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Master Fortune Teller/Street Performer
I filmed this because I felt this kind of talent is fast disappearing from our streets, if not already. Yes, he was, in the end, trying to sell a Thai-style amulet, but his delivery was humorous and quips funny. Sadly the crowd was not very responsive and this master had to cut short some of his segments. The big reveal at the end - red cloth - was supposed to contain some numbers. If you strike 4-D with it, all he asks is you buy him 2m of red cloth! As you watch this video, you will realize this man is a master palm and face reader. I wonder what his life story is. It would be an interesting read should he decides to write a book about it and his adventures in life. ;-) In Cantonese. Where: Toa Payoh (near the library); Date/time: 27th Jan 2018, 21:20 hrs.
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SNL Fake Trump Ad
Ah, the latest 'ad' from SNL which some of you outside the US might not have been able to watch. Well, here it is. And a lot of truth in it, why "ordinary" folks with a veneer of normality might vote for Trump.
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