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Jizz Juice!
A new energy drink made by Mormon Steve Young. Proven to get you excited!
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Yo boy Cruz new stache
It's yo boy Cruz from 48 bars. He has new facial hair and wants you to know that a week after his birthday, he is still thankful for all yall who left him birthday wishes. He's serious!
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Yo boy Cruz from 48 bars
Check it out. It's yo boy cruz from 48 bars!
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Cha cha cha
I had a sugar free Howling Monkey Energy drink. This is what happened after. Notice the guy in the chair doing the disco porn beat and the dog shadowing me and the music in the background. It's just a small sampling of what happened.
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Truman steals a Cup and Fu**
Truman stole a cup from the reastraunt and we talk as we walk to the sporting store about love and fu*king
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Party Like A Rock Star Totally dude
On our way home from lunch I turned on my cam and we partied like rock stars.
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Fuck off Robb
We play a prank while playing world of war craft with our friend robb ellis from the band Join Us In Our Fear. [shout out]
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Shaq at the free throw line
Sports Authority. This is how Shaq feels at the line.
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