one of the best diagnostic communication models. Here's how to use it.
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Career Fitness Tip #8: Dealing with the Wimpy Boss
Is your boss a complete hands-off wimp? Here's some suggestions for dealing with them.
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How to Diagnose Great Performance
Got poor performers at work? Use this tool to diagnose why, and HOW to fix them!
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Career Fitness Tip #28:  The Anatomy of a Resume
You can't build a great resume if you don't know what it's made of. Join me as I describe the anatomy of a winning resume!
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Fundamentals of Giving Feedback
How to give great feedback to your employees.
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A great attitude is the secret to success!
If you want to add that special thing in order to achieve all the success you want, try starting with your own attitude. Positive equals success!
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Career Fitness Tip #10: Dealing with the Megalomanic Boss
Does your boss have a lot in common with North Korean President Kim Jung Il? If so, what can you do?
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Career Fitness Tip #17: Setting Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)
Want to build rapport with others and set a course for big time future success? Better set some big goals!
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Chalk Talk with Coach Munro - How Your Personality Works
Ever wonder why there are so many weird people around you? Maybe they're not weird, just WIRED differently. The best way to view and diagnose personality is through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This video will show you how it works.
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How People Learn Stuff
If you try and teach people things, it's important to understand how they learn. There are four possible styles. My video will help you!
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Coffee with the Coach:  Repetition is the Father of Excellence
I know repetition is the "mother of learning" but it's the FATHER of excellence! You won't get better until you practice, practice, practice!
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Coffee with the Coach:  How to Deal with the Anxiety Monkey
Feel a sense of overwhelming anxiety? Time to get the monkey off your back! Check out my video for some strategies to do just that.
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How to Take Time to Think
Your brain is an organ, but treat it like a muscle. Take time to train it by THINKING!
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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life
Have you ever heard of a mental model? It's a perception that's locked in until you challenge it. I recommend you challenge it! My video will give you some tips.
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How to Successfully Manage Employee Performance
How to set up your employees for success in Performance Management
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The Power of Verbal Communication
Communication can come in many forms, but the most powerful is the verbal. Let me show you why....
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The Task Line for Employee Performance
How to MicroManage appropriately
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Coffee with the Coach:  The Power of Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is power! Why would anyone want to buy something from you that you're not excited about! Find out why you need to fire up your enthusiasm!
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How to Keep a Resolution
Most people fail when they make a resolution. Follow my steps and you'll actually succeed!
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Make Better Hiring Decisions
How do you know if that candidate for the job is the best FIT? Don't leave it to chance. Check out The MOFFA!
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Motivation Happens When Needs are Satisfied.m4v
Ever wonder what the secret to motivating employees is? Take a look at this video and find out!
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Coffee with the Coach: These are the Best of Times
Struggling with something now? My experience shows that in many cases, down the line you'll look back at this time with some fondness. Here's how to do it.
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What's Your Edge?
If you're going to compete for a new job or a new contract for your business, you better figure out why you have an edge over your competitors. If you have no Edge, why are you even trying?
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Would You Rather Be Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal?
It's all about how you leverage power and influence! Check out this video and find out why both are so important if you want to get the best for your self, your team, and your family.
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Coffee with the Coach:  Are You Staying Relevant?
If we're not careful, our skills, knowledge, or experience might become dated. Here's some information that may prevent that!
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Career Fitness Tip #13:  3 Steps to Better Health
Want to get your body healthy? Try these 3 easy steps. No gym required.
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How to Work a Job Fair
Job fairs are a great place to find jobs but you need to know how to work one. My video will show job seekers how to best navigate a job fair.
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Career Fitness Tip #4:  How to Deal with Difficult People
Difficult people are all around us. How can we avoid being one and then learn to work well with others? Tune in to find out!
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Coffee With The Coach - The Power of the Honest Conversation
The power of honest conversation
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Career Fitness tips #1
How to Have Job Security for Life
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Go full speed!
Why you need to go after your worst projects first.
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The 7 Deadly Sins of Performance Management
Here are seven of the most common mistakes managers make when giving performance feedback to employees
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