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Outlast - Trolling :D
this game so scary.. insane difficulty
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PES15 | vs DPK089 (960+) | Big rage quit
He is #1 for Italy overall at pesleague.com He must of lost 13 points. He angry, no problem.
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Killzone 2 - [VOID] [APE$] [P@CK] [M8] [H16H] - M4 & M82 cm scores
(watch on full screen and 720p to actually see lol) My crap vid skills at work :)... just random cm scores i had on my former KZ2 clans against the disconnectors, sub account users, and laggers of KZ2. sum good games against noobs like special_zone, khalendarez, adiandrei, el juan lol they all suck without engi. lol @ last pic xD Good KZ2 players/friends - GhostSoldier420, Watima, manbo888, JACMeMyselfAndI, xSINEXx, Tx-StaR, rajthedon007, mackman62, fourty3_shotz, kevmraw, tezzies, ViaOsmosis, X-SAMZ-X, Stophy821USA, xRELICXx, c00pZ-87, Blaque_89. Sorry if i missed someone :b
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Killzone SF - 4v4 eNx vs Genesis eSport
Vid missing the ending :( we played really good, 3-0.
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KZSF 3v3 Tourney Final | vs e2 | Game 5
1-3 2-2 3-0 1-3 3-1. Tiebreaker 3-0. Played the best of 5 maps. Didn't play the tiebreaker, where bleakCrown replaced me and Muffin replaced pwnage. Victory for HTS/SONS. HTS/SONS mix lineup: AutomaticSnake, Taarabt67, humigb, bleakCrown, rado_gt, MaelRadec1 Clans that participate: FUN, ESA, iNk*, WAR*, 9mm, RUUD, *JPN, e2, OTD, #KO, KZSH, LKR!, GARD, LEAD, CtM, SOLD, BoW!, YO!, LAW!, MHKP, HeLL.
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Killzone 2 - LAGfest 4v4 - nightswitch edition
Lag 4v4 win vs EVO laggers and nightwish. 2:34 lol wtf. Lag made GamerBoi excited when game was 3v3 1:30 xD great 3v3 pics at 3:29 ^_^
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H1Z1 | "Full Release" Season 1 The End
After 3 months playing... 2 and a half what they called "Open Beta" and half a month of ''Full Release''.. i have max season battle tier, 100% trophies (probably first in the world), around 350 wins, and a 15+++ KDR (damn op shotgun).....
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PES15 | Highlights | Road to 800+ rating
So this is whats been happening as i pass the 800 rating mark. Lots of long range goals and rage quit, also some trolling :)
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Fight Night Round 2 (PS2) | Created Online Boxers
Played this 2005. Funniest online ever. Hilarious on replays! It's great to boot up the game again to see my old freak creations. Online on PS2 no longer works if you are retarded enough to wonder that.
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KZSF - LEAGUE - eNx vs FnK (HsM)
Scoreboard from first game we won 3-2 and second game which is just missing the last 15 seconds but we won 3-0. Damn PS4 recording lol. eNx looks strong but i think we missing teamwork.... a lot of it lol.
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Killzone 2 - 3v3 vs LORD - airBOT edition
Only 4-3 win. Team started sleepy (not me :b) and Clumunari's air bot kills us all and wins bodycount at 8:35 xD
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Killzone 2 - iDentity crisis 4v4 - ASSassination Fail
Joined at 2-1. Great target defending. RQ, double kill. Final score 4-2. iD_AiM rage quit, EGGS cry. Thanks xRELICXx for video :)
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PES15 | Lag Cancel Cheat
Sad vid today guys... cheater atm_x_siempre
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Killzone 2 - SAMZ 3v3 Rescue
We up 2-0 and it turns into a 2v3. Me and the lagger neratzolli look to lose until samz (BabiesGotRabies) joins to help us win 4:30 ^_^ great ending too 10:05 lol
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Laptop test - STALKER SoC maxed on 630m
1280x720, max settings on i5 2450m, 6gb, 630m. Not the best recording software... it looks a bit shaky... maybe cuz i locked recording software at 25fps? Well i guess its good enough. This game seems like it might be really good, cant say yet since i just started playing it. Graphics... aren't as good as KILLZONE on PS3 :b but this is a semi open world game so its good. And without the recording the frame rate is very good... lowest i seen was like 30fps, highest 250fps if i look up at sky xD
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KZSF | Pre CM Tourney Semi Final | 7s
http://bracketcloud.com/tournament/10908 iCoN's fantastic 4. After this the final was never played. e2 dodge 3v3. This tourney was forgotten when clan system came out rip. I can say we were EU champions since we beat the strongest active EU teams at the time, La Elite, 7s in tourney, and WAR in scrim.
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Dead Rising | Frank the Pimp (12 years later)
Trophy: escort 8 bitches. Wasn't sure if Barbara was a woman, but it worked. DR1 is from 2006, i played it 12 years ago on Xbox 360. Can anyone imagine this came out 2018? Cry baby feminist pussies would bleed! 2000's were WAY better than 2010's. Just look at music or society LOL gaming dowhill too. DR3 DR4 are shit :(
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Best Killzone 2 M4 Players
2009-10 M4 players who were very active in M4 pubs/cms. Forgot rajthedon007, AFFA13, Blaque_89, SPECTRE01101, filou31-, mc_kane, MnM_XIX, Ta-Doww, muchakx, dexter327, scott7486, thedouglas1, tcarpenter08, milco86, zutonA, hgui27 and many others!!
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Killzone SF - 3v3 BOPE
Testing out Share Factory. I'm noob at vid edit lol. And yeh... i played KZSF again :( i undust the ps4. I wish there was a better game to play xD
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KZ2 so beast even with shit ruleset and iran laggers its fun. I came i conquer. Glad servers are off cuz i couldn't do anymore bot wars tbh xD
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Killzone SF - Master Laggero o.o
Too many laggers on SF, KZ2 was less laggy. Almost every game i join there is someone lagging.. this guy had special ghost lag xD
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KZSF Undefeated
After 1000+ scrims/clan matches, i have beaten 400+ different players and 115+ different clans on KZSF competitive. 19 tourney win streak (not counting unofficial vs WAR/iNk). Don't have footage vs LEAD, RUUD, SOLD, CtM, #LAW.
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Killzone SF - 3v3 first small pub win lol
me, blincz, sah_destroyer VS bobl1980, swirve, behemial These guys i'm playing against are from Silence clan... the clan i been playing with the past few days because my KZ2 friends don't like KZSF or have no PS4!!!! lol Respect to Blincz former KZ2 bot spammer, this was his first small pub game on SF.
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KZSF World Challenge Final 3/3
Epic ending to the final game of the World Challenge Final. Ginrai, AutomaticSnake, Sah_destroyer, aph3zx, Prexicion vs t0nin0t, mrdurant35, MALTA_89, barbaflu, GG_Ams Prexicion got disconnect in the final mission. We still hold on 4v5 and make a beast come back :)
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KZSF | iCoN - SONS | Montage
All tourney footage except iCoN part which was scrim. Better quality here lol https://www.facebook.com/100007184948637/videos/1587899511459532/?l=6157132789473033961 All credits belong to real owners. No copyright infringement intended.
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PES19 Online Div | First 1v1 Rank
PES19 plays good with the best player movement and animations ever in PES, but sadly suffers from the same old problems... ping pong pass, hold X and Square (very strong this year), and this year dumb AI = through balls. This is my last PES and last online game i ever play. FUCK YOU KONAMI and FUCK YOU ADAM BHATTI.
Views: 27 AutomaticSnake
UC4 Survival Stage 10 | Crushing 3 Stars | Adam Baldridge/Henry Avery (only bosses)
Didn't play so hot against Adam. I just spammed El Dorado's. Basically just run around a lot, spam indras when they are down and dorados to controll situation. The 50% off on mysticals helps a lot.
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KZSF 4v4 Final | SONS vs WAR | Tiebreaker
3-1 0-3 2-2, tiebreaker 3-0 The best KZSF players in the world playing the last KZSF tourney match.
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H1Z1 | AK-47 Gameplay 15K Win
Good gameplay. New 1.7 update. Car dmg is still gay. Yh i pulled out the gay shotgun, i had no AK bullets! lol
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KZSF archive | 2v2 iCoN vs Mex Laggers
Every KZ has their mex laggeritos :) these are it on SF. High 250 ping game! Not only lag they cheap, won first mission when we not in game yet lol we draw next and won last 3. Pre carry with kills, i did mostly missions.
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PES18L myClub | Top 100 player gets L | count194 (1543)
Dembele 89/92, Mbappe 90/92 , stearling 92/95 speed wtf lol my fastest is martial at 87/89 LOOOL even Morata has 88 speed. I play with bad condition defenders i bet he has many blue players. myclub is gay. idk what happen to first part it was nice goal by slow Ibra.
Views: 31 AutomaticSnake
KZSF World Challenge Final 1/3
First game of the final. New maps i never played much before so i was a bit lost. Ginrai, AutomaticSnake, Sah_destroyer, aph3zx, Prexicion vs t0nin0t, mrdurant35, MALTA_89, barbaflu, GG_Ams
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KZSF 2017 Return | Dual CM
Volume low as fk ._. turn it up. 1st me, robert, roberts son vs sah, rtzgamer, chempion 2nd me, rtzgamer, sah, vision vs Txi, Alvaro, chaves, sebas
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Killzone SF - 3v3 eNx vs FnK (HsM)
Laggy game and OP shotguns ^ 8:10 pure skill lol 8:51 triple kill ^
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La Elite lagswitching CM
Here i play with non iCoN member and at same time get lagswitched, game was impossible to play xD i think if i play with a main iCoN player we beat the lagswitch. But still 100% cheat :)
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KZSF GG Tourney Round 1 | iCoN vs ESA
Respect ESA, they agree 3v3 unlike some clan lol. In this game you can see iCoN no longer as strong... all on destiny, no interest... i can no longer play after mid october so i hope clans hurry up ;) btw nice CnH i did lol. EDIT: this was last game iCoN played, i had no choice forfeit do to Destiny killing iCoN.
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Killzone SF - 5v5 eNx vs HitTerS
We been playing hitters a lot the past week. We won all the best of 3's. This was the last game we played. I think i did well on this game but fail on CnM lol
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UC4 | 2v2 UMG | SONS vs :DHungry:D | Testing UMG
UC4 is not a competitive game but i do like some things about it, such as recoil, graphics, a little bit of weight feeling, and even though the health is too high i take that over 2 bullet death. The games on PS3 were also just for fun non comp games, though more fun than UC4. At least on UC3 you can run...
Views: 141 AutomaticSnake
Killzone SF - 4v4 eNx vs Uip
We had to play them with everything on except noobtube... interesting settings lol
Views: 133 AutomaticSnake
KZSF 4v4 League | SONS vs WAR | Game 2
3-2 3-2 1-3
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Killzone SF - 3v3 helghast cookie factory
me, blincz, bobl1980 vs decide2673, sah_destroyer, euphoric_blaze yehhh well here we have some factory killing... euphoric had a little drop in second mission, i give him time for a quick rejoin o.o the shotgun in this map is really strong... im not a fan of the sickle :/
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PES15 | Server Shut Down | Final Leaderboard
Proud to have been one of the very best. Unlike most top 100 Madrid/Bayern sluts, i used average teams 90% of the time! And played NICE football, not long ball R2 shooting spam. This why IMO i was the BEST. 17 not my style, too arcady. Maybe i buy just for fun Lol SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/es-es/tid=CUSA00572_00
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KZSF archive | 3v3 iCoN vs WAR
Very laggy game. Jissy switched over to WAR and lagged it up LOL. Fair teams, we got Sah they Nick.. iCoN won 2 of 2 no chance WAR.
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Killzone SF - One on One gameplay
Not much going on KZSF at the moment. I join competitive warzone and it turns into a nice 1v1. Its nice to play a game where you don't have to depend on a team. I played pretty good here but find having to ADS from all ranges very :/ xD
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KZSF archive | iCoN vs wB | DREDD's Nightmare
AutomaticSnake, sah_destroyer, Jissy vs iMarjed7, x_iMike (Mi_Chal), DREDD-POWER (killalot_sos) 3-0 0-3 3-2
Views: 178 AutomaticSnake
PES15 | Best Online Goals | AutomaticSnake
Just small vid, some of my best goals. Had few more nice ones but forgot record xD
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Killzone SF - 5v5
Very boring right now in SF so i just put this. Just 13 min from the game... we won this laggy game 5-0 so whatever lol it was me, samz, and some 7 sins people against synergy guys, titanbane, and some pikachu guy. I hope things better in this game and have better stuff to post soon....
Views: 81 AutomaticSnake
Killzone SF - 3v3 eNx vs eMp/IGE
me, samz, vukido v punchlinerz, enzobigboss, x-predator_92
Views: 122 AutomaticSnake

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