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Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer Belt
Product Review
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Munchkin Diaper Pail Review
I forgot to mention the bags advertise that they hold 25 diapers. I think that depends on what size diaper you are using. My son is in size 3 right now and I still can get a little more than 25 diapers in the bag.
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How To Make Body Wash
Easy way to make homemade body wash. You get a lot for your money!!!!
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Banzai Aqua Drench 3 in 1 Splash Park
UPDATE!: Alright so I had this for a month and the slide got a hole in it where it attaches to the pool floor. Luckily the repair patch it came with did fix it. The slip n' slide and sprinklers that attached to the pool is officially gone and in the trash. Where the hose attaches to the slip n' slide got twisted so the water couldn't flow through the vinyl evenly. Instead, it blew up like a balloon and popped. It split it all the way open and there was no way to repair it. I will NOT be buying this again. It cost $40 and you can by a slip n' slide or sprinklers alone for $10 each.
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Playskool Glo Worm
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Fisher Price Cradle Swing Product Review
Can use until child reaches 25 lbs. or able to climb out. DO NOT swing your child in this when the seat is in the reclined position. Does take batteries.
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Home made Lysol Wipes
Quick and easy way to make homemade Lysol wipes. You get more for your money this way. Check out my video on how to make all- purspose cleaner, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=318S2s0rlqk&list=PLmFcaDHzFB5V8myrEmhvnhv7R_yitCehP&index=7
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First Years Bottle Warmer
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Leap Frog My Pal Violet
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Summer Waves 3D Family Pool
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Lansinoh Thera Pearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy
Product review and how to use
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How To Remove Ink Pen Off Photos
This is a how to video on how to remove ink off of photos. If you're like me you've wrote on the back of pictures then stacked them up without realizing the ink wasn't dried. Then when you go to look at them there is ink all over the phone. This trick should help you remove the ink without damaging the photo. Hope it helps you like it did me!
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Potty Time Elmo
Great for the potty training stages!
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Safety First 360 Spin Bath Seat Review
I forgot to mention... The seat can raise or lower to accomadate the depth of your bathtub. This will fits most standard size tubs. The only tubs I could see this not working with is the oval/heart shaped tubs and the clawfoot tubs.
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Melissa and Doug My Magnetic Daily Calendar
Product review
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Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm
Check out my product review for this toy.
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Genie Hourglass Waist Trainer Belt
Product Review
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LeapFrog My Own Leaptop
Product review
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Winnie the Pooh happy days bassinet
Product review. Forgot to mention the bassinet pad is waterproof.
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Summer Infant SuperSeat Review
Can use at 4 months (supported sitter) to 4 yrs. Max weight is 33 lbs. BE CAREFUL: when you slide the tray with the red and purple holders in place, your child can get their hands in way and you can pinch their fingers. Make sure their hands are out of the way when you slide that tray on and when you turn the the tray to rotate the toys around.
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Butterfly Flower Pot Tutorial
In this video you will learn how to decorate a flower pot using your child's footprint and turn it into a butterfly. This is a great Mother's Day gift idea.
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Good Nites Tru Fit Real Underwear
Product review and description on the Good Nites Tru Fit Real Underwear.
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Car Seat Canopy Review
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Home Made All-Purpose Cleaner
This is just a quick video to show you how to make your own all-purpose cleaner. You can use this cleaner to make home made Lysol wipes too. I have that video on my channel as well. Check it out here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYc6Mhbbs-4&list=PLmFcaDHzFB5V8myrEmhvnhv7R_yitCehP&index=3
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Home Made Bath Crayons
This video shows you how to make your own bath crayons. Kids will love these and they are so easy to put together.
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Vtech Catch Me Kitty
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Graco DuoDiner Highchair Review
Highchair goes up to 3 yrs. old. Booster feature goes up to 6 yrs. old or 60 lbs.
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Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump
Product review
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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn vs. LeapFrog My Pal Scout
I did forget to mention that My Pal Scout does imitate animal sounds and he does count to 5.
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Graco Classic Connect LX Double Stroller
Product review and details of what I thought were the best features and how to use the stroller.
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NUK Pacifiers vs. Parent's Choice Pacifier
This video is comparing the NUK orthodontic pacifiers and Parent's Choice pacifier. These pacifiers were for 6+ months.
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I Play Swim Diaper
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Playskool Elefun Ball Popper
PlaySkool Elefun Ball Popper Review
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Vtech ABC Text and Go
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Laugh and Learn Training Potty Review
Great for potty training!!!
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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cash Register
Great toy!
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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Stride to Ride Puppy
Great toy for babies and toddlers. Check out my review to see why. This toy has many ways to keep your child entertained.
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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Laptop
Check out my product view for the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Laptop for ages 6 months- 36 months.
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Curious George Parade Day
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