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A Barcelona Rooftop Sanctuary Inspired By Japanese Art. For a rooftop terrace in Barcelona’s Horta district, landscape designers Jordi Sanchez and Nico Doblado of Simbiosi Studi created a unique outdoor sanctuary with a retro aesthetic influenced by Japanese art. Sanchez and Doblado’s plan interpreted the expressed interests of … Read More. Before and After: My Connecticut Home and Garden Makeover. “I wish it were ours,” I thought when I spotted the ugly brown house on the hill overlooking a pond in the park. Six years later, it was our ugly house. Slowly over the years, the ugly house got … Read More. Suspended Green Balconies Extend From Hanoi Home’s Façade. Seven screened windows on the exterior of this Hanoi residence let in cooling breezes and trees perched on suspended green balconies provide shade from the direct midday sun. During the interior renovation of a Hanoi residence, architects from DANstudio addressed. Biomimicry: A Wildlife Observation Platform Designed as Bird’s Nest. Millions of years ago nature perfected many of the design challenges we face today. Many contemporary designers across many fields use Biomimicry in the development of sustainable design solutions that emulate the patterns and strategies of designs found in nature. … Read More.