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Celenod Dominates 2007 Nelson Arts Festival
The music group Celenod from New Caledonia perform their Kaneka style music for an enthusiastic crowd in New Zealand. Feel the intoxicating rhythms blending ska, reggae and island grooves in their native language.
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"Long Neck" Paduang Women from Burma
Meet the "Long Neck" women of Thailand and learn about their life in Thailand refugee camps. The shameful behavior of the visiting tourists has turned this proud tribe of people into a circus attraction. Does it anger you?
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Kuala Lumpur - Batu Caves
Climb 272 steps surrounded by tree monkeys to enter the sacred Hindu Batu Caves outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Mandalay Water Festival
Burma goes crazy for 3 -days every April. This is the only way you can witness the 3-day water festival without getting soaked! Turn up the volume and dodge the water bill.
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Undara: Australia's Accessible Outback
Follow award winning photographer Heather Williams as she photographs wild kangaroos in the Australian outback.
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Cambodia Bus Scams
While tourists purchase cross country bus passes, locals just slip cash into the driver's pockets for reduced fares. Ride along and see how it's done.
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New Zealand Potato Chips
How many different flavors of potato chips can they possibly dream up? Let's go to the local supermarket in New Zealand and find out just how silly the flavors have become. (Runtime 2:45)
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Ted's Ambien Train
Ted took an Ambien but the train attendant won't make up the beds for at least 2 more hours. Stay awake Ted!
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Saigon Hells Angels
A funny look at the far-east wild-west motorbike traffic in Saigon, Vietnam.
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HeliHiking New Zealand
Fly to the top of Franz Joseph Glacier in South New Zealand to explore ice tunnels and hike virgin terrain.
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jumpAmonkey Travel Show Intro
Our original show opening from summer 2008 before the concept was changed and we discontinued the project.
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The Gravel Road
Heather driving on the left for the first time in New Zealand. 40km gravel road.
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HELLO! jumpAmonkey Summer 2009
A funny 4-minute look at the summer of 2009 moving across Europe
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Madrid Roller Coaster
Heather & Ted brave the Superman rollercoaster at the Warner Brothers Park in Madrid. Next time we won't drink beer beforehand.
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Burma Highlights
Short highlight of Inle Lake and Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)
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1-Minute in Braga, Portugal
60-second peek at Sunday in the Central Square Park of Braga, Portugal
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Heather in Langkawi
Heather poolside on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. Just another Thursday.
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Sihanoukville, Cambodia
The local 'sisters' in Cambodia love Heather and continue sending wonderful emails 2 years later. Meanwhile the western men continue to bash this video... and Heather. Sad.
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Valentines Day - Pai, Thailand
Join Ted in Pai to see how the locals celebrate Valentines Day and learn why post cards are more important than roses.
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