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Bedtime Story for Fractious Children #2
A beleaguered babysitter tells a story to get a noisy child to go to bed.
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Lousy Pick-Up Line #4
Kimberley finds out Eric is a really cheap date...or a really creep date.
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Twilight vs. Vampire Hunter D
A man and a woman discuss the pros and cons of their favorite series in the vampire genre.
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You Eat What You Like; I'll Eat What I Like
In talking about different food stuffs, two people don't necessarily see eye to eye.
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Full Moon, No Waiting
The full moon causes people to do crazy things. (Having run out of voice credits and not wanting to spend my money on crude animation [yeah, right!], I decided to make a little silent movie.)
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Lousy Pick-Up Line #7
A woman has devised a clever way to get rid of losers.
Views: 91 QueenBoadicea
Special Birthday Surprise
A birthday party given for a woman at a certain age really rankles.
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Have Your Cake and Eat It!
A girlfriend eager for attention gets ticked off at her tv-involved boyfriend.
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Hell Hath No Fury
A woman describes how she'd treat a man who preferred his slobbering four-legged "friend" over human companionship.
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New Addition
Two boys talk about their recent blessings. So which is the lucky one?
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It's All Related
Brian and Eric discuss Eric's breakup with his lady friend.
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Mom vs. the Overlords
A man and a woman have a frank discussion about religion.
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So How Long Was It?
Making it in the bar scene is never as simple as it looks.
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Halloween Party and Mini-Disaster
Two women discuss a particular Halloween party and one women's riposte to an insensitive clod.
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Caddy Pitch
Are you tired of using plastic utensils and then throwing them away? You want to cut down on your plastic use? Here's one solution.
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Bigger on the Inside
I've created a PowerPoint presentation of a fictional filk band. Watch and review.
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Shaggy Dog Story...with a Twist
A girl tells a variation on an old dog joke.
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Lousy Pick-Up Line #2
A creep shows why most men aren't REALLY cat persons.
Views: 91 QueenBoadicea
Lousy Pick-Up Line #1
In a convenience store, a would-be Lothario annoys a woman with an insulting reference to her height.
Views: 98 QueenBoadicea
Lousy Pick-Up Line #6
It's so difficult to find compatibility, isn't it?
Views: 39 QueenBoadicea
Bedtime Story for Fractious Children #1
A sitter deals with an annoying brat.
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Lousy Pick-Up Line #3
When a guy tries appealing to a woman's sympathetic side, he fumbles and drops the ball.
Views: 95 QueenBoadicea
Lousy Pick-Up Line #5
At a disco, a man uses questionable humor to attract a woman's attention.
Views: 92 QueenBoadicea
Not Your Daddy's Kind of Book
A woman shocks a man with her choice of profession.
Views: 33 QueenBoadicea

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