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Bonus Diamonds ft.no one
Suicide or nah
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Phoney Nina
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Lil Step Back
Sad song
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North-The boi
On the Pitchfork scale (which I shudder to use, as it is ridiculous), I would give it a 5.8. It extols scepticism of constructs which bring postmodern works into existence in the first place, yet it falls victims to contrivances that mar the entire process. Song structures? Fuck those. Cogent lyrical frameworks? Fuck those. Repetition that is employed with purpose? Fuck those. Samples that have some weight to them on a musical and conceptual level? Fuck those too. It's a collection of follies that are the direct blame of postmodern approach to music, and while the band themselves have dissecting the conventional with gusto and provided critique and feedback to the entire system of making music, this feeds into it without shame and simultaneously seeks to condemn it with not an iota of substance. It's easily their worst album and could go in the trash bin without anything being lost. It doesn't even push boundaries. It gets praised for that, but that is such a fucking joke. It's tame regression: the album
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North-Chronos ft.Ksmooth
Oh Yeah yeah
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North-Valentine for the lil niggies ft.My suicide
Some times I wanna fucking die and I delve in these non sensical delusions to make the hurt go away for a few minutes. It helps. Not in the long term but it helps. Nothing will ever change I will forever be subject to this never ending purgatory of which is known as life. I do not know why I am here and why I am still here or why I have chosen not to leave. All I know is that I am here. Nothing has changed as a result of my presence. Why bother. Sometimes I wonder this. But in the end these delusions often help me get through my day as they inspire me to actually work and give me a false sense of hope that things will get better and everything will be fine. But it all gets shattered the moment when reality hits you. The fact that you are not as useful as others and that your purpose is just to be here and nothing else.
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