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Best Marked Deck vintage 1800 2nd edition
Breaking down the minor changes done to the deck brought to you by Ellusionist. I will also be giving a brief exposure of the marking in the First and Second Edition . link to purchase : https://www.ellusionist.com/marked-vintage-1800-playing-cards-red.html retail price : $7.49 U.S. each , $7.12 each when more than three , $6.75 each when you purchase more than six , $6.37 each when you purchase more than twelve
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copags 310 deck review
have you ever heard of a b-9 finish. well neither have I come and join me as I go over the fine details everyone overlooked. THEY DO NOT FIT IN A CARD CLIP!! but cartemundi is on top of there game and diligently working on this problem.
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Story time : homless on the bus
The story of the first time I drove the bus at night and the problems I ran into. Got the wrong advice from fellow co-workers and it back fired.
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Hoyle playing card review
Tbh Hoyle playing cards are so underrated. The have a beautiful finish and spread like butter. Dribble, spring, fan like The best. Now truly comparing them to the "Kings", "Keepers", and penguins "marked deck" is another truth they are soft and have a crushed stock feeling to them.... And can be found at an amazing price at your local Safe way, and Right aid. You won't regret this. Special thanks go out to The Gentleman Wake for inspiration, and amazing reviews.....ahem not as good as mine tho. And special thanks to the audio track I found on sound cloud , maybe.... 🤔
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One Minute Magic: Second Deal
watch as I show how to do a second deal in under a minute
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Pigcake Unboxing
Winner of the copags contest held last month by pigcake .
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Magicians Everyday Carry 2018
I get asked so many times "Satchel Swede what is it that you carry when you perform magic tricks on the street's" . well pay close attention and watch as I explain everything I have in my pockets
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One minute magic 2019 : How to cop a card
One of my favorite and easiest palms, Daniel Madison also likes it. super easy but there's a lot more to it. it will require practice and remember film your self from the right angle set you phone or camera at eye level and not waist.
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One Minute Magic 2018: Domico Double
This sleight can be found in "Card Control" written by Arthur Buckley. The sleight is nice when you get the hang of it. Alternative method to get ready is a pinky count and then sliding the thumb inside. Subscribe because ...... I Love you xoxoxo
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Satchels Magic Unboxing : Messado Rings
Satchels Magic Unboxing : Messado Rings by ellusionist and Joshua Messado. What you really get short and sweet. if you would like to contact the live performer "Jace" , you can find him on https://www.ihatewands.com/ if you would like to pick yourself up some awesome Messado rings you can do so by visiting www.ellusionist.com
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The pinky count
Video will be showing you what problems you'll run into , it's not meant to be a tutorial.... But sorta seems like it enjoy like and share it
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Avengers Infinity War full movie in 2 minutes
very simple review/ summary of avengers and thoughts on the movie, trust me when I say don't ask me what I really think cuz I will start boiling over.
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Satchel's Magic Unboxing : Aberdeen Thread
Satchel's magic unboxing of Theory 11's Aberdeen thread shows exactly what you get in your purchase. the video tutorial provided by theory is high quality and downloadable. and taught well . you can pick your thread at https://store.theory11.com/products/aberdeen-thread
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Instagram compilation 2018 Satchel Swede
yea, Instagram. by the legendary/mediocre Satchel Swede
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Easiest Self Working Card Trick 2018
this is a trick found in -karl fulves self-working card tricks on page 111 "quick as a wink". the book has plenty of self workers
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Seamless by Glen West Revealed
You can get the original seamless at ellusionist.com and also at lost art magics web site
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Eyephone Revealed
This is a beginner level trick. Albeit $100 dollars provides an amazing revelation. Actual product can be ordered from your local magic shop Here in the bay: Misdirection magic shop San Francisco, Ca. Online provider: Penguinmagic.com Special thanks go to Pigcake (always aspire to inspire) Sydney @ Murphy's magic for reporting me 😉
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7-eleven deck review
A quick and simple review on bicycles 7-Eleven deck, first edition. Super smooth and soft slightly better than standard edition red and blue backs
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Deck click fix!
Five ways of removing the dreaded click from your deck of playings cards.... F.Y.I. method number 4 and 1 is probably your best bet.... Trust me 😒
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Cardistry Con: Best Of 2018
the best of cardistry con? Well, Are you suffering from cardistry con, join us today to help you through your struggle
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Xaviors Raise Rise REVEALED
That's right you got it here first leave a thumbs up or a thumbs down with only positive comments 👺👺👺👺
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52 to 1 deck revealed
More of an unboxing, you purchase a deck that is totally gimmicked, you can not make this at home at all and even after seeing the way the gimmicked deck is designed. You still need the method. So please understand careful consideration is needed when purchasing this product
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Greg Wilson: Rubicon revealed
This is an attempt to shamelessly plug a bunch of product Rubicon is a very expensive purchase only dedicated magicians of The Craft should consider purchasing it there are many resources online to figure out how to solve a Rubik's Cube to take your Rubik's Cube magic to the next level before you buy this product thank you for watching!
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Pigcake dis track.... Guy lawd edition
Butcher you chump, only I can dis the pig.. for I am a pigamaniac... This is dedicated to you boo!!
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Quantum by Calen Morelli
Quantum by calen morelli revealed. This hoo-ha stole my trick back in 2005 and now I'm back for revenge I'm revealing my trick from 2005 in its original format version 1.0
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How to cardistry training
Improve your cardistry today with this fake product it does not exist on Pigcake.Me but by going to that link you can drastically improve your magic, don't forget to double click that lik..... actually I think you just click it once and that should be enough.... twice will unlike it..... or better yet hit it three times. thanks for watching also don't forget to sub for more fun. suggestions are more than welcomed
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Slydini's helicopter card trick
How does slydini do this move? The idea I have, could it be the key 🤔
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Shin Lim America's Got Talent explained
Watch as shin lim attempts to explain how he does all his tricks
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Murphys Magic: Mint Box Reveal
unboxing and building my fake mint box do not forget about hitting the bell so you know when I do this again
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Daniel Madison revealed to be fake
Daniel Madison revealed to be fake is not real I just wanted to talk about beginner magic and the two things that are important approaching someone and the offbeat I'll have another video about the offbeat in about a week. Look forward to seeing you all then
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One Minute Magic 2018 : False cut
One of my favorite false cuts and it's super easy enjoy this wonderful diamond in the rough.
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One Handed Shuffle
How to, tips and what problems you'll run into doing the one handed shuffle.... ahem there is no girl, its called click bait ... duh
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One Minute Magic 2018 : the Strip
one minute magic 2018 today brings this sleight from Arthur Buckley's card control. it is a way to control four cards from the deck and bring them back to the top. good for beginners that can't cull the cards
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SNL :  Interviews Jibrizy
come and watch SNL(Satchel (Swede)News Live) as we interview the legend who gave magic the swag and never had the one the only jibrizy
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Keepers Deck Review
Keepers deck by Ellusionist is a beautiful deck. soft, delicious, exquisite, taste, and great
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One Minute Magic 2018: Flicking a card
this is by far one of the easiest ways of flicking a card for a revelation or a card deal easy to learn but don't forget it takes a bit of practice. thanks for watching
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Pigcake Exposed
Join us as we delve deep into the mystery that is pigcake. From birth , to early child hood and a glimpse as to what he looks like special thanks goes out to simafication for his idea and directorial guidance. also thanks pigcake for not blocking us . watch hamburger story: https://youtu.be/RTci2XGstpU for the story of the levitation trick, you'll have to look through his live streams and enjoy a plethora of content five of hearts first appearance : https://youtu.be/g3-fcpJ_f3s rocky the punk ass raccoon : https://youtu.be/cEMWgZ_K8II Deck of cards (red back) : https://youtu.be/nss7R45cnUI
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The Pass: Bus Pass Technique
you can't teach a pass.... only pass the pass.... uh....
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CARDINI change
Simple step #1 : select card #2: control card to the top #3: double lift #4: cardnini change
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Eduard todor reacts to pigcake
This is a semi reaction video to one of thee greatest ring tutorials on YouTube. Originally brought to you by Pigcake. Special guest include Edward tutor, and the five of hearts.
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Tucker Carlson interviews magician Pigcake
Fake interview with Tucker Carlson and pick cake talking about his favorite subscribers and his new release of any time Go check out Pigcake.me for the new release of Anytime!
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False shuffle and False cut
I first found the false cut in "Royal Road to Card Magic" no breaks needed, although having the top stock of the first cut out jogged to the right while hiding it with the right ring finger. Superb. The false shuffle was found in many places and I feel is better than the zarrow shuffle . " Push through shuffle . Near the end of the video there are many references to it . Enjoy and have fun
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Satchel Swede : McDonald's Ace's No Gimmicks
Have you ever walked in to a room with out cards... "Hey here show me that trick you did with the Ace's".... Oh crap you didn't bring your Gimmicked cards... We'll look no further . Perform this gimmickless card trick. One that Marlo performed in the 1900 hundreds
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Satchel Swede: "Oldie but a goodie" episode 1
super old trick from way back before my time. originally learned this in elementary school and rediscovered it in "SELF WORKING HANDKERCHIEF MAGIC 61 fool proof tricks" a Dover publication pg 3. the most difficult part is remember what way to loop the cable/earphones/handkerchief . beautiful to open up a routine with earphones.
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One Minute Magic 2018: The Strike Double
Watch as I attempt to explain the strike double in under a minute. This tutorial is not ment to fool you but to show you quick and simple mechanics that go into the move
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One Minute Magic 2018: How To Force a card
forcing this particular card is slightly nackie and if an observer is carefully and Pace careful attention to what you're doing will catch you so be careful when you do this Force
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One Minute Magic 2018: 10-20 Force
watch as I try to teach this force under a minute. no vocals unfortunately, I can't find my mic
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Youtube on a budget 2018
when short on money here is how I started #1: lighting -Walmart :Howell 21 LED TorchLite Max Flashlight 4-pack HSN $20.00 -the sun : free - lamp : you probably already have one .... duh free!! #2 : camera and stand - cell phone: also you most likely have one so you already made that investment..... I spent $110.00 you can also opt for a payment plan - stand : ranges from as low as $1.50 to $10.00 - tripod : cheapest at your local Walmart would be $6.95 #3 : sound - microphone: earphones price vary , but my favorite ones are found in the check out aisle for under $6 bucks #4 : application - KINEMASTER is free!!!!! you can purchase a monthly service, for $4.95 which will remove the kinemaster water mark and open up more options for font, video transitions, music and other cool things try the app free first thanks for watching and
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Unpredictable Battle Butcher V.S. Pigcake
An unpredictable Battle Butcher vs Pigcake, while strolling with butcher things took a turn for the worst. If it had not been for the lucky finger chain butcher had been collecting. Things could have gone south... Or down... Or bad... Or just not good.... Sorry I'm being redundant.... And repetitive 🤔
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