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White Christmas & Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Sunjin
Merry Christmas:) Sorry for late upload, I have been traveling and caught a terrible cold. I'm still not in my best shape but I wanted to wish you the best holiday.
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G-Dragon -- That XX (그 XX) cover by Sunjin
That XX acoustic cover. I hope you like it:D Fyi, both of them are the same person.
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Psy- Gangnam Style (강남스타일) acoustic cover by Sunjin
Gangnam Style acoustic cover. I hope you enjoy it:)
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Daft Punk -- Get Lucky Cover by Sunjin
I'm up all night to get lucky We're up all night to get lucky I hope you enjoy this cover:) P.S. Sorry for misspelling Daft Punk.... Oops
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Sean Paul -- She Doesn't Mind cover by Sunjin
GIrl I've got you SO HIGH~ And I know you like~ this cover of Sean Paul's she doesn't mind:D
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Lana Del Rey -- Young and Beautiful cover by Sunjin
I've been obsessed with this song since last night. I just learn this song so it is definitely not perfect but I hope you enjoy this cover:)
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Krewella -- Alive cover by Sunjin
I have no idea where my memory card went. So here's a video made by using a built-in-webcam. I feel like it has a similar quality as my digital video camera or maybe I just dont know how to make the quality stay as the original as I edit the video. Anyway I hope you are having an awesome Monday. Bye
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Dancing to Sean Paul
Hello! Sorry for long term disappearance. This is what I have found looking through my past videos. I will be posting an acoustic cover of this song soon:) I hope you all have a lovely week!
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Alicia Keys -- Unthinkable Cover by Sunjin
My Roommate: What were you looking at in the other room? haha :P Me: I had to move away from the mic to avoid cracking the audio... I don't have the best sound systems:( lol My Roommate: oh, haha I thought there were just something really interesting going on in the other room ;P
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