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Kodaira campus [Part 1]
Background music: You're my best friend - The Once https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8aUHv0Newo This video is not for commercial purpose.
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Thu-Years in Japan
Thu-Years in Japan through Thu's lens:P 2 years under 5'? Challenge accepted! #japan #travel #studentlife #tokyo #osaka #ibaraki #fuji
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Speak now Ukie
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"Fur DL" - [piano by Kie]
Tặng cặp đôi tuổi 17! Bản nhạc đầu tiên mang tên "Dờ-Lờ" do người iu bạn sáng tác và thể hiện:D
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APPP Sports Day 2015
Music: Kids - MGMT Basket Case - Green Day Shut up and Dance - Walk the Moon
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APPP Memories
Music: Daylight - Maroon 5 On top of the world - Imagine Dragons See you again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
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Crazy 2
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Hanami 2015
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Kodaira campus part2
Background music: A piece of the sun - Various artists Sit quietly in the wind - Various artists Coffee aroma excitement - Various artists This video is not for commercial purpose
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First snow ever
My first snow in Nagoya, Japan. It was cold yet warm in a very strange way. I'll remember this moment forever...
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Ngu ngu:"(
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Tokyo..Random accessed memories
Just some random memories, if you happen to be in these, I remember you ;)
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DL Wedding
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Japan Recap [P1] Fall Camping
Japan Recap - what I did during my two years living in Tokyo, Japan^^ It is now "Momiji" (or autumn red/yellow foliage) season in Japan . There are tons of things you can do in Japan in this amazingly beautiful time of the year: hiking, walking in the park, chilling and watching the falling leaves... This time last year, my friends and I celebrated this season a little bit differently, we went camping near Fuji mountain. The people were absolutely ecstatic and excited but the weather didn't really support us. Yet we did have a great time anyway! Wanna share some snippets of joy with you guys. The video is long overdue (and I've been asked to make it for a year now omg). Apologies to my fellow campers! Till next time!
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