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Syndicate's Home Improvements - by smity31
download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21280329/Syndicate%27s+world+with+extension+by+smity31.7z This is a video showing the changes I made to Syndicate's "minecraft project" map. New features to the map include; a new 4 storey building, and extended bedroom, a new farm, an improved waterfall, a forge, a covered walkway to connect all of these, and a dock. I hope you like what you see, and please feel free to comment about whatever you though about the building. Also, sorry for the crappy editing, this is literally the 1st video i have ever made, and i dont have the processing power to capture actual video, so screeshots will have to do! :)
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Killing Mega Satan With Style
I killed Mega Satan with many many many items, which created some really cool effects! I ended up killing him and all his cronies in just under 2:30. See if you can beat that, or try and work out which items i had (there are many, so its hard to go wrong).
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The Minecraft Project - Modified by smity31.wmv
download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21280329/Syndicate_s_world_with_extension_by_smity31_7z This is a video of my modifications to TheSsyndicateProject's map, theMinecraftProject. well, i say video, really its just a few pics with some text. anyway, if u like then say so, and if you have any ideas then say so sorry 'bout the download link, it takes a while, and it doesnt help when the Game Front upload feature isnt working! :/
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Syndicate's extended world, by smity31
download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21286469/Syndicate%27s+world+with+extension+by+smity31+-+2.rar These are my additions to syndicate's minecraft project world. I added: - a new building - an extension to the bedroom - an improved waterfall - a walkway between the above 3 places - a forge/blacksmiths - a new farm - new docks, including barriers which move up and down - train stations to all major places, including to Fyre City!! - bridges between some hills - a union flag (UK flag) - and a couple of secrets for you to find! :) I hope you enjoyed the video, and i hope you enjoy the map.
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