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Shoah Memorial in Paris, France
Stephen Hammond was at the Shoah Memorial museum in Paris, France. This museum chronicles the persecution of Jews in France, from hundreds of years ago, until the Holocaust under the Nazis in WWII. This museum, like others around the world are a constant reminder of how easily a "civil" society can become completely uncivil, leading to genocide...as long as people allow it to happen. The lesson is not just to remember, but also to ensure it can't happen again, at least not where we have any kind of influence
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Speaking "Different" Languages at work
Here in Montreal I try my best to speak French. I get a lot of smiles, but most people understand I'm trying my best. At work, don't be dictatorial about other languages other thann English or French. Here's some thoughts. For more info, go to www.StephenHammond.ca
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Sexual Harassment and Provocative Dress at Work
While in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Stephen Hammond is reminded of the Best Musical on Broadway, In the Heights, about a Puerto Rican community. Stephen is aware of the stereotypes of Puerto Rican women wearing "sexy" or tight clothing and he notices a lot of that kind of clothing while in San Juan. There is nothing wrong with that, except when some men believe women encourage "sexual harassment" because they look nice or dress provocatively (in the minds of some men). There is no excuse to stare at a woman or make her feel uncomfortable. Stephen gives managers some suggestions for what to do. www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com
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Skimpy Bathing Suits & Paris Pools
Here I am outside one of the Paris swimming pools where on the first day trying to get in, I was told I couldn't wear my "burmuda" style bathing suit. I was forced to by a skimpy bathing suit and also a bathing cap. Couldn't find one like my mother used to have with a flower on the side, so had to settle for one advertising the pool. A little bit of French culture that I'm glad isn't repeated in Canada.
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Outlawing Burqas?  Outlaw Discrimination Instead
Stephen Hammond is on the roofdeck of the Arab Institute in Paris, France, discussing the complex issue of the burqa and other veils over the face of women. France's lower house of parliament just passed legislation (only one member voted against it) that outlaws anyone from wearing face coverings in public. France, like western countries, is scared of extremism in the Muslim community and although very few Muslim women cover their faces in public, they hope this will put a stop to this process. Canada also has issues with this and in both cases I say that legislating an issue like this is wrong. Better to work on, and legislate the end to discriminatory practises which can often lead to extremism - if people feel they aren't included, then they'll segregate even more. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca or www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for resources to help out your workplace on these and other complex issues of harassment & discrimination.
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False Accusations of Harassment & Discrimination at Work
While on the beach in Aruba, Stephen Hammond came across people who blatantly lied about paying for beach chairs and umbrellas. At work, many supervisors are concerned about an employee deliberately lying with an accusation of harassment or discrimination - making a false accusation. While it can happen, it is rare and hear some advice Stephen gives to Canadian supervisors and managers about what they can do. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and training resources for supervisors and managers.
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Harassment:  Houston We Have a Problem with an Anonymous Complaint
While changing planes in Houston, Texas, Stephen Hammond thinks about the famous line, "Houston we have a problem." When a manager gets an anonymous complaint, how does she/he deal with it? After all, it could just be someone with an axe to grind and there's nothing to it. However, on the other hand, what if there is something to it and the person feels intimidated to bring it forward? Stephen gives some suggestions to help out supervisors and managers in such a situation. www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more details & resources.
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Truth and Reconciliation
I was at the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission event in Winnipeg. I got to listen to some of the stories of the people who were removed from their homes and put into residential schools. It's going to take a long time for people to heal and for Canada to move on from what happened in the name of "killing the Indian in the child".
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Learn More Languages at Work
Stephen Hammond is on the Dutch part of St. Maarten, in the Caribbean where he spoke with a cab driver who speaks many languages. It's good for his business and more languages are good for any business. Yet we get all caught up when other people speak other languages at work. Find out what advice Stephen gives about this contentious issue and go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and training resources for work.
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Canada, Just like the Louvre, is Changing
Stephen Hammond is at the Louvre Museum in Paris at the Pyramids. It was controversial when they were built in 1989 because it was considered too modern for the ancient structure of the rest of the museum. Canada's changing too and some people are resistant to changing with it. Are you stuck in the old ways or accepting the changes taking place? www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com.
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Dealing with Reverse Discrimination at Work
Stephen Hammond is in Barbados (sorry, he says, "the Barbados") and discovered historical information about indigenous people from 1600s B.C. When governments or businesses attempt to right some of the wrongs with Canada's Aboriginal population (or others) people will call this "reverse discrimination." It might seem like that, but it's completely legal under Canadian law. Listen as Stephen tries to explain this to supervisors and managers, to help them deal with any backlash on this issue. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and resources to help in your workplace.
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Nudity at Work No Excuse for Sexual Harassment
Stephen Hammond is on the border of the clothing and nude beaches at St. Martin in the Caribbean. He is reminded of the number of times men will say that women "want" to be sexually harassed because of the provocative clothing they wear. If clothing is inappropriate for work, then a person can be told to change clothes. However, at no time is that an excuse for sexual harassment. Listen to Stephen's advice for supervisors and managers at the workplace and go to www.StephenHammond.ca and www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and training resources.
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The Murder of Women Starts at a Young Age
I'm here at l'Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, at the plague for the 14 women who were murdered, just for being women, 21 years ago on December 6, 1989. Today is Canada's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Their murderer didn't think as a boy that he wanted to kill women. Violence against women is learned and it starts by de-valuing women and de-humanizing them. If we educate boys, and girls, about the value of girls and that they are not mere objects, then it becomes tougher later in life to do them harm. Speak up and help Canadians value women and prevent them from being subject to violence.
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Black and White, Light and Dark, Defining Where People Live
Can you tell a place's prosperity from the colour of skin of the people who live there? Stephen is in St. Malo, in the Brittany region of France when he noticed how few dark-skinned people were there. It was the same for the inner parts of Paris, versus the outer parts of the city. Can we in Canada tell the prosperity of a neighbourhood by the colour of the skin of the people living there? What are we doing to make sure new immigrants to Canada, as well as Aboriginal Canadians, who are mostly dark-skinned, are given equal opportunities? For more information go to www.StephenHammond.ca or www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com.
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"Immodest women", Frosted Glass & Controversy
I'm standing in a back alley across from the Park Avenue YMCA of Montreal and the Yetev Lev Synagogue. Four years ago the school in the Synagogue offered to pay the Y to frost their windows as sometimes the boys could see the women working out. On member said, "we have a problem with women being dressed immodestly and we don't beleive in our children seeing that." Many women were outraged and the Y changed their "frosted window" policy. Fair enough and although they were just trying to be good neighbours, that went too far. But we need to accommodate differences in so many ways, it's a matter of sitting down, figuring out what makes sense, and what doesn't. Visit www.StephenHammond.ca for more info.
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Speaking English at Work
Speaking English at work in Canada is one of the most contentious issues. Stephen Hammond is about to come home from Puerto Rico and he hears from others that when they get to turn off English and get to speak in their first language, they feel like they're "coming home." Don't let language issues at work get you into trouble. Stephen has some advice for supervisors and managers on how to deal with these issues. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for information and training resources for supervisors and managers.
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Digging in Your Heels for Discrimination
Stephen Hammond is at the Peace Arch border crossing, thinking about the negative attention Arizona is receiving over their new laws to stop anyone who looks like an illegal alien. Many are digging in their heels and it will likely cost them a lot, just like previous times in Colorado & even recently in Herouxville, Quebec.
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Bullies Rule Unless Someone Changes the Rules
Bullies rule. I'm tired of hearing how certain behaviors are "unacceptable" when in fact they are often condoned. This week Myanmar political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest and she was having to say nice things about the thug and murderous generals who kept her imprisoned. Closer to home, B.C.'s Bill Bennett, fresh from being kicked out of Gordon Campbell's cabinet, called the Premier a bully and all kinds of nasty things about him. There are common elements to bullies - whether at work or heading up dictatorships - and that is, they get away with bullying because we allow them to. Wanna change that? Well, each of us will have to step up to the plate. Otherwise, bullies keep on ruling.
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Why Employees Can't Tell Jokes Just by Looking Around Room
There are some things people just don't know. While on the island country of Grenada, Stephen Hammond was surprised to find out it's known as the Spice Island for all the spices they grow. At work, lots of people think they can look around a room and tell a joke about certain groups of people. But in Canada's multicultural environment, that can get you into trouble because you don't know all about the people you work with. See what Stephen has to say and visit www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for information and resources for supervisors and managers.
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Penguin Canada - Sexual Harassment in Medievel Times?
During a medieval festival In Dinan, France, Stephen talks about the roles between men and women and how you'd think we'd have figured it all out...compared to medieval times. But the front page headlines about Penguin Canada and the allegations of sexual harassment, firing CEOs and lawsuits everyhere, let's us know that we haven't worked everything out. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca or for workplace resources, www.Humanrightstrainingstore.com.
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Diversity at Work: Managers Need Support in a Multicultural Canada
While on the island of Curacao, Stephen Hammond found there was more to it than just their famous liquor. Curacao is also known for its multicultural population. Back at home in Canada, in the same week, an official with Canada's parliament said Canada is heading for a bleak future because of its aging population. Stephen has some ideas for managers at work to avoid the problems of a shrinking workforce by making sure the people coming to Canada and your workforce are not discriminated against. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for information and resources to help managers
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Men are Superior to Women (and other workplace jokes)
Stephen Hammond is over at his sister's place to dispose of a dead mouse, caught in the trap he set the night before. Stephen jokes with his sister about men being superior to women as he puts the mouse into its "resting place" and his sister grimaces, wanting it out of her home. Listen to what Stephen has to say about gender jokes and other jokes at work - what's acceptable and what crosses the line. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more info and resources
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True Merit at the New York City Marathon
I constantly hear that if we try to be more inclusive, that is to represent our communities in gender, skin colour, religion, etc., then we won't get the most qualified people. Yet how many people have been "left out" not because they weren't qualified, but because our stereotypes & prejudices got in the way. As I watched the runners in the last legs of the New York City Marathon, I saw qualifications based completely on merit...and the top seeded runners were people who would often, be left out, when considered for an employment opportunity. Something to think about
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Are you a Canadian Manager Fearful of Being Sued for Harassment & Discrimination?
While in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Stephen Hammond talks to a manager who has just been sued due to his kid getting into a fight. Many Canadian supervisors and managers have concerns about being sued for sexual harassment, harassment and other forms of discrimination. Find out what circumstances will get you in legal hot water and which ones won't. You may be surprised. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and training resources.
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What's Reasonable About Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
What's "reasonable'? While Stephen Hammond is in St. Lucia, in the Caribbean, he got excited about finding 3 lousy dollars. It doesn't take much to get excited and for some in the workplace, it doesn't take much for them to find offense at comments or actions. By Canadian law, it's not what you think, it's what the reasonable person will think, so you have to take other people's thoughts into consideration. Take some advice from Stephen in this video and go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for information and resources for your workplace
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Sexual Harassment Myth:  You Must Tell the Harasser for it to be Harassment
Stephen finished lunch on the island of St. Martin and he went swimming right away. An old myth was that you had to wait 30 to 60 minutes before you could swim. Just like that myth, many Canadians believe that you have to tell the harasser what he or she is doing before it becomes harassment. Find out what Stephen has to say is the actual law in Canada and what a supervisor and manager can do to deal with issues as they arise. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and training resources.
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Sex Discrimination at Work Just Like Sexual Stereotypes on the Golf Course
Women encounter sexist comments on the golf course based on stereotypes. Stephen Hammond is at the Costa Caribe golf course in Ponce, Puerto Rico and he is reminded of comments he still often hears about women holding up the game of golf. He doesn't find that true, yet similar comments still go on in typical Canadian workplaces. Find out what he suggests for supervisors and managers to deal with sexual stereotypes at work. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for information and training resources and videos.
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Tamil Refugees - Get Over It
Stephen Hammond is at Ogden Point, overlooking Victoria Harbour where the Tamil refugees came into Canada. There has been quite a stir about these, especially with the federal minister suggesting the boat was full of terrorists and criminals. Nice start for a country that has international obligations to welcome refugees fleeing persecution. Let the process take care of itself. Take in those who are legitimate and send those who are not, back home. And for those fortunate enough to stay here, let's welcome them with open arms and go further - help them out. Fore more information on human rights, go to www.StephenHammond.ca or www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com.
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Speaking French in Paris & the Impact Back at Work
People in Canada worry about "other languages" at work. Stephen Hammond is visiting Paris and finds himself surrounded by English, yet he's taking French lessons. People are so concerned about what others are saying. If so, learn that language. In Europe there are so many people who speak more than one language, or many. In Canada, with our changing population it only makes sense to learn more languages. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca or to help out at your workplace www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com.
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Sexual Harassment - Where do you draw the line?
Most people want to drive a straight line in golf and most people want a simple, easily definable line to determine what is harassment and what is not. But it's not always that easy. Stephen Hammond is at the Costa Caribe golf course in Ponce, Puerto Rico where he's trying to drive a straight ball off the tee. He gives some advice for supervisors and managers about finding out where that line is in your workplace. That is, where is the dividing line between respectful and not-respectful behaviours, including sexual harassment and other forms of harassment. Go to www.StephenHammond.ca & www.HumanRightsTrainingStore.com for more information and videos and resources for supervisors and managers.
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